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  1. John Newman

    D Day 2019 Motorcycle event?

    With thanks to Josuah Josse, he has confirmed that Colonne Notek (German vehicles) will be at Manoir De Donville, near Carentan starting at 08:00 on the 4th June 2019 and ww2 German bikes are welcome to attend (please check that no inappropriate symbols are shown and it seems German uniforms may not be accepted or tolerated by the local police). There may be a small tour with the vehicles and some parts selling. As this is a good gesture on his part please obide by his rules for the event. Look forward to seeing anyone there (if I can get my engine back together in time!). Regards, John
  2. John Newman

    D Day 2019 Motorcycle event?

    Thanks Lex, I've posted on the FB R12 Forum to see if anyone else is attending. To be honest I'm a little concerned of the reception that Axis vehicles might get? John
  3. John Newman

    Normandy 2019

    Any UK German vehicles planning to go to Normandy this year? John BMW R12
  4. John Newman

    2019 MVT normandy tour whos going

    Nick, I have a BMW R12 with sidecar, if there were an opportunity, how do I find out if anyone can join the parades? There aren't a lot of German vehicle groups in the UK that are putting any trips together? Regards John
  5. John Newman

    D Day 2019 Motorcycle event?

    Thanks Lex, What FB page was this on ? John
  6. John Newman

    Amal carb rebuilders

    Lovely bike. Can you tell me which type of Amal is has. According to references it could be a 76/187. Is the head inlet stud pattern horizontal or vertical? John
  7. John Newman

    D Day 2019 Motorcycle event?

    I'll ask on the BMW R12 FB page to see if I get any responses.
  8. John Newman

    D Day 2019 Motorcycle event?

    Thanks for the reply. I'll ask on Kradrider ( a yahoo based forum) if there is anyone there planning to attend and maybe we can get the two sides together? I'll keep the forum posted if I get any responses.
  9. John Newman

    D Day 2019 Motorcycle event?

    Are there any plans this year for a motorcycle event around D Day and will German bikes be attending? John
  10. John Newman

    Amal carb rebuilders

    Thanks for the responses. I took the carbs to Michael at Surrey Cycles. He is going to get the missing parts together and get them to Martyn to work his magic on them. Regards John
  11. John Newman

    Amal carb rebuilders

    I have a pair of Amal 76/187's from BSA's 1938 350cc B.24, 25 and 26, both of which need parts and rebuilding. Does anyone know of anyone in the UK that rebuilds these carbs? I'd like to keep these because they have the vertical stud pattern and the reproduction carbs have the horizontal stud pattern and I 'd rather not use and adaptor and keep as much period original on the bike. They were found in a basket case 1938 BMW R12 project I have. Thanks John