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  1. robin craig

    Armour in Germany and the Law

    Thank you David, that is very good of you to edit you post.
  2. robin craig

    Armour in Germany and the Law

    David, I am familiar with the urban legend you describe. I can assure you the reality was different. The driver did not drive up the steps of Parliament at all, he merely drove around the road that was publicly accessible at the time to anyone. The vehicle was being driven legally, properly insured and no offences were committed at the time. The driver and vehicle commander left the scene after a bit of a ruckus and a chat without coffee or biscuits with the plods later that evening with the vehicle. As there were no charges laid there were no names released. It was unfortunate for sure and everyone learned a few lessons, appropriateness and legality having a fine line separating them. However, a number of other incidents and the advent of 9/11 caused that circulatory, publicly accessible route to be closed. It is now pedestrian access as many government houses of assembly are, and by more than the odd bollard, the place is a relative fortress. If you wind back the clock, at the time the then American Embassy was directly in line with the exit from Parliament Hill and at the time the Americans were heavily involved in the Balkans and the local law were sensitive to their perceived threat level that the vehicle posed. Hope that clarifies things a bit.
  3. Yes Steve I have black side hatch eyebrow pads and green centre hatch brow pads. Send me an email with what you have as a job lot if you want and a dollar figure, not a problem. I don't have any gearbox dipsticks currently but am keeping an eye out if any come from a salvaged vehicle i am dealing with someone on in the future. It wont be soon.
  4. robin craig

    Various parts

    Bob there is a chap on the FB group that has bought a bitsa CVRW Fox I will alert him for you, he needs a ton of stuff, let me get back to you.
  5. Capt Max are you still looking for dipsticks?
  6. robin craig

    8 Cylinder Torpedo Engine - Restoration

    Thanks Simon, I forgot about the Thistlegorm project you shared before, short memory. I find with technology today we are in a great place for restorations involving remaking parts that are no longer available. Your 3D stuff is part of that in my books. Thanks
  7. robin craig

    8 Cylinder Torpedo Engine - Restoration

    Simon, is the technology to scan and make that kind of image within reach for most people, cost wise? I am intrigued as to the applications possible, is this your trade or are you just younger and more skilled than me?
  8. robin craig

    Santa's Sleigh questions

    Yesterday I was asked some very detailed questions by a young child and was made to feel utterly inadequate in my knowledge. A quick web search when I got home revealed a source for answers that I thought others may find useful this Christmas. A very Happy Christmas to you all https://www.scribd.com/doc/193423407/Pilot-s-and-Engineer-s-Notes-Sleigh-I-II?fbclid=IwAR24OextibgiIlsfidThVatgw4Ti7lr-YqZplBz3E73uIeFbXYUNAxdeN0Y
  9. robin craig

    Plug Removal Tools, Ferret and what?

    Richard, thanks for your answer. Yes we have a Fox out here but it only ran for a couple of seasons until we found enough wrong with it that we parked it in a sea container pending a tear down. We just don't have time to work on the fleet as much as I would like as we are also tasked elsewhere at work. The fleet usage has shrunk dramatically and several have been moved on and the rest we are trying to stabilise and hangar for long term storage as best we can. The Fox will come out of the sea container and get attention but not for a few years yet. My memory on the exact details on some of the vehicles is getting thin, fade is real. Thanks again Richard
  10. robin craig

    Plug Removal Tools, Ferret and what?

    Brilliant Richard, thank you, so a Dowty sealing washer eh? what is so special about them versus what was used on Ferrets then?
  11. robin craig

    8 Cylinder Torpedo Engine - Restoration

    Simon, It is military and mechanical, that is plenty good enough for me to have you shows us here on HMVF what you are playing with, don't be shy about it, diversity is the beauty of this forum. What a glorious and obscure contraption, I have visions of you getting it running and using it to power a small boat, along the lines of "from swords to poughshares" Keep it coming
  12. robin craig

    Plug Removal Tools, Ferret and what?

    Richard, my english composition let me down, again. Let me re write that to better explain. Ver 2 "Why would they re design the plug itself to have all the same specs except for the OD of the Hex shoulder that the tool bears on? "
  13. robin craig

    Plug Removal Tools, Ferret and what?

    Richard, why would they make the plug head larger but leave the threaded portion the same size? Would it be for better leverage to get them out?
  14. So, I have two plug removal tools in my possession. One for sure is the Ferret fluid flywheel tool, in these photos it is the lower one and the one with the external hex shape on the end. The other one is of the same style of design but the plug it removes is a larger one and the tool has a different FV number. What is this other tool for, I would love to know as it is driving me potty
  15. Phil, I have never had a radiator and the trunnions apart but I recall warnings not to run the engine with the radiator flipped up. I was expecting to see something that cuts off the circulation to support that directive, can you shed any light on that please? Thank you for the felt info.