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  1. Alex, I am one of those with training kits, please tell me what you need me to measure. My kits are in the house and I can get to some of the boxes. Let me know how I can help and I will try to help if you feel my input can help.
  2. Webley I am puzzled by your statement about getting it registered, I am in Canada. Can you explain to us what hoops you have to jump through? I am out of touch with UK regulations. Thanks
  3. Thank you for the kind words Ron, I have not done trials on the Sabre or CVRT but am looking to do some to prove things
  4. And as someone who has purchased a 24volt vehicle that has had a POST (previous owner stupid trick) performed on it and chased mickey moused wiring and jumpers and resistors around it isn't fun. All the 24 volt stuff for the most part is available or re-buildable (perish the thought) and as others say it keep the value up for those of us who care. It is a similar vein to why would you put WMIK kit onto a 1986 Land Rover 90 that has a 2.5 na diesel in it? However, our veterans fought for your freedom to do what you wish, however your peers may give you funny looks
  5. Ronsandt, whats your real name anyway? Is it Ron? Anyway, look up some folks at REME Depot on Facebook and they carry it. They are in the US of A and will shio worldwide. They have a Vimeo video entitled FF adapter on the Facebook page. The design of the adapter is to allow owners with the Vokes type filters to be able to leave all the priginal plumbing in place a remove a few items and install the spin on adapter and use a commercial off the shelf filter. The ones they specify have a water separator built in with the ability to bleed off water. In places outside the UK getting parts from the UK is harder than people in the UK understand, hence the design was hatched and trials done. Owing to the use of the original top nut on the Vokes unit a socket is supplied to allow the buyer to torque the adapter properly for correct installation. If you have any questions REME Depot will answer or I can try to help. Hope this helps
  6. Ronsandt if you want to move away from the Vokes fuel filter elements but want to leave the mount intact then there is a spin on filter adapter on the market to allow that to happen without having to change the plumbing.
  7. Well, Thank you one and all for all the information thus far. This seems to be a common problem and I am glad to have raised it and been educated, as I had hoped to be. Thank you everyone.
  8. Dear All, At work I have been asked to delve into sourcing a robust intercom system for a variety of military and non military vehicles. I have loved the Racal Clansman series intercom but others dont like it for their own reasons. I wanted to know what other people are using these days especially if you have more than one vehicle in your fleet do you use a transportable system between the vehicles or does each vehicle have it own dedicated set up? What do you do when the vehicle has multiple occupants ie BV206 or say an FV434 with the load bed full of riders? When you operate as a pair or multiples of vehicles are you using a real radio system like that for motorbikes on a public band? Lets open the discussion for us all to learn.
  9. Phil what a great looking machine, it will be a shame to get it dirty now. Kudos to you for the work done. As you sit now in the afterglow and reflect, what would you have done differently with the project and what spares did you wish that you had bought now that they are harder to find? I am interested to hear of other peoples experiences and learn from them, I am not in any way trying to criticise.
  10. Simon I am unsure if the picture that Ash Collection posted is his machine or yours, however, the grey cap in the picture which I have marked and attached looks very familiar to me. It is very similar to one in a vehicle that I am restoring, if it is the same the cap has an enormous needle on the underside and it is for an ether capsule system for cold starting. I have a picture of the capsules and the packaging, somewhere.
  11. Thanks Bob, you are a gent as always
  12. Dear Simon welcome along, please post pictures of your machine and maybe the data plate so other can help you and enjpy what you have bought also
  13. Bob I will take the lot. Will you take an electronic money transfer? I would like the lot either posted within the UK or collected in person. What say you?
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