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  1. I am just about to do the same job, replace the fan bearings, but you didn't fiinsh your excellent post, did it all go back together? did you have to press the new bearings on? But thanks for the original post it is an excellent guide.
  2. A big public thank you to Sirhc, Just as I was about to loose it big time, he offered a few wise words and they kinda calmed me down and got me back on track. I hope I am on to the last hurdle and that a registration number will be mine shortly.
  3. Hi Chris, i totally agree the hull number is irrelevant but MVT and DVLA don’t believe me, can I ask when you registered your vehicles? Do you have a copy of the v55’s or any names of anyone who dealt with your registration. If I can get any details I can go back to DVLA but at the moment they have told me to go back to my ‘club’
  4. Hi everyone, i have been looking to purchase a tracked vehicle for some time and last December a CVRT Spartan dropped in to my lap. Very happy bunny but with no documents I called DVLA and was sent a v55/5. I was told I would need some varifcation and a form was sent off to MVT. One quick visit and the paperwork was started. Unfortunately MVT would not issue any paperwork as there where no supporting documents. Writing off to Bovingdon Tank Museum I received a vehicle history card showing that the registration was issued to a spartan in 1980.. however it does not mention the hull number anywhere and that is the problem... I can not find anyone that has any documentation that links the 2 together.. I have tried MOD, Alvis, Red Triangle, Alvis fighting vehicles, Alvis Archive, Bovingdon, Coventry Transport Museum..... I am now becoming stuck has anyone else been through this and knows of a way out!!!!!!
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