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  1. Hi Mark, I've used p2g extensively and this is the first time there's been a problem. It doesn't look as if it has left the hub so I don't think the post code is the problem. However, no doubt we'll see. Thanks for your patience! And for looking out for Singer bits 😀 kind regards Bill
  2. Thanks, I hope someone will find it a good home...very cheap!!
  3. I'm a great fan of HMVF and am staggered at the amount of effort that goes into rebuilding the vehicles; makes my own efforts on cars of the period seem puny by comparison! Does this switch panel belong to a WW2 vehicle? There are no makers marks that I can see just 54-62-1E. Both switch move with satisfying clicks, but don't know if they are electrically sound. Looks very clean though.. 3.5" overall diameter x approx 2"deep including terminal posts. Face plate is aluminium & has had crackle black finish. Any help in identification appreciated. Best wishes to all for 2020 and please keep the blogs coming...I love them!!
  4. She looks fantastic! wouldn't Mike J have been pleased!! Is that a United Africa Co Sentinel next to her in her new home? I remember them on the docks in Birkenhead in the mid to late '50s. It was worth putting up with my parents' shopping trips just to see them!! Bill
  5. I haven't been on the thread for quite a while. But have to say congratulations. Mike would have been so proud!!
  6. I came across this by accident. It is actually advertised as an old railway carriage, but it is on an AEC Y type chassis. I don't know any other details but it might be worth a look if you live nearby or you are looking for parts...who isn't? eBay item number: 202047206384 hope it is of use to someone Bill
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