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  1. Ok then, cloth covered it is then. Thank you for your reply.
  2. Hello, Would the four control cables on the WD/RE have been cloth covered or would normal (modern) pvc covered ones be suitable. I like the look of the cloth ones (same as my BSA Folding bicycle). Thanks
  3. Hello all, Sorry for my ignorance on this subject, so bear with me please. I have recently puchased a 1944 WD/RE (Flying Flea). It currently has a civvy headlamp switch and the plug cap is missing. At work we have a 3D printer. Does anyone have the drawings that can be put into the computer that will print the parts (if you understand!!!!). Thanks all for your help, Kings.
  4. Hello, the woodruff key and has 'wobbled' in its slot on in the crank thus opening it out. I'm sure I can weld it up and machine a new slot 180 Deg. Thanks
  5. Hello, again, many thanks for the help. I'm in Newbury Berkshire. I've asked the seller for the RE engine. Now here's a million dollar Q ... How much for an original Flea? Do you have one for sale. I'm on 07774526605. Thank you again.
  6. Hello Steve, many thanks for the info. The frame number is 7140 does that tell you anything? The flywheel has chewed the woodruff key and has damaged the keyway slot in the crank. I'm not sure of the engine number yet. Yes I knew about the seat mounts and they are indeed straight ones.
  7. Hello everyone, this is my first post here. I've just purchased a 1942 Royal Enfield Flying Flea. The bike currently has a DKW engine fitted but the engine is included in the sale. The original engine has a damaged crankshaft. This I may be able to repair, but just in case doesanyone have a crankshaft to sell please. Thanks in advance, Kingsley
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