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  1. BosunAl

    1914 Dennis Lorry

    Looks like all you have to do now is to find enough goodies to fill the van! 'Tis a pleasure to watch your progress! Al
  2. BosunAl

    Another Thornycroft

    Ben . . . Thanks for printing the specs and images. Such material is hard to find and is greatly appreciated. Have spent many hours on HathiTrust.com looking for suchy material with little to show for it! Regards . . . Al
  3. BosunAl

    Fowler Traction Engines WW1

    If you come across drawings for the Fowler (or any other traction engines for that matter) would you be kind enough to post them? Thanks Al
  4. BosunAl

    Thoughts on the New Forum Layout?

    Agree with MatchFuzee . . . now that I've gotten used to it, I have no trouble finding what I want. Bosun Al
  5. BosunAl

    Another Thornycroft

    The builder's drawings with dimensions were greatly appreciated. Such drawings are most valuable to us lurkers and I wish more folks would post them. It might make a great new forum topic. Al
  6. BosunAl

    Thoughts on the New Forum Layout?

    The only real problem I have is that whenever I open a new post, the site goes to the first post of a thread. This requires me to go to the last post of a thread and scan down to the final post . . . which is actually the newest post. I've tried to reset the thread to post the newest post first, but darned if I can get it to work. Al
  7. BosunAl

    1915 'J' Type Thornycroft up and running.

    Unless two is sufficiently large and four sufficiently small . . . so saith a mathematician way above my pay level! Bosun Al
  8. BosunAl

    Halley restoration

    Whwere does one get drawings of vintage vehicles? Have searched a lot of magazines and books of that era but found relatively little. Bosun Al
  9. BosunAl

    1917 Model T Light Patrol Car

    It was a real pleasure to be able to provide some images that your dad had not seen previously. Bosun Al
  10. BosunAl

    WW1 Vehicle Information

    Thanks . . . I had forgotten about CMs archives./ Thanks for reminding me! Bosun Al
  11. BosunAl

    WW1 Vehicle Information

    Richard . . . The best book I've found is Automobiles of the World, by W.E. de B. Whittaker and Captain P.A. Barron, published in London by The Aeroplane and General Publishing Co., Ltd, 1921. Not all WW1 vehicles are there, but a goodly number from many countries are. Like all pubs, it can be confusing trying to differentiate between models given the limited amount of data given elsewhere. Al
  12. BosunAl

    Mre WW1 Vehicle Citations

    Have continued to research old journals and can now add more reviews: Automotive Engineer, Vol VIII : Worseley Subsidy A, Karrier WD 3-ton subsidy, Packard 4D, Napier 3 1/2 ton Type B74, Pagefield WD type, Halford E.I.F. 100, Leyland WO Subsidy Automotive Engineer, Vol X : Nash Quad 2-ton model 4017; Striker-Squire CF, Halley Type G; Austin 2-ton, LGOC B type; German Mechanical Transport Vehicles Bosun Al
  13. BosunAl

    WW1 Vehicle Information

    Not necessary to go through all those files. Go to HathiTrust, add the search words "Military Transport Classic", "Arthur J Slade", or "German Mechanical Transport Vehicles" and go from there. A list of pubs appears; open the one you want and add a phrase (e.g., German Mechanical Transport) in the upper right hand quadrant where it says "find" (you might have to press this button a couple of times), and, eureka, a page appears giving the page numbers of articles with that name. Yes . . . you might have to exercise a little patience to find what you want, but I found a lot of good stuff there. Good hunting . . . Bosun Al