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  1. Any person acting like that for me would have been shown the door very quickly. Having said that I only had 2 dealings with them. The first was a viewing of 4 CVRT’s which were wrecks, but the guy escorting me was friendly enough. The second was buying a CVRT drivers chair, which had a crack in the runners which they failed to mention or show.
  2. thanks for the links, I have sent emails to both with descriptions and pictures, hopefully they will respond
  3. Shame I got cut out but understandable, was a great day with lots of motors
  4. Hi, I am talking about a replacement (thanks Chris)so looks like I might be trying glue as an experiment. I wondered as there appears to be some “glue” on the rim and knowing how ‘inventive ‘ people can be. Of course this may have been stuck on in a previous life which is why it failed now Cheers
  5. Hi, they have had 4 cvrt’s for the last 8 weeks (or about that) so yes as one lot end the next starts. I did try to find out more about numbers and types but got nowhere. Another rumour I heard at the pub that some are being brought for export, driving prices up.. but I had a few by then
  6. Hi Everyone, Had a great day at the military day at Booker airfield, however when driving home one of the "rubber" outers on the road wheel became separated from the wheel. I recovered the rubber and rather than buying a new one thought about gluing the rubber back on to the wheel... Has anyone done this before and knows it works, or worse knows it doesn't? I am planning to use a road jack to lift the wheel free of the track place glue on both surfaces and then force the ring back on the wheel. The glue is one of the 2 part jobs available at all good hardware stores. Am I being silly? Cheers all Lance
  7. I did enquiry about these CVRT's and have watched the quite closely. The prices are going up started at around £2,500 but Friday's one went for £6,500. It's hard to see exactly what may or may not be there but Brightwells say there is no on site viewing. I did catch some CVRT's at Walthums and they varied so much, some had been stripped bear and exposed to the elements for years and were full of water. Others actually moved under there on steam, but that was then. I hope that is helpful
  8. Hi Andrew, I would appreciate the measurements and if its anything but straight a picture to. I did think about checking the level after putting in the correct amount but the it’s only just been filled up so was saving that till I do an oil change.
  9. I have found the documents and have downloaded them...… Thank you... My reading has been sorted for a while Lance Below is me not trying and I am sorry for that everyone... as penance I will take my Spartan to a charity event this Saturday for free Booker Common, High Wycombe Hi, where did you upload them to, as I am still working out my wat around this site? Lance
  10. thank you worked a treat and has been filled in and printed out
  11. I have a Spartan CVRT which is in a secure location near High Wycombe, I am desperate for somewhere to run it other then the public roads. Having said that if you also had somewhere close by to store it long term I would be so happy Lance
  12. Hi, yes of course always wanted to be a video star. I don’t have a field so it will have to be car park or small road run Lance
  13. The suggested print out seems ruined by text over the “known by” box
  14. High Wycombe, South Bucks
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