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  1. yep a very good weekend, we were very very busy with public on our spot, so busy i never got a real look at the museum, i did spot however the NI display with piccys of the shot down lynx that nearly killed me on my tour must go back for a proper look.
  2. yeh thats us, we had to have it a closed group as to many nutters out there
  3. also combined operations british armed forces living history 1980-2000 we are also on face book we are based in bristol and do shows in the south and south west
  4. you can never have to many claymores, it sharpens up the publics reaction times we find
  5. the days of just mv shows are long dead ,people want more bang for there money, they want as much on show as they can get
  6. couldnt open your form you sent me, wasnt in a format the pc recconised
  7. i only did out in the cuds on my tour (xmg) ,we only used standard issue kit
  8. if youve not gone to w and p yet, alex is there with the money, other wise ill get your address and send money mate
  9. our group were looking at doing a N.I display at this one, one of your snatch wagons would be good
  10. ok steve, can u email me a entry form when u get back from w and p, did u get my message about the washing line ariel?
  11. what group has the northern island set up with the wall and sanger?
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