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  1. Welcome Robin from another Robin. Hope you find your vehicle's history
  2. Robin Ross I think the answer may lie in the McMaster and Carr catalogue or the Spaenauer Catalogue both of which are online. Thankfully I have someone local who order tons so I can get him to order stuff for me on his stock order, minimum quantities do however apply
  3. John 1950 thanks for the input, I will go that route if the original part can not be identified, I thought maybe a Scammel or a Militant used the same part in another use. Yes Clive you are correct I need the seal around the edge, a local purchase out here from a catalogue may be used as an expedient measure as with the plug, but one strives to get the right kit until supplies are exhausted.
  4. Good day, The early style battery box lid for the Ferret has a rubber plug in the centre as per the attached pictures. Someone once told me that they were available but they were also used on a postwar truck of some sort in another use than for a battery box. I would like to buy some but don't know what to ask for and whom to ask. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  5. I have found something of interest related to this vehicle and to its owner possibly if they are a detail person. Anyone knowing the owner give her r him a nudge in my direction please
  6. Diana and Jackie, I think you are asking about this as fitted to the Spartan. here are pictures from thexmod site
  7. Dear All, when were the non tailgate narrow tracks phased out for the wide tracks, just trying to get an understanding of the timelines. I am referring to the trailers often called by some as Sankey yet they were made by other makers as I well know
  8. Have you tried Mark at Vintage Manuals? He has so much stuff. Nice trailer and different, well saved
  9. wow, yes, as the poster above says, can you share the names and the story for each of those so we can all learn.
  10. Norbo feel your pain but there are many very knowledgeable people on this forum, and if you post what you are trying to achieve many will show you the way like Sirhc has just done. Most of the work is relatively simple just awkward to do and daunting if you don't come from that kind of a background. Rob Dove is offering you a good rate as a CVRT mechanic and he is a good guy and well known. There are others. The fun of ownership for some people is facing these challenges and overcoming them and enjoying your vehicle. Can I ask a few questions? Where do you live? It might help some people trying to help you to know that. Next question, what drew you to buy what you have and what do you want to use it for? What you have has great value and is great fun and if you are in the UK as I suspect you can road register and road drive it, you are lucky, many countries you can not. Happy to help if I can but many are more knowledgeable than me mate, plus I am quite a ways away.
  11. I am coming in late on this one, so apologies for that, but my big concern SirLanceUk (is your real name Lance by any chance?) is that the practice of hacking about a vehicle and chopping and changing bits like firewalls is (as already pointed out not required) but it is also butchery of a perfectly good vehicle and when and if you ever decide to go and sell it you may be amazed as to how much concern it gives folks when they see hack jobs on a vehicle. It gives grave concern to buyers and many will low ball you because of it or just not buy it. Now, I will also say, that our veterans fought for your freedom to do what you want and I wouldn't hold you back in any way but if you do have to modify, make it a reversible process and archive the original parts and try to avoid a host of new holes and stuff welded on. My opinion is my own and I share it without charge and it is mine, so you are not obliged to agree, and that does not offend me. Happy trails
  12. Ferg, all received I will work on getting those possibly remotely. Got the PM also
  13. Richard, I have done some preliminary sketches on what the key needs for features, one is that the end is a pivot point in the hole on the opposite side. It was for interest and reduction of labour. I asked if a Dingo key is the same and if they were available I would buy one rather than make it. Lord only knows I have enough to do without this but hey ho the owner is a chum and I like projects. Lets see what results we get before I go rummaging for stock steel to play with. Thank you for your help Richard.
  14. How about we do it the other way around, find out what they need now let me know, then I will endeavour to get the answer
  15. So then, who has a Dainler Dingo key then? Thank you Richard, as always a fountain of knowledge.
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