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  1. Hi Alex, I have only just picked up on this thread. I have owned a Spartan for around a year, it didn't look anywhere near as pretty as yours However I have had a lot of blood, sweat and swear words trying to replace all the bits that were missing, a never ending job... I so wish I had a field to go rushing about on, I am finding the local roads are doing no favours for the rubbers on the tracks. I have however had a great deal of help from the forum and others (local guys and girls that own military vehicles, and former miltiary personal who used to operate CVRT's), and while I am still learning everytime I climb on board, most of the time I come away with a tired smile on my face. Love to see your vids I am guessing I missed your facebook name or even utube link.... Please feel free to read through my numerous threads some of which might answer some of your questions or contact me directly
  2. Phone call happened everything moved forward 2 became 12 became 10. Baby was uncovered and battery connected and failed to start.. flat battery.. Fortunately Simon's beast of a machine (picture below) was able to reach out and place the cupola back in place... What A toy Even better I was trying to fit the bolts in place and asked Paul and Rob to rotate the cupola slightly and instead of the fixing ring turning the cupola turned. Slight mod the fixing ring was turned bolts in place, a big sigh... Even better the cupola now rotates with very little effort. Next step to fix everything back on... Still keep me busy for a while
  3. Hi Chris, you are a star Lance
  4. Just an update, I have the local farmer arriving at 12:00 on the 12th to replace the cupola and the hard work can start replacing the GPMG, spotlight, cocking mechanism and periscope. As an aside I have finished fabricating the roof doors openers and stays. I might even get replacement gas springs..... lots happening
  5. Love the video, thanks for sharing. I don't have a Sherman or Stuart but I am sure some of the tips will make great talking points in the snug at some get together
  6. My very quick answer above is totally incorrect, and I am sorry for misleading you. When I checked my paperwork I did indeed discover that I had valid insurance based on the data plate so Mk3iain is correct. But when I checked my submission I didn't include any insurance documents hence my mistake..... I forgot to add I had to add the vehicle tax with my submission as well as my V55 fee.
  7. When I registered my vehicle I did not need insurance to get the registration. I also did not to have it separately insurance at the time. But if I had to guess providing you can show unique numbers then they can insure it against theft
  8. This really is a strange subject. I registered my Spartan after several delays without a NOVA after calling DVLA and speaking to them they told me then did not need me to supply one. I know others have told the opposite. I was also told by a certain person at the DVLA that I was unable to drive my vehicle on the road FULL STOP. At one point I was passed on to the technical team who write the specifications for the MOT, a very interesting conversation with most of the team, and in further conversations with DVLA I was able to quote their name Being a tracked vehicle I also had the backing of the tank museum who bent over backward to help me get the registration. MVT did help in the end but were not very speedy as they had to satisfy themselves that their documentation was complete and through enough for the DVLA. I think in my limited contact with DVLA I found it was sometimes worth calling in again and talking to someone else.
  9. My earnest advice, get the cupola at a height you can sit down and work on, those bearings take along time to remove and put back in.... on the plus side if I can do it anyone can
  10. "Still don't know what the microswitch does but it operates when the cupola is forward facing, maybe it is a cut out so you can only fire forward.... If I do find out I will let all know " Just letting you know - talking to a Striker owner (he knows who he is) reading the prf the micro switch is a trigger inhibitor and stops the GPMG from shooting in a rear ward direction taking out the rear equipment and aerials. Not a problem I think I will ever have, but knowledge I am glad I have ...
  11. This is still a work in progress, I have been unable to shift the screw top, despite soaking, bashing and heating. I have sent the diagrams round to a few people to see if they have bigger hammers or further ideas.
  12. I was reading articles about this another issue that needs to be overcome is the power needed to drive heavier vehicles like buses. Batteries at the moment cant push a loaded bus up hill so the current answer is Hybrid. So will the same be true for HGV's... My point is that Diesel is still going to be needed.. Petrol for me might be harder, but I will be 85 so might be letting others drive me round and letting them worry about it
  13. I put the winding handle on to Cupola and despite it being upside down it rotated. It's never going to win an fasted spinning thing but I was able to turn it with one hand. As I couldn't move it at all when I brought it this is a win. Looks like the 16th is the day it goes back on to the body... Still don't know what the microswitch does but it operates when the cupola is forward facing, maybe it is a cut out so you can only fire forward.... If I do find out I will let all know
  14. The next step on the journey.. After putting the first ring on I placed 147 bearings along with their spacers - I have used 3 ton of graphite grease to pack out the bearings and fitted the shim rings then the next ring. Installed the Allen bolts to secure the rings together. Placed the next ring on top of the other rings, disaster I can only find 2 out of the 3 bolts. At this point I will claim that only 7 of the 8 bolts where ever there. New bolt ordered and duly arrived, all 3 bolts fitted in to the last ring, all is secure. Does the ring revolve, spin like a spinney thing... NO... However with a large screwdriver and a little effort it moves..... Now to fit it back on the Body
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