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  1. Hi I don't know where your based but I recently came across several fairly awful Matadors in a yard in Kent, they appear mechanically complete .
  2. Blimey how can you tell what cab the Scammel has, I have a picture of its interior, it appears not to have been put into a civilian scheme , the poor picture is a sort of Matador/Militant looking truck, 6x6 with a sort of recovery body, it's in RAF blue with a roundel and one of those saucer size (convoy?"plates on the front, its hard to photo as its so overgrown.
  3. Good evening I am new to this site but have always liked old military stuff, I have passed the location of these vehicles many times over the years but finally got round to having a look in the bushes and was surprised to find a number of somewhat neglected old trucks , there are the remains of several QL's including what appears to be an RAF tanker, a Matador tanker with the RAF blue showing through, there appear to be a couple more Matadors and a number of truck rear bodies stacked up in the trees, there is a long forgotten Scammel growing into the trees that appears complete but is pretty rotten. It would appear efforts are being made to clear the yard they are in, so it may be these long forgotten hulks will go , in addition to the military stuff there are old land Rovers , Leyland octopus trucks, stacks of old military axles and wheels, and a small engine mountain some of which are pretty huge, in this day and age it's odd to come across so much old stuff, it's a bit like a seventies scrappy, but possibly not for much longer. Bill.
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