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  1. wrenchguymike

    Hi from the heart of USA

    Great State of Indiana. I'll try to sign up on g503 today. thanks.
  2. wrenchguymike

    Hi from the heart of USA

    I been trying to register at Maple Leaf Up for weeks now. No luck.
  3. wrenchguymike

    Hi from the heart of USA

    Its built by Canadian Arsenals Limited, and Crown Corporation. Trying to get Great Britain military information about it. Not sure where to start post about what I do know about it. I'm on Canadiansoldiers but no info there. I don't have ww2 parts or items for sale.
  4. wrenchguymike


    Is that a US built Continental engine? May I offer a fantastic website that has all kinds of information about engines and generators. https://www.smokstak.com/ The military gen-set forum at Smokstak. https://www.smokstak.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=79 Good luck with your project.
  5. wrenchguymike

    Hi from the heart of USA

    I joined up because I'm refurbishing a piece of 1952 Canadian military equipment and looking for all the information i can find about it. Its a Caterpillar gen-set, not sure which board to post it at. Here's a teaser photo, TIA for any help you may offer. wrenchguymike.