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  1. We have tested the output and as far as we know its fine . But the over complicated electronic control system shuts the generator down after 45 seconds . We have established that it will work as a fixed speed generator with a generic AVR we just dont know how to wire it in or what to get
  2. Anybody got any experience with generators . I have an Air log generator with water damage to its rather over complicated electronic control system . I need help to chose and wire in a modern AVR to make it work . Ideally somebody in South Devon I'm happy to donate money, beer, use of my lathe,welders. repair things on your vehicle I'm just crap at 240v electrics
  3. Just joined . Like all new members of a forum looking for help with my little collection . Seddon 401 1984 ish possibly ex RAF all documents lost having difficulty registering it if you want a look. Youtube Seddon 401 you can see it running . . Commer Q4 Ex RFA all running love it and no its definitely not for sale . Latest purchase Air log generator . Dont work properly and dont believe a word in a witham's listing . Good condition should read stored outside now bolloxed due to water ingress . My passion anything diesel without a computer .
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