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  1. Simon, I have a bit of experience with them. They are a terrific machine, we have a 6 cylinder diesel here at work. They are a superb machine but as Terry says tracks and drive sprocket condition are to be looked at closely. The road wheels can de-laminate. There are 40 road wheels, I have done seals and bearing parties a few times and a power pack out once. Like anything, they were designed for a job and will you be doing that job or something different. The petrol vs diesel debate is obvious. Talk to Tony about his experiences.
  2. Simon Brown, thank you for explaining that to the rest of the gang, I am salivating out here on my slow download seed internet on our island, the model tab crashed once already. Yes, so Simon is going to have full vehicle inside and out that I can use to make up scale drawings of everything. As I am from the Airfix generation there is nothing like a challenge and "insert tab D2 into opening A5" Peakrec thank you for those photos, you didn't happen to touch base with the owner did you? Would love to connect with other owners. The vehicle that Simon went to measure is owned by Tony Knott who is on this forum and I would like to thank him for allowing Simon to go do his thing.
  3. While initially I was not a fan of Facebook I have to admit having gone to the dark side and actually benefited from that hugely. I am a member of Ottawa Valley Land Rovers here in Ontario, Canada and it is through the generosity of its members far and wide I have secured a whole bunch of parts at little or no cost. A huge debt of gratitude is owed by myself to folks like Bruce Ricker for a whole set of sprigs, And rew Jones for a steering wheel, seat parts and a windscreen assembly, John Havey and Ringo the attack dog for a set of wheels and 7.50 X 16 tyres, Michel Gagne and Vern Fairhead for the rear door. Knowing the existing 6.50 X 16 tyres had to go and they others should go on led me to pull the existing wheels and tyres and take them and the donated set to a local shop and have all of them dismounted and a survey of the wheels done. We found some rotting some of the wheels and selected some of the originals and a couple of the donated ones as the best set and I took them out for sand blasting and painting. I chose a gloss finish using an NOS part with a Deep Bronze Green on it, we had found that as the base colour on the original FV wheels The tyres have now been mounted and maybe soon they will go back onto the vehicle to make it roll again.
  4. I was privileged to be allowed to use the float trailer from work to go get the vehicle, thanks to my boss for that. My aims are as follows:- 1 To secure the vehicle as best I can from any further degradation 2 Gather parts and information to aid in the restoration 3 Finish my garage to allow restoration to begin So for those of you who don't know me, I am way more busy than is healthy for me, I cant sit still and one interest isn't enough, so it seems. No is not a word that I like to hear. Things have developed in twists and turns that I can not believe. Firstly, I took off the hoops and parts that were put on it to make it into a soft top. This was done by PA Blanchards who sold the vehicle to the first owner here in Canada as he wanted a low mileage clean LHD S3 vehicle and chose this one. This is not a theory, I spoke with Nick Blanchard by phone who recalled it. I also have the paperwork for the sale at the time that is noted to that effect. The donated hard top has gone on, the side panels aren't right but I have located a pair of those. A rear door was sourced locally and is strapped in place.
  5. Well, where to start? I guess if you have not see anything before you need the back story on the build up over four years before I finally landed the vehicle. That can be read here So, what next, I guess the best place is to post a picture of what the end state will be one day, this pictures was passed to me by someone whose name I have now forgotten. There are many interesting details I have picked out which I will highlight later.
  6. Bang for the buck the CVRT range is likely one of the most supportable tracked vehicles you can own, the gearboxes being problematic for supply but there are some around at a price in the UK Easy to store and operate if you are of a reasonable human build size, once one becomes overweight they are a challenge to get in to. If you don't need a gun barrel then the Spartan lends itself nicely as a group carrier down to the pub or out for ice creams and has the advantage that you can kip inside it also.. However, longer distance shows need a transporter of some type unless you want to do the road miles. My opinion is solely mine and not necessarily everyone else's taste.
  7. Bob, Adrian Barrell is trying to get some lumpy items from Canada to the UK in a seacan, it would not be a free ride. please contact him for info
  8. Adrian, Toronto is just down the road, that would be easy. your box is approx 6 long by 3 wide and 3 high Robin
  9. I believe from memory the answers to those questions are in the manual. Track wear is dependent a lot on the type of ground you are on. Manuals are the one thing you should buy and read, they really are useful.
  10. Well, truth is stranger than fiction I am being reminded daily. Just over a week ago someone offered me a full length hard top with side panels for a Land Rover 109. I thought to myself free ain't bad, and maybe one day I will secure the Carawagon. Four days after that a friend sent me a screen shot from Facebook showing the Carawagon was for sale again. I phoned and a very surprised owner agreed to let me have it and not entertain any other dealings. the price was more than I wanted to pay for what is there, but if it isn't for sale it doesn't matter what money you have so how much is too much? I popped up in the week and put a deposit down and made arrangements to get it back on Saturday. On my way home with it I bumped into another local Land Rover owner Tony Eccles who took this photo. On the drive home I decided that the vehicle will be called and referred to as Katie, it has a very personal meaning to me, we have had a rough week. I will now start a thread on this vehicle from fresh with proper subject heading and link back to this. Thank you all
  11. While I am not the worlds biggest fan of the Iltis, they were not a bad wagon at all in my humble opinion. As a two person liaison vehicle they did what they were supposed to do on and off road. Frankly anything can get stuck, I recall a Mercedes Unimog on tarmac in a parking lot with 1 inch of snow stuck . . . They fit in a normal garage and many of the parts are available as take off or new through wreckers or the VW system.. Over here they were the last manual gearbox gas (petrol) powered vehicle in regular service. I have not heard of the diving in the corners, I think there may be some very enthusiastic drivers out there. Once they write something it becomes lore. If you want something with more ability then buy something bigger and spend more money. I never thought I would defend an Iltis but there you have it. Off for my supper now.
  12. I was sad to see you sell it as I followed your original posts, but hey ho if it isn't getting used moving it along makes sense, wish I had the money, would have been a great display item. Hope the new owner continues to post about it
  13. Im not sure what exactly you are after but we see some clean ones here for sale in the $5,000 to $10,000 range all made under licence by Bombardier. For instance here is one https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/315823688905581/?surface=product_details
  14. Your vehicle spent a period of time at the British Army Training Unit Suffield (BATUS) out here in Canada, see the line "ORD COY BATUS". I would suggest a check of some of the BATUS video on Youtube to see if it shows up or you could go over to the dark side of Facebook (FB) where this BATUS Memories group exists https://www.facebook.com/groups/529126870919310/ and ask around or look. There is another FB group called BAOR Photos https://www.facebook.com/groups/166806773522220/ This forum has quite a number of pictures posted if you use the search function carefully Good luck and please share with us what you find.
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