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    Boot Sole Tread Patterns

    somehwere in an old book I have it mentions that the "commando sole" used by Marines with the small crosses of rubber were based on old climbing boots, that had metal crosses and studs, for grip. you could try aproaching a older British shoe/boot company that uses leather, like Clarks, or Brasher, they may be able to shed some light on it?
  2. webkitlover

    SAS 58 Pattern braces

    I might have to get some of those braces, i just looked down the pouch list and I have everything on it! I have my "SAS" pouches set up with a 58Yoke, which stops them slipping around the belt.
  3. webkitlover

    First Issue 1958 Pattern Pack

    Don't forget to add some green string to the tiny metal holes on the inner flaps, to tie them shut. lol, now try to pack a weekends worth of kit in it! For the first few introduction weeks of TA training we were only allowed to used the large pack (no webbing or yoke at all). The techneque was to put the shoulder hooks on to the side spring clips, (literally hook them on) it's not what the bag was designed for and not comfortable but that's what we had. Then get all your spare clothes, waterproofs, 2 mess tins, ration box, Hexi cooker, torch, wash kit, poncho, tent pegs, bungees and water bottle, all in the main pouch, ideally in a bin bag to keep it dry. You can't get anything usefull in the pockets apart from hat and gloves.. Then put the 58" sleeping bag on the top (with the opening downward!), put your roll mat under the cross straps, tie it tight and you have a heavy very badly ballanced bag ready for some sore shoulders! now get your food out and start cooking in less than a minute....nope. lol
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    1958 pattern KFS Set 1970s-1980s

    In the 1990's TA, I was issued a knife fork and spoon they had the MoD crowsfoot and a date, but they were nothing special, they didn't match, and looked like normal table cutlery. I only used them as a set for inspections at the Recruit Carde weeks, the rest of the time I used 1 desert spoon and kept it in the side pouch of the 58" Right ammo pouch, like everyone else! I was also issued a small green plastic cup and plate, I don't think I ever used them.
  5. webkitlover

    Falklands Issue Reversable Jacket ?

    possibly off subject but I have come across an RAF (survival) reversible 58" poncho green/white, I wndered if it was from the same period?
  6. oh such a shame, I've been trying to find any info on 72 webbing, I used to own the front pockets and yoke, never owend the rear pouch. Top tip! I've had to replace a few bits here and there, and done a few repos from scratch, my advice is get as many photos as you can then measure against your straps the best you can, it won't be perfect, but I'm sure you could make it convincing. I'd say the hardest part is getting the right colour strap bt GS is probably the best option. good luck.
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    True or not? zip gadget.

    Decades ago, a friend at scouts showed me his dads squaddie kit, I think he'd done a "Clear-up" tour of the Falklands after the conflict, but the kit was amazing it included several memento "Argee" pouches, which to be honest were all really low quality like a poor mans ALICE webbing. When we were looking through it he showed me a sort of mini coat-hanger shaped piece of wire I guess about 1" by2" (it may have been smaller, this was 25 years ago). He said his dad told him, it was issued in arctic conditions to help do up zips in cold weather, if you're wearing gloves. When I was in the TA I saw a lot of grenade rings, and split key rings on zips or paracord loops which served the same purpose. According to my friend the wire zip do-er-uppers were issued in ration packs, of all places. I've never heard nor seen anything like it since! and I can't find any ex-squaddies that even rememeber such a device. I've always been suspicious about it, as in extreme cold you really don't want to touch metal at all! and surely if such a hook exsisted you'd want it made of something less easily lost, or perhaps people did loose them that's why they were supposedly in rations? so, was there such an army issue zip hook?
  8. webkitlover

    RE: British Rations

    I tried the apple and apricot?, flakes in the late 80's, I went camping with a friend and we used his Dads ex Falklands rations, or what was left of them I did however get to try the Tubes of Margerine, condensed milk and steak and kidney pud, i also remember a tiny white and blue pot of salt about 1" tall like half an AA battery, made completely from cardboard, with a plastic lid either end, one end was shaker the other you could refill it! brilliant idea!
  9. Would anyone be interested in the various bits of survival kit, tools, rations, pilots clothing etc? This photo is a couple of years old, I have some more bits now (some "Anit-G" trousers and a pilot life jacket) I have researched loads of things because I teach survival and much of RAF kit is aimed at survival in some way so if anyone wants to know more, I have a lot to share!
  10. webkitlover

    i have a collection of RAF survival kit and clothing

    Hi Enigma, You can get the old RAF 1950's manuals fairly easily on e-bay around £10, they are quite informative and include drawn pictures of old RAF kit, like "Muklaks" (rubber/canvas boots). as for the kit itself, most of it is totally functional, the silver ration box bottom left is still complete with food, I can't bring myself to open the food! It's quite interesting to see how clothing problems were adapted and some odd additions, for example even up untill recently the kits contained a seperate waterproof hood. The brown bag (top left) is only part of a bag, the top half, I never found the other half but it laces to the base of this one. lots of strange items, i love to play with!
  11. webkitlover

    RE: British Rations

    I have also made an (almost complete) fake ration for display purposes, I have since made a packet of nuts&raisins and a packet of those boiled sweets! Yes it really is all fake! the Biscuits Brown were tricky to copy because of the green foil, so I made do with green wrapping paper, which is slightly sparkly! lol
  12. webkitlover

    RE: British Rations

    Hi I have collected lots of info on rations including a few menus I'll post the, (they are copied from all over the place on the web): Plus instructions to make your own Oatmeal block! Menu sheet 70s to 80s.odt My GS rations copy of ration sheet.odt 1950's rations very similar to WW2 rations.odt An Arctic issue ration pack as issued in 1952.odt
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    Hi new section needed!

