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  1. Hello Ron, yes that's what I thought. My mate bought it from the USA (via ebay) very recently. The story was the bike was taken to the US by a returning soldier from "101st Infantry" (to quote). It was taken back in a "bomber stored in a round container". The bike came to Ian (my mate) original except tyres and Ht lead. The original tyres and ht lead were in the ebay pics but weren't in the box upon delivery and only changed for the sale. The bike is a Mk1 (very close frame no to mine) but it has, what looks like a factory fitted rear mudguard. All the other mk1 bits are there. I'm wondering if it went back to factory had mudguard fitted and a different flywheel fitted- what's your thoughts? Thanks as always, Kings.
  2. Hello all, my mate has just bought a 1942 Welbike. We've had it running, but poorly. I too have a WB that runs fine (finished race to the bridge last yr). My bike's timing is set accordingly to the wksp manual ie. Piston at tbc and line flywheel Mark to line on crankcase. So on my mates bike this is what I did- wouldn't start. So I did it by when the points just open with the piston at 1/4" btdc and the two lines are miles out but it runs - not great tho'. Anybody come across this before on a welbike ? Thanks
  3. Hello, I have a 1980s Fantic twinshock trials bike that had intermittent starting issues 2-3yrs ago. Sent the stator plate and flywheel to Bradford Ignitions in Cornwall. He resound one of the coils - perfect !! Not a Wwii bike granted but he might be able to help. Bradford Ignitions 01209482223 or +447516350134, sorry I can't remember his name. Thanks, Kings.
  4. Hello Lex, triple x 350 is 1050 each, is that correct ?
  5. Hello all, proper Dunlop carrier tyres ... now there's a thing. I too would be interested in those.
  6. Hello Lex, thin wire ?? I used lock wire on my WB (I do that on Alfie's race bikes).
  7. That looks nice Ron. I used cloth covered hose, and used lock wire instead of clips. I haven't got any of the ferruel/swage ends. Ron, I possibly need help with another subject, can I please pm you ? Thanks, Kings
  8. Ok Ron, that's what it'll have. I made a copper 'curly one for the Flea today. Soldered a union and a banjo on each end. I thought the WB would have had something similar. I have some fuel tap gauze so I'll make a new tap filter ... although, thinking about it now ....as it's pressure fed the dirt, rust etc will be more likely to stay at the lowest point, ie in the tank. I think a tap filter will be sufficient. Thanks Ron.
  9. Hello Ron, my mistake... I meant from the tap to the carb. Sorry. Kings
  10. Hello everyone, Does anyone have a decent picture of an original Welbike fuel pipe please. I have used cloth covered rubber with an inline filter. Now I wish to make the proper solid metal type. Thanks all, Kingsley
  11. Hello all, thanks for the replies. It's sorted. Runs ok on a Champion plug, but not on an NGK or a Lodge. My mates Triumph trials bike is the same ??? I don't know why. Thanks again.
  12. Hello, thanks. Yes, fuel is ok. I didn't see any obvious method to move timing and I'm not in front of the bike now. It runs, sometimes, but not well. My lad rode it in Arnhem last yr and had it going well (he races motocross !!!) so I put it down to lack of compression, after a few days worth of thrashing about !!!- but it's not that. I reckon it's slipped timing or crank case seal.
  13. Hello everyone, I trying to start my Son's 1938 RT100 (98cc). If it starts it will run very lumpy (as if on choke). It has ran in the past, but not now. So last week I removed the barrel and piston- all good. Removed flywheel, removed and cleaned points and so on. Woodruff key good. All good. Nice spark. Plugs getting wet. Tried different plugs - still the same??? I'm wondering if it's a timing issue. Tomorrow I'm going to have another look. Is the timing adjustable ? Any advice please ? Thanks all, Kingsley
  14. Ok lex, I'll just put the ones I got into storage. Thanks.
  15. Hello, I've just purchased some transfers for the Flea (Miller and fuel mix ones). Whist ordering I thought I'd get some for my Welbike. My bike is a Mk1 1st contract, frame no. 331. I was looking at Rob V-Ms book on pg87, but now I've just noticed it says those are for Mk2s. Does anyone have a picture of what should be on my tank. Thanks
  16. Hello Ron, you mention transfers for the Flea. From classic transfers I can find the diamond Miller headlamp one, but none others. What other ones do I need for my Flea please ? Thanks
  17. Hello Ron, Via the website parkwood.products@gmail ?
  18. Does anyone have a contact number for parkwood mtrs please. I've emailed them but not heard back. Thanks
  19. Hello again thanks for the replies. I've cross refd the Sae140 and now I'm a little confused (sorry). I have three 'areas' to lube. 1. Flea gearbox, 2. Flea clutch/prim drive and 3. Welbike clutch. So are we saying the Castrol D140 is ok in the Flea gearbox and the WB clutch ? The WB does drag a bit so I'd like to thin it down can I mix the D140 with some 10/40 ? Can I use 10/40 in the Flea clutch? Sorry again, and thanks.
  20. Hello, Another Flea question, sorry. I have some Castrol D140 oil. This is used in the welbike clutch. It's very thick, almost like syrup. I was planning to mix this with grease to use in the Flea's gearbox. Whilst using 10/40w or the D140 in the clutch. Have I got it right ? What is the best stuff to use in each please ? Thanks all.
  21. Hello, yes that's true. A rusty old welbike found in a garage is one of those items most people wouldn't think is worth anything and ends up at the tip. Even today I think it might happen. Although with eBay and people assuming old = money its not so likely. I suppose a plus point for eBay. Thanks, Kings
  22. Hello Ron, yes I'll get him to register on here so he can post pics etc. He's absolutely chuffed to bits about it !! He doesn't earn much so this is a stretch for him, but better this than beer etc etc
  23. Hello, it measures out at 7/32 bsw, but that's an odd size. You can buy taps n dies but no screws. I've never got my head around the whitworth sizes so I'm wondering if it's 3/16bsw - I'll check tomorrow as I have some bsw taps. Hitchcocks - it's not available. The annoying thing is I had one, yes got to check my spare cranks. Took a pic of the 'Airborne collection' today. Thanks
  24. Hello all, can someone please tell me the thread size for the screw that holds the points cam to the crank please. The one I thought it was is a bit tight in there and I don't want to force it. Thanks all, Kings
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