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  1. BosunAl


    Just wanted to thanks all of you for posting during the COVID-19 fandango. It's a great diversion for those of us who are sequestered at home. Bosun Al
  2. BosunAl

    Karrier WDS

    I really appreciate everyone on the HTMF site for sharing their photos, techniques, and comments on the forum. They're a real eye opener to those of us who have never had the experience of reconstructing anything -- never mind a vehicle. The added historical aspect itself is a huge plus. Bosun Al
  3. Is anyone aware of a cummulative index for Classic Military Vehicle magazine? I have roughly a hundred issues and find it difficult to search for a particuar article. Any suggestions welcome . . . Bosun Al
  4. Does anyone know if the Thornycroft monthly circular (staff magazine) archives are available online? Bosun Al
  5. A pleasure to help someone after all the questions I've asked! Al
  6. I found a copy of Munitions of War, BSA and Daimler on-line at the University of Calgary Library. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a way to download the entire book, but could read it page-by-page. Thus I was able to copy about 30 pages of material on Thornycroft vehicles by copying one page at a time. This is not as tedious as it sounds and took me only about 15 minutes. http://contentdm.ucalgary.ca/digital/collection/cmh/id/106331 Bosun Al
  7. I'm curious . . . you said you made this from Shapeways. Was it something they produce as a kit or is it one-of-a-kind 3d model? If the latter, dis you supply drawings to them or do you have a suitable 3-D system at home? Would you supply us with additional details including process, time, cost, et cetera. You've showed us some wonderful models and much impressed . . . and more than a bit envious of your work! Bosun Al
  8. Wonderful to see these works in progress! I'm constantly amazed at the skills and knowledge that the craftsmen on HMVF display on a regular basis. Al
  9. Can you tell me more about the cost and availability of this volume? Bosun Al
  10. Tpmo . . . Can you enlighten us in the meaniung of DSC and ASP? Thanks! It certainly would be a great addition to the site if someone could provide us of unit insignia for this period! Al
  11. I don't know what model the attached plans are, but perhaps it's a start . . . Bosub Al
  12. Thanks for your rapid reply! As the old saying goes: "Nothing ventured, nothing gained." As an occassional truck modeller, I'm always on the lookout for drawings and dimensions. Al
  13. If your Benx Gannenau manual has three-dimensional drawings of the truck, could you share them with us? Al
  14. Looks like all you have to do now is to find enough goodies to fill the van! 'Tis a pleasure to watch your progress! Al
  15. Ben . . . Thanks for printing the specs and images. Such material is hard to find and is greatly appreciated. Have spent many hours on HathiTrust.com looking for suchy material with little to show for it! Regards . . . Al
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