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  1. Hope you chaps can help me with a question relating to the crankshaft flywheels on my T80. After splitting the crank and cleaning there seems to be a lot of side to side movement of the con rod. Not sure what the inside face of the flywheel is supposed to look like but it looks like the outer ring of the main bearing has worn a groove in both sides. I've put a picture with the groove showing. I would like to know if this groove should be there or not. If not anyone know how to best repair them.
  2. Wow, thank you so much for the information as we didn't know this. Mark
  3. My grandad is in the photo back row far right in his ain't half hot mum gear. The cross says on it 'given to me at Metz' 17/03/1940. The tax disc holder is apparently off the bike at Dunkirk. The route card we have traced the town's to be near Paris. Hope this helps Mark
  4. No problem I will try and put images of the info I have on for you
  5. Unfortunately there are no pictures of him with the bike but the mileage and fuel records in the book are all dated 1940. There is a W.D no C3917745 not sure what this means. Apparently he was blown off one bike on his way through France and ended up in a hospital in Weymouth. Then went back to France on another Triumph wich was dumped in the sea at Dunkirk to stop the Germans using it after being evacuated. This bike apparently meant that much to him ,he said it saved his life after carrying messages through France under heavy fighting he kept the tax disc holder from it before destroying it. Log book says the bike was transferred from VRD SlOUGH and he was in 27th RASC
  6. Ron thank you for your reply regarding the crankcase breather for my tiger 80. Sorry it's not a Millitary bike but like you say the bottom ends arn't much different. Hope I can keep picking your brains. Just back to the subject of your bike I am in possession of my grandfathers army documents who was a dispatch rider in ww2. I have his log book for his bike and I think when I tried to research it the model is a triumph 3sw. I was wandering if you can confirm this. The book says the chassis no is. T.L.I.3064 and the Engine no is 26034.
  7. Hi I am new to this site but am hoping you guys can help me out . I am in the middle of rebuilding a triumph tiger 80 and hope to pick your brains. First of all do any of you own one or know anyone that does. I am missing a few engine parts one of them being the crankcase breather . The parts diagram is as clear as mud. Hope someone can help me obtain one or give me any info on the sizes Ect so I can make one thanks in advance
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