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  1. Thank you both for your responses, I'll have a research in that direction next. As for the air system, I had the Clayton pump off. Before removing I split the airline at the pump and there wasn't really any air pumping that I could feel so off came the pump head. I found the inlet disk had coked up and held itself open, but being a pressed casting I couldn't really see a good way to dismantle it so I guess the head would have been swapped in the past when these inlets failed. With nothing to loose my dad and me steam cleaned and lubricated the inlet disks until it started to operate normally again. It might only be a temporary fix but the result was a positive air pressure being emitted by the pump when refitted. Still no air going into the tanks from the pump though, so on the next dry day I'll check the copper pipes and the unloader valve once I can find it, I might need to pull the checker plate floor up to get to it. Cheers, Rich
  2. Hello, I have a Smith's 10ton LT11 all terrain crane, picked up from eBay during the summer as a working tool but it's really not in bad condition so was hoping to gain any information about it I can please. If you know anything about it please can you let me know. So far I know it's ex UK military, built by crane travellers / Jones cranes late 70's. It has a Bedford 500 diesel engine, never been road registered and weighs around 20 tons, not much to be going on. I can't find a operators manual or service book or anything even from a similar model. My plan is to get it road legal during the next few weeks, then start fixing the cab up to stop the water ingress. It's not too bad but it has got a bit of time worm, unfortunately I didn't get the crane in time to save the cab interior but I can stop it getting any worse until the warmer weather lets me strip the old paint off to see what's left of the cab roof. Only other small issue is the air system, it works fine running from a compressor attached to the recovery points but will not pressurise from the twin cylinder Clayton dewandre air compressor. Shouldn't take much to find the root of the fault on air system but fixing it might be another game. Here's some pictures anyway, it would be wonderful to have this back in a road legal working condition. Thank you, Rich
  3. Just a quick hello from me, I came on here to find any info about an old crane i'm restoring but have been sidetracked reading about some of the fantastic projects I keep finding. I'll get posting soon. Cheers Rich
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