    Hi if you make a Food/cooking Rations section, I can fill it with loads of relevant info Menu's and photos of Retro rations and links to rations I have collected. (I am not afiliated with any company I will link to Cheers Rich
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    Hi new section needed!

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    Mystery 1958 Pattern Era Nylon Pouch

    Thats the same one I have, but with the different numbers mentioned. your's actually looks more like the 72" Buytl Laminate olive colour, mine is a darker green like the 58" poncho. I assume that's just a difference in available fabrics. cheers for that! Still weird for 72" to have 58 pattern "C" clips though, as 72" had no belt so nowhere to attatch it.
  16. webkitlover

    Mystery 1958 Pattern Era Nylon Pouch

    This is what the pouch I bought looks like. I just saw it on a set of "SAS" webbing (everyone was in the SAS ) , on "worthpoint". on there it describes my pouch as: "Small 72' nylon pouch - will hold a small set of folding bino's" 2 points: 1) Well I used to own a set of "72" webbing, and there is no "belt" of any sort that you could to attatch any 58 pattern pouch with C clips. 2) 72 pouches are "buytl laminate", they had a smooth texture like the Para or G.S. Bergen. The pouch I have is more like the old suit sight pouch or a tougher darker version of US ALICE material. I was wondering perhaps because it's nylon, and newer than 58" (designed for post 80's use) it might be a GPS or Altimeter pouch?
  17. Aha! I have a mystery green Nylon pouch (looks like 58" style) the markings are:stamped in black: "C.W. 3 38566" (and a crows foot) so would I be correct in thinking "C.W." is "Clifford Williams & Son Ltd?
  18. webkitlover

    i have a collection of RAF survival kit and clothing

    Before an eagle eyed collector points it out the helmet is fake, I made it out of a discarded motor-scooter helmet, it was just to complete a display for a public event I did. kids like to try on hats but the real thing is veeery expensive!
  19. webkitlover

    58 Pattern Nylon Webbing

    I'm soooo annoyed, I bought left, Right pouches and yoke of of 72" set for £15, in the late 80's I liked it because it was unusual. I was always looking for that rear pouch, I had to improvise with a US buttpouch or a single kidney pouch, neither really worked, .I gave the set free to a friend of mine a decade ago!
  20. webkitlover

    Mystery 1958 Pattern Era Nylon Pouch

    I just bought a very similar looking but smaller pouch probably likely a compass pouch. It has an identical belt fastening same colour same material and a simple press stud / velcro fastener. it feels like it is padded with foam, it has a drain hole the only marking is faint it's a 35 mm wide circle, inside the circle (with a "crows foot" arrow at the base) is the following: "C.W. 3 38566" Although the pouch appears to be unused the store stamp numbers are very faint and difficult to tell apart especially the 8,6,and 3 so the numbers might be slightly wrong. The pouch is 100mm tall, 40mm deep, and 60mm wide. Have I managed to get a trials 58 pattern nylon compass pouch? I don't know if any were made but you never know!
  21. brilliant thankyou for that extensive list! I'll try to adda few bits if I can
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    Hi new section needed!

    sorry what do you mean by "here"?
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    Hi new section needed!

    forgot to say also RAF survival rations
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    British Army Ration question

    Hi I've researched British army rations a bit I have found some menus for a few ration packs if people are interested. one thing has passed me by there was a trial Ration pack I guess around the 70's or early 80's that was designed for 2 men using a "buddy system" I have a photo from a book, (Survival by Len Cacutt page 152) on the ration box it says: " 24HR RATION PACK G.T. TWO MAN MENU...A..." The ration itself seem to be mostly a mixture of civvy shop bought items mixed with a few Army style packets i.e. there are small tins of veg, fruit, spam, a packet of noodles, but then those familiar to older squaddies green tubes of margarine or condensed milk. does anyone have any more info or experience with this particular ration?
  25. webkitlover

    Interesting Vehicles at Chiffins

    lol, I live just outside Wisbech, the centre of the universe! A hot tip if you go to the auctions, go a day or 2 before Friday or Saturday is best, and as long as you wear a HI-Vis top you can borrow keys from the Office for pretty much any vehicle to test it in the Cheffins grounds., The Cheffins permenant staff and mechanics that move the vehicles around are all friendly,