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  1. Great to hear from you Dean, just sent you a private message
  2. Well, again I have learned something, so that long wheelbase was likely only done for the MOD then David? The hillside behind makes me wonder is the the Scottish Isles or actually the Instow area? Thank you for posting
  3. Last week I was alerted to one of these machines being available of an internet site locally to me, 2 hours drive rates as local in these parts. I already own one such machine as per my signature block, but I had a bit of a plan in mind. I spoke with the seller mid week and managed t secure first crack at it on the basis that it is going to be restored. On Saturday armed with cash I set off and arrived to find the machine on a trailer recently liberated from an ice bound shed, we are still in winter here. Having been stung with one of these machines before, I am now very gun shy and know a lot about them, I had tried to get the VIN before going to match against Canadian Forces sales documents but buddy couldn't produce that which gave me concerns. As soon as I saw it I was relieved to see some small markings that gave away it's heritage and not just a green painted civvy machine. Also the hard to find plastic panniers and rear rack was with it but off to one side. While the front mudguard and the headlight surround are a civvy colour painted military green that is often the way they were repaired as parts were sourced from local suppliers. Anyway, once home a friend confirmed the VIN matched the army number and so I was relieved my judgment was sound. As I have a VW engine that needs rebuilding for another project and a friend who had to sell his MT500 a coule of years ago under the worst circumstances and is a VW whizz we have struck a deal that the bike will go to him in exchange for him rebuilding the engine, fair exchange is no robbery. He is delighted to be getting it just as I will be delighted to get the engine. I could have easily gotten this machine sorted out and running and cleaned up and turned a profit but I have decided to go this route so that I can ride with my mate at shows as we work with the same museum collection. Also he was gutted to get rid of his machine and he deserves some goodness in his life. There were only 77 of these machines in total so finding it and securing it was a good bit of fortune.
  4. Keith, welcome to the forum. I do hope you have many memories of vehicles that you can share, and wonder beyond all hope if you have pictures of anything that you did. I have had the privilege of visiting what was ATTURM and it was a fascinating place. Look forward to your future posts
  5. Admins how is the body of this thread related to the subject of this thread?
  6. Congratulations Mitch, watch out for the fan volute bevel box and it;s oil level. Post some pictures when you can, we would love to see them.
  7. What an interesting part of the Eager Beaver history, thank you for posting.
  8. I think you will be buying stock material and adding it yourself. A bit of a shame if you weld it on, better for long term value of the vehicle would be to use existing bolt holes with longer bolts to mount it with. It is your vehicle to do with what you wish, our veterans fought for your freedom to do that and you paid the quid for the wagon yourself. Will it make the vehicle "modified" and render you foul of your insurance company, we hear many of you Brits having insurance woes, just wondering. Have fun.
  9. Thanks for the compliment Steve, my mindset was driven by arriving at the decision that those captive nut things just get to the point that they can not be fixed, replacement seemed the only sensible avenue and tried to get the closet I could at the time. That seems ages ago now. I still have two more vehicles of mine to do one day . . .
  10. Simon, we call that using "cunning and guile". well done, I am hooked on this thread, I envisage seeing a video one day of it scooting across the local boating pond, hopefully.
  11. Simon, was the " lateral thinking and gentle pressure the large cylindrical barrel slid out of the housing" to use air pressure to push it out?
  12. Luger, I think you have had some incredibly sane answers from some very knowledgeable people on the forum. I would agree with what has been said already. The CVRT is a far easier to support vehicle in a lot of respects. How many miles a month / year do expect to use your vehicle on the road for, and I guess my other question is why? As many here will agree, make sure you have a recovery plan before you get going, when it does go wrong, say with a seized final drive on a roundabout at dark what is your game plan? Driving tracked armour on public roads is a privilege you folks in the UK enjoy, we can not here in our province except for parades etc. Have fun
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