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  1. Hi, the PECOC programme was quite complex with various avenues explored. The uniforms above was part of the test, the most produced uniforms were the woodland, Desert and also Arid which then became Arid PR. The majority of the sets above from the desert Burgundy to the Orange and the far right, the All Terrain (Greys), only one set of trousers and shirts were produced. As I have collected this over the years more and more PECOC items have come to the fore which I never thought was part of the trial (I’ll put some pics on) also, Windproof smocks, I have a number of these also which some of them are one off items. in terms of the webbings and vests, the Hybrid DPM was the most common which evaded the most of the slashing by the MOD on release. I would say the Arid side of this is rare but rare rare they Coyote Tan. Again, with the vests, a number of commercial options were also tested as part of PECOC ie SOLO vests.
  2. Hi, I’m new to the group and I mainly collect British Trials pieces, PECOC etc... I’ve added a few pics to show a small part of my collection.. Lee
  3. Hi, thanks for the add...big collector of British kit, especially PECOC!
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