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  1. The truck is as David Hurbert stated, CMP with No 13 cab. Bridge plate looks to have either a 3 or 7 diplayed. I think the vehicle has had a Bedford badge attached to the front grille, and a Christmas decoration reindeer has been tucked in behind it, you can see a bit of reindeer hoof/foot just below the Bedford badge. I expect it is a teddy bear above the reindeer. Someone somewhere trying to add a bit of Christmas cheer. B series.
  2. J picking poppies on her Matchless, near K3 Iraq. J struggling with the Indian in sand near K3 Iraq. If you have been reading this topic from the start, you will maybe wonder, how a young ballet dancer with the Hungarian State Opera ended up in living in the desert and pushing a Indian Chief around Iraq. She used to laugh about it, and said you need uncertainty to enjoy life. Caption: J with our IPC Left Hand Drive, Humber Super Snipe Coupe near K3. Caption: My company Humber Super Snipe Coupe, fitted with over size tyres. This was an excellent car in all ways. I have not seen a Humber Super Snipe Coupe with this body style before, but IPC had several Humber pick up's and saloons all fitted with oversize tyres. I don't know if Humber produced these for export markets. I want one. If I could buy one now I would. It is just what I would like to run around in. Stylish and British. I feel that this is a fitting photograph to draw this series to a close. A man enjoying life, with his favorite car.
  3. Western Desert German War Graves, North Africa Western Desert
  4. So we are coming to the end of this topic with photos focused on the Haifa Baghdad Military road because we have moved through WWII and into post war civilian vehicles. But we have not mentioned motorcycles so here a couple of photographs. Matchless 350cc in stuck Wadi After the war it became possible to obtain personnel goods, so my friend purchased an Indian Chief, mainly chosen because his mother owned and rode an Indian motorcycle during WWI in Syria and Iraq. Pictured on the K3 road Iraq. 6 October 1949.
  5. New vehicle arrivals, International pick up and a Humber Snipe saloon fitted with over size tyres for improved flotation in desert conditions.
  6. Foster-Wheeler fractionating column being towed by a Federal 6x6 tractor, and a Caterpillar grader, Iraq.
  7. After the war ended new vehicles started to arrive to replace WWII and even prewar plant. International tractor with Frauhauf trailer, December 1949
  8. AEC 6x6 25 Ton truck with trailer on it's side at K2 Iraq 1947. AEC 6x6, 25 Ton truck on its side K2 to K3 road Iraq, 1947
  9. Photo caption: Children playing in the abandoned RAF generator truck, Iraq, 1947.
  10. IPC driver Ghanis David with AEC tractor and 25 Ton pipe carrier. Iraq 1947 AEC tractor with 25 Ton pipe carrier, East Bank K3, 1948
  11. IPC Road foreman Hamad Muslat, with his Caterpillar D8 dozer at Wadi Ba'eer 1947.
  12. Army Chevrolet C8A Heavy Utility Personnel (HUP), with Euphrates river in the background, this was the first 4x4 light vehicle the unit was issued. Same truck, but ownership now transferred to IPC and on local registration plates, Iraq 1946. The young girl in the photo is still in fair health and living in the UK. Ahmed Azoi with Caterpillar D8 dozer near Wadi Ba'eer on K3 to H1 road, 1948 Thornycroft tractor, with 2500 gallon tanker, spraying crude oil on the road to keep dust down at Wadi Ba'eer, 1948.
  13. Hello Richard, Thanks for the link to the crash report, seems it crashed in Syria, but was recovered to IPC in Iraq. I was not posting many of the photos I have on HMVF because they are not military vehicles, but if you have an interest in aircraft here is another one that had a bad day. John Howards G-AKHA crashed on take off due to blow out at K3 airport, January 1949.
  14. Richard, I don't know about D8's, maybe the term starter motor was used instead of donkey engine in the photo caption.
  15. S/Sgt Downs Utility car HBR No1, with Sheikh Abdulla Majella Abu chauffeurs and Hanna Shemali, in Zerka Yard, Trans Jordan , August 1943.
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