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  1. Thanks Ron I have looked closely at the parts and cannot see anything really other than black, but brown might be hard to differentiate? I will have a better look min daylight. Cheers
  2. Hi No, not yet, still sitting in my shed ! Ready to go though, and I am looking for £150 for the lot. Please contact me on 07866 367059 if interested. James
  3. Hello, have been away from MV's for a bit but now have a Ariel 350, which appears wartime. It all in pieces, but the frame and engine numbers are correct for a batch that were desptched between April and November 1943. It spent time in Greece then ended up with the Greek Post Office post war , then into civilian hands. I am interested to know if the bike would have been black or military green when it left the factory? Also what finish is correct for the rims, handlebars, engine and gearbox casings etc? Thanks
  4. I have several boxes of RR B series bits and bobs, for the B40 / B60 / B80. Nothing exciting , mainly oil pump parts, oil pick ups, some distributor parts , and some pistons. I have not been through the box fully but t may contain a few handy bits. I am based in Derbyshire. Mesage me on here or 07866 367059 if interested.
  5. Hi I have a complete hub reduction from a Saladin - I suspect they are the same. Its used, but should be in serviceable condition. Its not been stripped down, and I would like to sell the whole thing intact.. I am in Derbyshire.
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