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  1. Almost 300 truck magazines from 1992 to current. Vintage Road Scene, Vintage Commercial Vehicle, Classic Commercials, Heritage Commercials. Too good to go to the tip but they have to go to avoid a divorce. Collection only. South Liverpool
  2. A grainy picture that might interest you. The US vehicles sent across to the UK in WW2 were landed in Liverpool in partially dismantled form. The job of reassembly and setting up was given to a big truck main dealers and arrived in such volume that there was no alternative but to store the completed vehicles in the surrounding streets. I drive up the road in the picture every day and never fail to think of the rows of vehicles that once queued up there. I know most of the vehicles stayed in Europe after the war but I wonder if the HS tractors went back to the US?
  3. Well there's still plenty of beer around HTM but most of it seems to be bought from supermarkets. The prices charged by breweries in the pubs they own is a big factor. Then there was the smoking ban too, that didn't help. Pubs were often the focal point of a neighbourhood for my generation but not so for young people now. I'm with you on the beer and the rock and roll and the fast cars but got a bit too long in the tooth for the gals.
  4. Over 100 issues of Classic Military Vehicle magazine. 2001-2012. Tons of reading. £25. buyer to collect. Liverpool
  5. Best of luck with the project Halftrackman. I'd just point out that if you fancy having a beer in an English pub, be best if you got your skates on. Pubs here are closing at quite a rate!
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