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  1. Thank you Diana and Jackie, someone did suggest that to me. Sirhc, I have the item on the left and have seen the item On the right place in a picture.. not sure l see how they actually fit together, or it to the periscope but I am sure I will see one complete and fitted on my travels
  2. Well after going across to my Spartan for lots of other things and despite getting distracted by various people I have actuallty found the wiring loom for the cupola and sure enough there is a plug in the right position to plug in to the 3 pin socket on the periscope, and now thanks to Andy we know what that plug might be used for other than just a place where lots of wires get joined together. Another step forward.
  3. Thank you Richard, I do have that one unfortunatly there is no part numbers on the diagram and i have already made the mistake of the wrong connector Hopefully if the weather is better i will take another look at the existing wiring and see what i can see
  4. So power goes in the 3 pin socket on the other side of the scope? and if so do you know which pin is live and which is earth?
  5. Hi, Still working my way around bits fixing where i can, but i need a connector to fit the comanders periscope No 62 Mk1 on my Spartan. I have enclosed a picture of the connector on the periscope but I need the the cupola feed side. If any one has one, or a part number or knows where i can get the conector to make my own cable up Also noticed on my drawings it mentions the positive feed on Pin A it in reality it appears to be on pin 2
  6. will after quite a bit of messing about I got the fan unit out, after making a tool to extract the shaft. Then using normal pullers I removed the bearings and using a friends hydrolic press, pressed the replacement ones in place. Many thanks to Andy Baker for pointing out that belleville spring washers should be coned shape and not flat as mine our and as shown above... I have a feeling I have lots more to learn:
  7. Hi Malcolm, I did try heat but couldn’t generate enough. I have a friend who has the bigger hammer, torch and when he gets 5 minutes he has s going to apply his larger toys... I will feedback when he is successful
  8. A further update, I have sent the Equilibrator to a friend (he is now) who has his own fabrication company he has the tools to heat the body and large hammers to do hopefully do the job. I have written to 2 companies on the washers but no reply yet.... Still trying
  9. The final picture, mostly put back, and screwed back together been fun on to the next item
  10. Pete C, Thank you, it is the clearest explination I have had. Your symbol is not quite the same as the one I was supplied with, but understanding where the name came from and some history, I can see the links that means the version I came across is a bastardasation of the correct symbol. That is something I would/ could not have know without your help.
  11. Hi Paul, I have done a few vehicles now, when i asked for the V55/5 they sent instructions as to what I needed to fill in. Of course the first time I got this wrong, but a very nice lady from DVLA walked me through the form. even corrected my mistakes. The biggest help was the Tank Muesum libary at Bovingdon as the paperwork I had was incomplete, something I didn't know till I engaged with MVT and DVLA. Only took 4 months, but I got my V5 Moral support from the people of this forum did keep me sane so if I can be of help
  12. Hi Colin, 3 places I started when i wanted to do something I hadn't a clue about:- here - there are so many good guys on here that can tell you what you need to do MVT - if you can talk to the right people, like here a wealth of knowledge DVLA - a bit hit and miss, talked to really good people who spent a long time talking to me helping me figure out what form I needed to put where, but then I also spoke to a numbty who told me I would not be able to drive my Spartan on the road.... Welcome to the site
  13. Watch this space, dont know where you are in the world but i would love you to pop over and see (maybe drive dont promise that) my Spartan, give me a few tips and maybe buy me a beer
  14. Sorry to hear your having to go to plan ‘c’
  15. Unfortunately I can’t find one either. I do keep looking though.
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