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  1. One of the first questions you have to ask about an M38 to determine its value is does it have an original winch mounted. If it does then you can automatically add 4 to 5 thousand us dolars to the price. Normally a Non-winch decent (not rotted), runner and driver with all the original fittings goes for about $10K to $15K dollars. Here in Canada. Canada's Military only had about 2000 of the M38 so these ones are rare. The US had quite a few more though they never produced so many like the WW2 jeeps. They are more roomy to drive than the WW2 but not as fast. Ive had one for almost 20 years and it has not once failed to start and run and drive and has got me home every time. :-D
  2. This site has very good info and technical support and might help with your problem. http://www.willysmjeeps.com
  3. Hi Is anyone sending a container to Canada in the near future that I might get in on for a few parts I would like sent home. Many thanks
  4. Very nice looking M38. You have really brought it along. Now just a winch unit and an M100 trailer to go with.
  5. Many thanks for Posting the Pictures of our display. Not quite the normal venue for us but it was a great chance to get our stuff out there. We did very well and were one of the most popular displays at the show. Thanks again Prairie Motor Brigade South Alberta MVPA
  6. Mine will fit no problem.:cool2:
  7. It has the single one that parallels the tailgate.:-)
  8. I believe its the earlier one as it has the round Lucas lights.
  9. I just collected one of these Arrows trailers mainly to use with my RB44. I towed it home with my Chevy 1Ton dually. It tows great and I just need to adjust the hitch on the truck side a little higher to make it ride more level and Ill use it for both. Its no wider than my autohauler that I use to tow the M38 and M100 trailer to shows. I havent tried it on the RB44 yet as its put away for the winter.:-) What I need is a copy of the technical manual for it. especially the operation of the brake system. Also the proper canvas cover for it would be nice. So if anyone has those items please let me know.
  10. My RB44 came out of the Suffield base and is in desert sand colour with black squares painted on each door. There is overspray everywere. Windshield rubber, tires and they even managed to spray the rear window of the cab. I dont mind the sand colour but the overspray is a bitch to clean up. Wish they had taken a bit more care.
  11. SteveJ


    My 92 RB44GS is on the road here in Western Canada. Its a great truck. No issues at all easy to work on and fun to drive. When I got it safetied they said the brakes were brand new and they work great. Had it out the other day to get some work done on the tilt. Cruised down what we call a motorway at 100Km/Hr no worries. But all this shifting with my left hand is killing my shoulder. LOL:-).
  12. Hello Wirral SteveJ here from the far reaches of Western Canada. Good to see another fellow take the plunge with the RB44. I got my RB44 GS last fall and its a Gem. I hesitated about some of that negative press too but it sure has proved wrong so far. Like anything else it just needs a bit of care and consideration and it will serve well. Its fast enough to drive somewhere without holding up traffic and gets decent fuel economy too. Good choice and welcome.
  13. Hey good to see another olive drab fan. I was in Albuquerque for a couple of weeks on a training course a few years ago. Very nice place. Vintage military motorcycles are great. Ive always wanted to get a nice old wartime WLC though it has eluded me so far.
  14. Not to worry. My baby is securely parked in my back yard on the RV pad double tarped with elec battery blankets on the batteries and a magnetic heater on the block. And yes they use a mixture of salt sand on the roads though the sand in a lot of cases seems more like marble size so you not only get enhanced corrosion but usually need a new front window by spring from rock damage. The chances of me using the ether system is unlikely but I find when I go down a restoration with a new vehicle I have to know everything about the vehicle and have it functioning if possible or it bugs me. Interestingly had I looked close START PILOT is written on the pump handle in the cab and in the RB44 operators manual but I never recognised it as a brand name and here it is. They use the same system on the unimog. Now just to get ahold of some. Thanks for your help guys.
  15. Hi all. I fitted the Petronics electronic ignition unit to my M38CDN jeep 24 volt a year ago and it works great. Its a totally clean installation on the M38 as the coil is sealed in the distributor body and no extra wires needed. It took only a few minutes to install. The jeep starts and runs great. For startup and go reliability for shows, cruises and parades its fabulous. The only problems I ran into were that when I went to a petronics dealer web site they did not list my military vehicle so I emailed them asking. They responded requesting the make and model of my distributor. I sent this info to them and they promptly quit communicating with me. I again searched and found a military vehicle parts dealer in the US mseriesrebuild.com that sold them and bought one. They were good to deal with and the transaction was smooth. Sadly the price was more than double what I saw on the petronics site. I was told later that there is a nice cozy deal between some of the mil veh suppliers and petronics so you needed to go to the mil veh supplier to get one and they set the price, though I cannot confirm this and it was a year ago. The following is from their site. http://www.mseriesrebuild.com/services.htm ELECTRICAL NOW AVAILABLE; 24-VOLT ALL ELECTRONIC INGNITION MODULES Our line of 24-volt electronic ignition modules is now expanded to cover both 4 and 6 cylinder military distributors. This covers all Jeeps & trucks with military standard waterproof distributors. We also stock 6 &12 volt electronic ignition modules for early series non-waterproof distributors. All modules carry a 30-month manufacturer's warranty. 24-volt units are $155.00 each + $12.00 shipping & insurance. Cost is slightly higher on 6 & 12 volt units depending on the model. See Photo. also see http://www.pertronix.com/prod/ig/ignitor/default.aspx You can plug in your disrtibutor number to see if they have a unit. Regardless of that Ive had very good service from the unit. :cool2:
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