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  1. And as such, if you ask me, quite desirable to own. because of what it is
  2. I don't take any offense to my original post, i get the posters point. All is good, glad you have direction, good luck
  3. Wasn't there a red AFS one for sale recently in Essex somewhere?
  4. The manuals are available in paper form as far as I know from Vintage Vehicle manuals who have an online store and are great to deal with. As far as scans of whole manuals for free there might be some on a place such as a Facebook group. I like scans but support the buying of the real thing so as to keep people in the business of manual reproductions and sales, I feel it is worthy beyond belief, I fear I may be old school and in a minority. As far as the vehicle itself goes there will be people who offer help and advice hopefully. Always wanted one and nearly bought one, classic British mechanical design and production to satisfy a need and a cool piece of kit. That is enough from me, glad to see it saved. Thank you for posting.
  5. Excellent narrative. Can you please put me in touch with Paul McNeill here in Canada please? Thank you
  6. Welcome along John J from Southern Ontario. Nice to see you here, the Nubian is the gold in my opinion Will be interested to see your progress.
  7. Good day, if anyone needs help buying this or parts from it I am happy to try to help through my contacts in Edmonton email me if you do https://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1500993412
  8. Dear Nick I am very thankful for your research, that is great, thank you
  9. And just how wrong can you be? I have pick head hold downs not sand channel hold downs, these, sorry.
  10. Well gosh golly thank you all so much. A bit of an old post but replies are always gratefully received. I'm surprised that I didn't get an automatic forum alert but hey ho. Now I will talk to Supacat to get some insight now I have a starting point. Thank you all
  11. Jim I have a large number of NOS clamps. Please email me and we can talk turkey, yes I know I am in Canada but I am a decent sport and might be willing to help you on price and postage.
  12. Jay my congratulations on having the intestinal fortitude to admit it was you, we are all human and we all screw up at times, I have had many occurrences caused by my own lack of judgement, ranging from a partial loss of hearing through some scars and broken bones through two failed marriages, so chin up mate, your survived! Thanks for sharing and making this forum what it is by adding the personal recollection.
  13. Do you mean the inner tracta joint seal?
  14. Alex, I am one of those with training kits, please tell me what you need me to measure. My kits are in the house and I can get to some of the boxes. Let me know how I can help and I will try to help if you feel my input can help.
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