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  1. In the mid-fifties, my father was posted to Benghazi. My mother and I accompanied him and I was 8 years old when we arrived there. Our very first motorised transport was one of the BMW R75 combinations that was presumably left behind following the cessation of hostilities ten years previously. I remember my father spending a few weeks making it fully road worthy after which he would use it to travel into work and for family outings, mainly to the beach, but also around some of the old Roman sites. He sold the first then bought another to do up and used the proceeds to buy one of the very early VW Beetles. He paid £10 each for the BMWs and sold them for £25 each...I suppose that's what inflation does!
  2. An excellent thread, I can't wait to see the end result. Well done indeed, sir.
  3. I tend to dabble with older Jap bikes and used to insure through Footman James until last year. It seems there was some sort of split and one of the family members, Peter James, set up on his own and by all accounts has taken quite a slice of the classic bike business away from Footman James for many of the reasons discussed. This year, I insured my Katana and Kawasaki GTR with Peter James for a very reasonable premium. Web site here: peterjamesinsurance.co.uk
  4. The starter motor is a Rotax direct cranking starter running as has been said at around 30rpm. It acts directly on the end of the crankshaft. The booster coil actually fires out sparks fairly indiscriminately to each of the twelve cylinders, sometimes causing the engine to stall against the starter, but eventually, sometimes sooner, sometimes a little later, but always eventually catching the right cylinder in the right position and firing up. Spark plug changes were a real pain in the a**e though!
  5. I had a Jeep Wagoneer as a company car back in the 70's in Iran, 3 litre straight six, three speed gear box and big plastic covered bench seats.....I loved it!
  6. BAOR Locations is still on the go, it has a slightly different address these days: www.baor-locations.org
  7. All sorts of interesting stuff here, they've certainly come a long way from when I was there in the 70's. http://www.iranmilitaryforum.net/
  8. Hi Scott, At the time that photo was taken, 4 Fd were equipped with 55's towed by Leyland tractors but very shortly afterwards were re-equipped with Abbots. I had the very great pleasure of meeting up with three of the blokes in that picture a fortnight ago in Rotherham, the last time we saw each other was in 1971!
  9. Here's a canvas top belonging to 4 Field RA LAD 1967-ish:
  10. I dived that wreck back in, I think 2005, it was just after the London Underground bombings and we were there when the hotels in Na'ama Bay were targeted. Absolutely fascinating but is slowly collapsing under it's own weight as it corrodes.
  11. It was a long time ago, but weren't they classified as 'A' vehicles whilst in service?
  12. Use steel wire, soft metals don't last too long in this solution.
  13. Removing rust by electrolysis is line of sight only, so you can't derust the inside with the anode on the outside. When I did my motorcycle tank, I bunged up the outlet, mounted a shaped length of threaded rod on a piece of wood, and filled the tank with electrolyte. Obviously this only works if the tank is corroded but not leaking, a quite large non-metallic container would be required to completely submerge a leaky tank.
  14. A battery charger putting out around 8 amps or so is ample, last year I was restoring an old Honda motorcycle and the tank was extremely rusty inside. Electrolysis worked extremely well for me and as a bonus it is very cheap to do! Washing soda is available at most of the major supermarkets at about a pound a packet, I forget the brand name but it will be buried amongst the laundry powder section somewhere. There are several clips on youtube to peruse and this is one of them:
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