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  1. Sight AFV Periscopic No4

    I have been reliably informed over on another medium that this was used in Chieftains for the commander
  2. Sight AFV Periscopic No4

    Anyone shed any light on what vehicles this was used on or in and any more details? Please and thank you
  3. CVRT Generator issue / belt / noise

    Thank you to you both. It isn't my vehicle and honestly it was an instant decision of "it isn't going on the road" and that was as far as we went, dropped the deck and moved on to the next wagon. I will report to Al the comments and see what he wants done. Cheers
  4. Recently we were getting ready for a parade and doing checks on a diesel Scimitar. When started the vehicle sounded as if it had a handful of bolts rolling around inside a concrete mixer so it was shut down and the hunt was on for a cause. A bearing failure was suspected. Upon opening gearbox deck and pulling up the radiator the belt was found to have walked on the generator or alternator pulley. We suspected that the bearings were gone in it but as we went no further and VOR'D the wagon for the parade I am wonder a few things. First off has anyone replaced the bearings in one of these generators themselves and if so is there a thread here for that? Is it possible that the fan bearing has gone and caused the belt to walk over? It is a job for winter maintenance to get at, just trying to get prepared.
  5. Thoughts on the New Forum Layout?

    I would just like to say a very big Thank You to Joris and anyone else involved in running the forum for us all. I know I like the old style but I am also not as tech savvy and am fairly sure that with constructive comments it will become a better tool for us all as it develops and it will just take time . As far as day month year goes, I hope none of you grow up in the UK and move to north america because there is no standard over here and it drives me potty to the point I now use 08 NOV 17 as my standard to ensure I am understood. These forums take a massive amount of time to run and once again Thank You Joris
  6. Land Rover

    Richard they will cost you good money. I understand why you want it though, maybe Santa is listening?
  7. Where did all the oxfords go!!

    The one from Swords and Ploughshares has been sold and is going to a new holding yard for a while as per this thread http://www.mapleleafup.net/forums/showthread.php?t=28071
  8. Rare S3 109" Land Rover Found

    Sent an email to the seller yesterday to confirm this week was ok to go pay for and collect the wagon. Reply back was he has changed his mind. Ho Hum, what to do now? Had scrounged up the cash and done the self justification process done. Maybe I will just sit on my hands and wait this one out.
  9. Leopard 1 wiring diagrams?

    Malcolm, Understand the direction you are going and why you want a good diagram. I suspected you would remove power until the problem went away to prove the glow plug problem. Sounds like the designers took care to safeguard the vehicle from various faults, nice touch, but aggravating in getting it going for you. Now you folks have ties with Bovington do they have manuals for theirs that they might share? What about the life cycle manager at DND, have you reached out that way at all?
  10. Leopard 1 wiring diagrams?

    Malcolm, I know it sounds stupid, but have you tried having Alan or someone talk to KMW and see what they will give up from source? Sometimes the simplest answers stare us in the face.
  11. Leopard 1 wiring diagrams?

    Malcolm, I have asked an insider if he can provide anything. He is not a tankie but good with finding stuff. Nov 11th looms, you must be under pressure. see you then.
  12. Fv721 fox

    Jeff, I am going to ask all the stupid questions to you so we can eliminate some causes. Have you first paraded your vehicle? Was the coolant level up? Was the Oil level up? Was the fan belt to the blower volute bevel box in place? Do you have a manual Where in the world are you located? What is your ambient air temperature? What altitude are you operating at? What mix of coolant to water are you using? What gear are you driving in at what speed? How long have you owned the vehicle? Has it ever run at the normal operating temperature, ever?
  13. Welcome back!

    Quick question, was trying to send you (Joris) a private message but a pop up said I had to clear my message inbox first. Like a good drone I went and binned a bunch of messages but with no result as when I went back it still wouldn't let me message you. Glitch or is it me again?
  14. When did your wife or partner admit defeat?

    I forgot to insert that my lady Jan said the Land Rover 1 Tonne I drove at a parade she organised for a local event was "cute". I guess I should have figured she was trying to charm me, but I didn't spot that coming!
  15. When did your wife or partner admit defeat?

    My wife hated everything to do with Land Rovers and military vehicles and had no sense of humour for impromptu stops while on journeys to look at things military, nor did she have a sense of humour when I bought my first Ferret as a done deal move. Funny when I told her that she had spent the money left to her by her Gran on what she wanted and I was reciprocating with my Dad's estate funds in the same manner she didn't smile. I now live very peacefully with my new lady, in the country, on an island, in a new house surrounded by green lumpy bits and a garage that is still a work in process. I have promised myself to divorce the ex soon, maybe 2018 is the year for that. We won't mention about the ex in the UK from the time before I moved to Canada.