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  1. After removing all the bolts (very easy, think someone had had a go already) I got up today to see if the Cuopola would come off on the 30th or needed some help (very large hammer or heating). To my surprise it lifted straight up, their is some sort of laminated ring on top of the body that is cracked (dont think i did it) but the body under the ring is rusty so needs treating before I replace the cupola.... Now here is a question does that ring need replacing or is it there as a "seal" against water... anyone know? My plan is when the cupola is lifted clear to treat the rust and make a "gasket" to put the cupola back on... Unless someone knows different
  2. Does that mean I have done the right thing Lance
  3. Hi. no I have not sorted it. At the moment it is soaking in a bucket of paraffin and automatic transmission fluid. Every couple of days I take it out, bash it a bit and try and unscrew it . I do keep looking out for a replacement but so far no luck. I have to get the bracket rewelded on the deck and while I have had 3 people tell me they can do it, not one has been brave enough to do it.. so the the whole thing is on the back burner chhers Lance
  4. So I have now arranged for fork lift to take the Cupola off on the 30th of November, I have asked lots of people to help should be an 8 man team, even had 1 volunteer who has done this before..... I will update the forum as to what happens, hopefully a cupola that spins like a very spinny thing.
  5. Hi, with my limited experience this is what I have found. One time the shift works as smooth as silk. The next time I have to stop the engine and restart as I change from forward to reverse (or reverse to forward). However I am looking forward to using Sirhc's advice about a smooth but firm change and not stopping when in the neutral position I am hoping this might improve the changing direction.
  6. Wading in here... I would never support stopping anyone who owns anything from turning up to any event. My entry level was a spartan off eBay. I love it and love taking it to shows (when I can ) and would never support anyone or anything that would stop anyone from having the same joy and pleasure... having said that I did mention spending £600 to bring it to W&P and then paying entry does seem a slap in the face
  7. Hi Chris, If you can help in anyway of course I will be further in your debt. All are the same type as I posted a picture of 1 x 2 pin female O/D 15mm 4 x 3 pin female O/D 15mm 1 x 10 pin male O/D 28mm 1 x 5 pin male O/D 21mm Cheers Lance
  8. https://uk.farnell.com/amphenol/ms3106a-18-1s/socket-free-10way/dp/617143 it's more the connectors I need I have the other ones. You can see that they want £18+vat or xmod want £12+vat just being penny wise as I can see me making a lot more cables over the weeks/ months a head
  9. Thank you I will purchase it, does anyone know where I can get the connectors or what it is I can search the web under.. like "military connectors CVRT"
  10. Spartan CVRT wiring in the back a complete mess. I have several documents none of which have wiring diagrams for the cabling I am sorting out the wiring 1 wire at a time. Issues like a wire going through 2 connectors means fun... Now I am playing with the cupola and have the brush box with no cables and no wiring diagram I am buzzing wires out to see which pins are going to what. Now does anyone know where I can get any information or diagrams. I also need to know if anyone does the connectors I have found a couple at "The Xmod Ltd" but at £25 I was wondering if anyone knew where I might source cheaper. Thanks in advanced
  11. Hi Chris. is the oil filter removal achieved through the belly plate then?
  12. Hi Robin, yes it is Lance.. Thanks for your post I am always willing to admit I am on a huge learning curve. i do agree that you should not go hacking holes without a very good reason. But should I not want to remove the engine to adjust the carb or replace the engine oil filter, then an appropriate small size hole and an appropriate size plate bolted on with heat shielding. to cover said hole did not seem a strange/ silly thing to do. However as I mentioned I have performed the carb adjustment without the need of doing either. the question is ( for now) academic.
  13. HI All. Well I cut the pipe off in the gearbox bay. I drained the oil down and found that it was black and lumpy and also 4 litres short off the required amount. So I cleaned and refilled the gearbox with the correct amount and made a dipstick and was able to put the markings on... Should be in the correct place now
  14. If I could buy humble pie I would. This morning I was out playing, had a road wheel to change. So I thought I did say I would have another go now I have seen some pictures at adjusting the idle speed.. Thankfully I did listen to you all as I lay down on the deck with my hand following the throttle links I found the idle screw. half a turn later, engine warmed up and idle now set to 650 RPM and is holding steady. Thank you all Oh and the road wheel was changed as well
  15. I wish I had deep pockets, but at 4.5 miles to the gallon and a top permissible speed of 20 mph it costs me around £400 in petrol and of course the wear of the tracks on roads could add a couple of grand... maybe it will end up as a 4 wheel show
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