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  1. Hi Martin The pump is an AC1524244 (Engine numbers 2001-70498) after that it is AC1524405. The arm is AC1524071 (Engine numbers 2001-70498) after that it is AC1524424 Sorry - don't know what the difference is .... If it is just the "rubber" valve that has failed, I am pretty sure that a Landrover Series Fuel pump "rubber" valve fits and will do the job. Cheers Richard
  2. This looks like string to attach it and is very similar to and these are from the portable filtering apparatus, described in
  3. Hi Trust you know about this http://www.beverley-association.org.uk/html/history/history.htm Some interesting photos etc. Cheers Richard
  4. Hi goanna Thanks for posting the video, I haven't seen that one before. Interesting to see an early MWC with the rear covered. I think that this rear cover was made in the field. Cheers Richard
  5. Looking good By the way what is this tool used for?, hand made?, help putting the brake shoes on ? Cheers Richard
  6. Hi I think that this is what you want.... You can get a copy here https://www.greenmachinesurplus.com/infantry-trainingvol-viiiinfantry-signal-training-4200-p.asp also one on eBay and original but more expensive https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/INFANTRY-TRAINING-CLANSMAN-EQUIPMENT-AND-OPERATION-71147/302645472252?hash=item4677136bfc:g:BAkAAOSw1zhajDUH Cheers Richard
  7. Thanks for posting that info Clive As for price I have no idea, but make sure you put Ravan Ex Military Radio in your description as there are a few people who collect that kit in the UK. here is the radio it would have been attached to (courtesy of VMARS member M1CFW) Cheers Richard
  8. Hi Just asked the question on another "radio related" forum. So... " Possibly part of the Plessey / Siemans "Raven" HF equipment built for the Australian services. As far as I know never issued to UK forces but extensive trials were probably done in UK." See top shelf in attached photo (the radios below are raven hf radios)
  9. Totally agree, also MoD also has a series of Landrovers for special projects (including Series 2, 2A and 3), not sure if these were all "military" standard that were used by contractors and RARDE Chertsey and others (there was one of these for sale on Milweb sometime ago, reg 00SP53). Hopefully someone will come up with a definitive answer to what the antenna base actually is.
  10. The antenna base is not a clansman pineapple, however it is similar in design, the clansman one has 4 short fins an two long fins on each side. The base looks like an experimental one and the PV may stand for Private Venture, like “ruxy” I have never seen one like the one you have. It is also attached to a pair of civillian series wings (indicators on series military land rovers are vertically alligned), which suggest that the previous owner bolted it on for show of for experimentation. Cheers Richard
  11. I think that B398 was an AAW, Army Auxilliary Workshop. in other words, a civilian contractor to the Ministry of Supply. Wally Duggan may be able to help you with where that AAW was located Cheers Richard
  12. Simon On the only photos I have there is a space under the central bar like this I have spaced the gap with a small block that is screwed into via the lip on the bulkhead. The bolt is proud and locates in a hole drilled in the central pillar. This way, the window position is always set and fully supported, the "L" bracket then clamps the upright in place. Hope this helps
  13. Trial fitting windows.... Slowly getting there....
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