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  1. That's good news, I was slightly concerned when you said it was a replacement part
  2. Can you please send/ confirm to me the part number if you have it. and shame as it shows the ball bearings as different items, so raised my hopes that I might be able to do something
  3. Sorry I reposted your picture and not the picture from my copy of the ISPL cupola.pdf
  4. Thanks for that, believe it or not I have a document claiming to be that document but from Jul 05 but it does not display items 3 or 4 as the ball bearings its 3 and 4 are bearing rings but funny enough the diagram is on the same page....
  5. Hi, As many of you will know I am in the process of rebuilding a CVRT Spartan. One of the features about the Spartan is the commanders Cupola. Like many that have sat around for years in all weathers my Cupola does not move. I have stripped down the winding mechanism and that is working correctly, took a great deal of blood sweat and tears but was little and easily fitted on my workbench. So the Cupola does not move, all the brakes have been removed so I am guessing water has got in and rust has seized the bearings. I have been through all the drawings I can find and nothing tells me how it works or is detailed enough to show my were the bearings are. So how can the forum help... Does anyone know where I can get "detailed" drawings from or if there is a video somewhere showing how it should work, or even show me one working in anticipation of your help Lance
  6. Hi Kevin, I only got into Armour in December last year. I went around and around about what I should get. This however changed in December when a Spartan found me. I have had so much frustration and joy since then that I can thoroughly recommend it. My wife would thoroughly recommend it to as I spend quite a bit of time playing with my baby and not getting under her feet. I look forward to hearing what happens and which way you jump
  7. Thanks chaps I will get some today
  8. I know this has been asked many times and there is a post of a very simalar name that lists 3 pdf files that have been written on this subject, however when I selected the links it did not give me the PDF files but gave me the same screen redisplayed. I checked the download section and they were not there either. Does anyone have a copy or have links to the documents? "This has been covered many times before. Clive has prepared some excellent documentation on the subject: http://hmvf.co.uk/pdf/PAINTINGpart1.pdf http://hmvf.co.uk/pdf/PAINTINGpart2.pdf http://hmvf.co.uk/pdf/PAINTINGpart3.pdf " From the previous post I have attached a picture of my Spartan in case anyone just wants to name that shade. Cheers SirLance
  9. I was not really aware of these shows and no one did a comparison. I would be interested in people’s opinions about the different shows as yet I have only been to war and peace, as it’s not “that” far from me. But if there is something ‘better’ out there efforts could be made to attend
  10. Going back to the subject reflections on war and peace, several people talked about other shows, I noticed tanks, ,trucks and firepower running this weekend. As I am out of the country I am unable to attend but it s this the ‘other’ show people in the thread have been talking about?
  11. no, I have not seen a replacement, the plan is still to make it red hot
  12. Mine was Stuck and when they wrenched it open they did it so hard they broke off the bottom set of mounting rings, so not only do I have to sort out the equilibrator I have to get a welder out to remake the mounting rings.
  13. Hi, no it lays in un-conquered on my workbench. I have tried all sorts. My next step is heat the part using oxyacetylene. So far this is only part not to brake, apart from the cupola which is well stuck Lance
  14. Let me say right upfront I have a vested interest, thanks to a previous video By Bassets I became an instant utube hit with over 30 likes... Thank you for the video I was able to show my long suffering wife what W&P is about, she has even said she will think about coming next year Result as she has the purse
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