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  1. Hello and thank you for letting me join your Forum. I was reading "utt61" Post regarding his collection of Monkey Winches and the prospect of having to have new springs remanufactured. I have to date found that the Monkey Winch is no longer manufactured by Trewhella Bros in the UK, hence no exports or spare parts available in the UK as a result of the Company going "belly up" in early 2017. There IS now a manufacturer in India that is producing these winches! I contacted the Company to see if they provided a spare parts back-up or would sell "replacement parts". The answer was a flat "No". There IS a seller in China...does not answer inquires. OK that's the bad news! The "GOOD NEWS" is there is a chap in Australia Dennis Trewhella (now the penny have have dropped for some already). Yes "Kin" of the Original Trewhella Brothers. He is in his capacity of "keeper of all plans/schematics" Trewhella now out of kindness and consideration to keeping these winches/jacks running, making parts where possible. He currently has replacement springs for the Monkey Winch and is in the process of having the cast sweeper remanufactured to original specs. Enough of my ranting as a new member. His contact e-mail is trewhellajacks@gmail.com so if chasing "odball springs" and such this chap may be able to assist. Hope that helps.
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