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  1. Maybe I missed it earlier, but yours is an ex Belgian vehicle then just to be clear?
  2. It is in the background in this video but we have seen it elsewhere. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nm67CBXBK2c
  3. There is a tracked tug / shunter seen in the background of some of the tank chats and diaries. Can anyone shed some history on it and perhaps show some walk around pictures. Is it ex MOD?
  4. You can see in some of the early 1970s pictures the change away from DMS boots and puttees to a higher leg boot and no puttees and elastics to blouse the trouser legs to the top of the boots. I do not know exact dates of issue or authority for that. Some troops would tell of being allowed to use black Doctor Marten boots in place of DMS boots until enough NI Patrol boots were available. There was a whole saga over the amount of foot mileage the troops were carrying out on patrols that was the trigger for all of this. In most units the NI patrol boots were not allowed to be worn for regular duties once outside the NI theatre. Again as a generalisation, they were tolerated on exercise in some units. Them and the NI gloves with the padded bars across the back were what is described today as Gucci kit and you were "hard" as you had done an NI tour if you were wearing them. Woe betide anyone wearing NI kit who had not been. It was always every young and keen soldiers desire to add just a smidge of personalisation and to stand out in an otherwise uniform world once back on the mainland/
  5. Congratulations, time to get it insured and taxed and ridden, riding still doesn't get old, you fee alive riding. Have fun
  6. Quite honestly some of the Fox / Polecat design is a nightmare as you found out. Watch out for the fuel change over tap in the floor which if similar to our Fox was put on by someone who stripped the threads and then forced it into association. Watching with interest
  7. Clive, I would like to thank you for all the great bodies of work you have been responsible for like this one. You have done so much for our hobby in the way of explaining such technical matters. While I have never met you in person I have read your materials for a great number of years and have always been amazed at the level of research you have undertaken to arrive at the finished body of work. Thank you so much for doing this. A quite fascinating read and well worth the time to understand.
  8. Thank you for the replies, no I had not joined that group but have now. Thank you
  9. I am being asked questions that I cant answer, so I come to you all for knowledge. Specifically we are talking about British or commonwealth usage of their own produced steel jerry cans for fuel. We are not talking about the American style. When were nozzles first produced for them and what did they look like? What were the evolution and what does the modern British military use? The only one I have ever seen ex MOD looks very much like this web image. Over to you
  10. I am very curious, what kind of money is that worth as it stands assuming running and serviceable?
  11. Patience is a virtue, great news, hope you post lots of what you are doing
  12. Asking for a friend, can anyone ID this set up please and point out which is which and was this experimental?
  13. somewhere i have a brochure for one, give me a few weeks to find it
  14. I would agree with Terry wholeheartedly. The supply has dried up and the red tape to buy seemingly innocuous parts like an oil filter from the UK is ridiculous. Hopefully, technology allows someone to start making pattern parts of a reasonable quality. How expensive is something if there are none to buy?
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