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  1. info required on .30 ammo, can anyone remember, how long a box of .30 in canvas belts was good to use once the box seals were opened, IE NI and Cyprus. The images are pics of ammo belts found in the M50 under going restoration at Eden Camp.
  2. the Fox is a prototype, so wanting a date related jacket, late 60s early 70s to wear with my kit when manning the vehicle on displays at Eden Camp
  3. looking for l/xl which I belive are sizes 6-9.
  4. tried ebay, all either to small or in crap order.
  5. Hello everyone, anyone have, or know a contact where I can get a set of 68 pattern combats, after them so I can be dressed correctly for when doing a talk/display on a Fox, currently at Eden Camp.
  6. Talking about road registration, how easy is it to register an ex Belgian Scorpion.
  7. I'm positive its the gas cylinder reamer, see attached. this is for the early models, which I used and taught, might of changed after i left.
  8. Barrym

    AB 413

    Does anyone have or know where I can get the covers/contents for an AB413, want to put a few together for a Fox, Ferret and Spartan at Eden Camp.
  9. Is the reamer at 12 o'clock used to de-carbon the gas cylinder
  10. picture six, oil bottle for L85A 1/2 and picture seven, combination tool for L85A1/2, made by H&K 2009. The oil bottle also contains a application brush.
  11. The one at Eden Camp, is to be restored, and work is starting on it.
  12. Im the chap in the turret with the helmet on.
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