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  1. Many thanks for your reply. Was thinking of alternative if I couldn't find a U1300L with the om352, fast axles and RHD.
  2. Great suggestions so far. To be more specific and helpful I'm looking for a slightly bigger toy. Say 7.5T up.👍
  3. Evening. can the T244 be fitted with a aftermarket rear locker from the likes of ARB to avoid being cross axled? did the later 5T ones solve the chassis bending issue when winching/recovery off road. cheers
  4. Good evening. My names Paul. completely new to this sort of thing after coming from a life of fast cars. Currently in throws of doing HGV tickets and next onto tracked ticket. My aim is to buy a Ex army Unimog for off roading weekends and the odd show. what else is everybody running that's quite modern and a possible alternative?? Regards Paul.
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