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  1. Hey Dave I’d love to buy one or both if they are still available. Andy
  2. Hey here all. I’m trying to find a 1950s 60s RAF grey or green fishtail parka to go with some trousers I recently purchased. If any body has one for sale at all I would really love to hear from you. My number is 07921060707 or drop me a line on here. fingers crossed Andy
  3. If you still have them I’d love to purchase them . 🤞
  4. Thanks ever so much for the reply. I’ll keep my fingers and toes crossed .
  5. HEY woa2 I’d love to buy the trousers if they are still available?
  6. Hey there. Yer they are pretty sought after now £900 is my max . The grey ones go for way more too. Mad times!
  7. I was bidding on it up to £900 then it jumped right up to that crazy amount. Probably some chap in Japan.
  8. Hi there, Im new on here so please pardon me if I balls it up. Im looking for some RAF ventile trousers and an RAF fishtail ventile parka. Would anyone have either of these for sale at all?
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