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  1. Simon I am unsure if the picture that Ash Collection posted is his machine or yours, however, the grey cap in the picture which I have marked and attached looks very familiar to me. It is very similar to one in a vehicle that I am restoring, if it is the same the cap has an enormous needle on the underside and it is for an ether capsule system for cold starting. I have a picture of the capsules and the packaging, somewhere.
  2. Thanks Bob, you are a gent as always
  3. Dear Simon welcome along, please post pictures of your machine and maybe the data plate so other can help you and enjpy what you have bought also
  4. Bob I will take the lot. Will you take an electronic money transfer? I would like the lot either posted within the UK or collected in person. What say you?
  5. Dear LNGN thank you for posting that. My interest was coupled with building a replica Land Rover lightweight portee vehicle and putting that on it but my interest had faded, I say had.
  6. Might be a good job for someone on a dull winter's day when nothing else is attractive . .
  7. Niels I am just wrapping yours up here this weekend, for post maybe next week.
  8. Barry, Happy New Year and congratulations. Are you looking for a North American distributor as I know a couple of well qualified and well set up business wise people who may be very interested to act as your agents. Send me an email if you would like to discuss further off line. There are many on this side of the Atlantic who would buy them. Infact the world wide appetite is quite large. Once again, it is great to see modern day production of vintage pattern spares to keep our vehicles going, what a great age we live in.
  9. Are you only including tracked vehicles or will wheeled armoured vehicles be included? Is this all type and all eras?
  10. Richard, delighted, really over the moon, I will PM you. All this has been worth it just for this one picture. And there is more to come.
  11. Richard and Adrian thanks for the comments. Richard, if that Dingo does still exist I would be happy to have a much better reproduction made of the print in the album for the owner, please let me know in due time.
  12. Sorry for the delay in posting more, life has gotten in the way somewhat.
  13. robin craig


    No engines fitted so there is a bunch of weight gone
  14. Militant Nick you are so bad showing things I am not allowed to buy . .. Ploughman and two five zero did the Volvo 4400 have a 4 in 1 style bucket? Kind of looks like it.
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