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  1. My last post on this, according to the auction site there is no on site viewing, hence my plea for insider information
  2. Hi Chris, As I mentioned the White's sale was £7000+ and the last lots went at Brightwells for £2500 to £3000. I did notice the control panels removed but on 2 of the lots the panel was actually still with the vehicle, along with some of the vehicles having tracks. I did look at some Spartan's at Whites and they were in an awful conditions as well. On one I could not see if there was and engine as you could not open the engine louvre. And you are correct I was thinking that I may purchase one for spares for my Spartan hence why I wanted some "knowledge" Lance
  3. Hi, I am sure everyone will have noticed Brightwells Auctions are flogging off non-running Spartans for knock down prices. Has any member actually brought any of them? Does anyone know how many they have to shift? Does anyone know anyone who has brought one? I believe Witham Specialist Vehicles auctions have lost the contract to sell military vehicles in favour of Brightwells but the I am sure the last sale at Withams non running CVRT's were going for £7000 + . A bit of difference Has anyone any thoughts or can provide fact not just rumour Lance
  4. As SirHC knows I had no paperwork with my vehicle and had to start from there, which is where the 5 months to get my registration came from but you can do it. Lance
  5. HI, have managed to get your vehicle registration? It took me 5 months but I got it Lance
  6. until

    I am now told there are around 15 Land Rovers confirmed as going on the road run. At the moment riders from the Royal Legion have been asked to provide an escort. Should that fail then I will be providing the escort on my bike but it does sound like its going to be fun
  7. Hi all and Diana, It looks like the micro switch on the gas pedal was the issue, when it finally gets sorted I will confirm, but he says it does seem to be "faulty"... Thank you Diana for your suggestion Lance
  8. I don't know myself, but I know how frustrating it can be if no one answers you might want to try Bovingdon they have been really helpful to me in sorting out the history for my beast. Cheers Lance
  9. the Equilibrator has a cover which I am told because it has flats onthe body should screw off. I and trying to take it apart as it does not seem to do anything and it takes no effort, since I unsiezed it, to push the piston in and out.
  10. I have tried to take the big hammer to this and failed. I have applied heat and brute strength and still nothing. I am going to contact a local Tank specialist see if they can help, they may have a bigger hammer On the plus side I have been unseizing things left right and center. Some parts I need fabricating as they have been removed and no one seems to have any and the roof doors finally opened, more difficulty in closing them, I hope the movement will "free" them even more Minus the electrics are not working as they should, Brake lights, front side lights and dipped headlights all don't work... still how boring if everything was working, I would have to be out driving it
  11. Thank you Diana, I have passed on your link, I may use the email address to see if I can get a similar document about my Spartan as so far it is the most useful thing I have seen.
  12. Having just spent a little while on the phone with the owner I am getting a truer picture. The owner has a collection of vehicles including a Scorpion so he is used to running CVRT's . He actually made a typo in his original post and has already put 10/30 in as well as flushing and cleaning the filter. None of this helped. he understands how the mechanical boxes, as he is old school (his words) work but this "fly by wire" is new to him. He is sending through the pages of his manuals that talk about the gearbox so I can read all about them.
  13. I have passed your comments on to him, and I can’t say I disagree with what you are saying. I will let you know what happens
  14. I have passed on your comments that he needs to put engine oil in the gearbox and retest
  15. I did to speak to the owner he does have some manuals for the shielder. He also spoke to someone who confirmed the oil situation is a red herring.
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