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  1. Hi Bit of a long shot but... Has anyone got any of these going spare ? Leaf spring is 2.5" wide Cheers Richard
  2. It’s been a little while since I posted... Finally got the engine running , sounds really nice and has good oil pressure (pressure guage reads a tad high) Ordered an Autosparks loom, which turns out to be for the early type dash, not the later one as per photo below. Autosparks are being very helpful, so I will eventually get what I want More furtling with front wing, bonnet etc. Making new tank doors etc Still looking for the following bits Pumps and filters Rear Spring top clips
  3. Hi At the RMP Museum (Royal Military Police Museum) we are restoring a Triumph TRW 499cc Twin We are looking for the Pannier Frames and Panniers anyone got any going spare ? Cheers Richard
  4. 64EK26

    Bedford 28HP engine problem

    Thanks guys All sorted - it was a bad seal on the oil strainer cap Good oil pressure The pressure gauge reads a bit high so prbably about 25-30 psi on idle and increases a bit when revved Also the the carb has settled down and no leaks from the cold start(choke) Runs quite sweetly Onwards and upwards Cheers Richard
  5. 64EK26

    Bedford 28HP engine problem

    All the journals on the crankshaft were checked, all within the required tolerance and no ovality. With hindsight I should have carefully checked the clearance using plastigage or similar, they felt and looked fine.
  6. 64EK26

    Bedford 28HP engine problem

    Thanks Richard, 1) Cover plate is item 2b on my list 2) The crankshaft was polished and I re-used the shells, as these had no wear on them, the main problem was with the pistons, verly slight lip, and minor corrosion, so +0.020 re-bore and pistons. The engine is post war and was overhauled by bedford. I can only assume that the correct shells were fitted at that time. 3) I have ordered a new spring for the pump and will re-check the clearances, there was some wear on the pump, but though that it was OK (maybe I was wrong) 4) Oil feed pipes are connected to the rockers (bit of a fiddly route through the head) Cheers Richard
  7. Finally got my rebuilt engine running... But I do have a few issues 1) There is leak on the carb where the choke assembly attaches to the main body. On the carb front does anyone have a copy of the Solex instruction book called "Self-starting Solex Carburettor 35 & 40 RZFAIP downdraught governor type with accelerating device instruction booklet” , the IWM have a copy but you can’t down load it Does anyone know what the suffixes on the 35RZFAIPO carbs mean ? and which ones are suitbale for an MW ? 2) The oil pressure is very low and the oil pressure warning light only goes off when the engine is revved slightly, oil does flow up to the rockerbox. I am currently running the engine with no advance retard mechanism and no oil/air bath filter and using 20w-30 running in oil – Obviously there could be many reasons for this. I am going to look at them in the following order a) Add felt seal on dipstick b) Re-clean the oil strainer, also check that the seal on the cover plate is good c) Double check oil level in sump d) Confirm that the distributor dog drive is fully engaged with the pump and is not just rubbing against it, possible cause of this is if the oil pump was pushed down a bit when the distributor was fitted. (If it was not engaged at all, there would be no oil pressure) e) Test oil pressure gauge f) Change oil to 30w Any other suggestions before take the oil pump out ? as this would seem the prime suspect
  8. 64EK26

    WW2 checkerplate strip

    Thanks Clive Will give you a call tommorrow Cheers Richard
  9. 64EK26

    WW2 checkerplate strip

    Thanks John I didn't know what it was called, now I know I have found this https://www.fhbrundle.co.uk/products/25NOSE2__Pyramid_Non_slip_Nosing_35_x_5_x_3000mm Bit narrower than what I want, but will do fine
  10. 64EK26

    WW2 checkerplate strip

    Hi Does anyone know a supplier of WW2 style checker plate strip. The strip is 1. 5/8" wide . I am after 6 off 6" lengths and 4 off 12" lengths Cheers Richard
  11. 64EK26

    Rerubbering engine mounts

    Hi Is this a Polyurethane rubber ? (bit difficult to see from the data sheets) I am not familiar with Tilly engine mounts, have you bonded this "rubber" to the metal ? and is the rubber in shear or compression ? Polyurethane rubber is good in compression, but not so good in shear, also according to the datasheet is is not very resistant to petrol. Some photos of what you have done would be good Cheers Richard
  12. Hi I am looking for a pair of .... A as I can't make them myself Thanks Richard
  13. Realise I haven’t posted for a bit. So a quick update.... Trial fitting of cab Refurbing the radiator Making loads of bits Bonnet repair hinge Hoop sticks Trying to work out how to make sharp radius bends and tilt brackets (see photo below). I don’t suppose that anyone has any spare of these (I believe they are the same on morris’s) Repairing front panel more work on the engine Also making the drivers adjustable seat, the one on the left I borrowed from Pete Marshall as a pattern Still looking for the pumps and filters
  14. 64EK26

    Bedford MWD restoration

    (Not trying to hijack the thread) but.... This Book also has loads of photos of MW's and other ex British BEF vehicles in it
  15. 64EK26

    Bedford MWR 1943

    Hi Tomas Shame about your cylinder head, as David says you may be able to stitch weld it. I think that Pere Gaine (in the UK) has a good head for sale, but shipping to you would be a problem. Cheers Richard