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  1. Hello. To confirm, National Trust may now own the Jane and Clem gun sites (Clem ownership is segmented with the previous owner) but neither are in public access land or on a public right of way. While an initial archaeological project has been undertaken in aim of asset recovery and preservation, NT has no current plans to open the sites for public access and currently has no further funding to fully uncover or restore the structures that survive on the site. The site is private and enclosed within a perimeter fence that does not provide any pedestrian gates. Climbing these fences and the installed field gates is trespass. The site has survived in remarkable condition for decades, given its private and patrolled ownership previously within a farming operation. It also remains now as a wildlife haven, part of the site is a Special Site of Scientific Interest. NT and the community obviously would very much like to keep the site in this existing condition and with respect, asks for no publicity, actively discouraging access at this point of time. Such visitors as the youtuber vloggers, aided only with self importance, google at hand and unsourced facts/personal opinion, have only brought problems for the site. Already, vandalism since the new year has unnecessarily damaged original features which are now lost forever or will require additional costs and volunteer hours for repair. Also, sorry this is largely for anyone finding this via google; please note that drones are not permitted to be flown from or above any part of the White Cliffs property, without the qualified license, public liability insurance and prior written consent from the property office. Additionally flying drones above Wanstone Farm and the surrounding area in particular causes disturbance to the nesting bird life that are abundant on the site and therefore are not generally welcomed. To help NT uncover and preserve the entire site of Jane and eventually Clem, then to open for public access, further donations and grants will need to be actively sought. On the point of sourced factual research, as it was for Fan Bay Battery, NT are blessed with keen volunteers who are visiting nationwide archives and resident collectors who have provided the complete technical / human story of Wanstone Battery. It is being actively compiled for internal purposes, with mind of local archives and future public interpretation. Fan Bay Deep Shelter with the adjoining Sound Mirrors in Fan Hole is now open for public access (seasonal opening times). These were uncovered and restored by NT with considerable grants, heritage lottery funding and the kind heart of multi-talented volunteers and contractors. NT now do own the whole site of the Fan Bay Battery, but do not currently have plans or funding to uncover and restore any further related structures within that site. However, their preservation, now out of private farming ownership, is paramount to the property team. For further information and questions, I would invite you to speak to the property team on the phone: 01304202756 or email: whitecliffs@nationaltrust.org.uk Thank you for reading and please otherwise enjoy the White Cliffs! Kind regards, NT Ranger.
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