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  1. Thanks for the help Mike, I met Chris on 5th June when he visited the DDay Acadamy in ROTS.. Seems he will be able to locate most of the parts I need for the vehicles This is my Solex to be fitted with no linkages/control rods The others are the Zenith fitted..
  2. Have you got Chris Morters email or phone number, As I'm in Normandy France not UK..The problem with our QL it cuts out on steep inclines due to the Zenith carb being half the size of the Solex...Thanks for the help...
  3. Have got in touch with Champ spares, NMVG, and Classic spares, for our Humber, Bygone are dealing with the QL, but may struggle for the accelerator linkages..The Quad is an ongoing project along with the Matador...Thanks for the help anyway..any other info please do forward on..
  4. my first time on the forum and hoping some off you nice people will help. I work at Dday Acadamey ROTS..I'm after the following pieces Humber rear and front brake cylinder kits, Hub seals the same; Front P/Shaft nuts and bolts Bedford QL Solex RZ FAIPO Carb Kit X2, Complete accelerator linkages on side of carb.. The bedford currently runs on a Zenith from a 1500 wt bedford The previous mechanic ripped out the system, cut, welded and threw away what was left, the bedford runs well, until a steep incline...So I
  5. Can somebody post a picture of the throttle linkage on Bedford ql?. The one I'm working on has zenith carb, changIng go original soles but no throttle pieces..much appreciated
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