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  1. I think that B398 was an AAW, Army Auxilliary Workshop. in other words, a civilian contractor to the Ministry of Supply. Wally Duggan may be able to help you with where that AAW was located Cheers Richard
  2. Simon On the only photos I have there is a space under the central bar like this I have spaced the gap with a small block that is screwed into via the lip on the bulkhead. The bolt is proud and locates in a hole drilled in the central pillar. This way, the window position is always set and fully supported, the "L" bracket then clamps the upright in place. Hope this helps
  3. Trial fitting windows.... Slowly getting there....
  4. Sadly not mine, have a look at this film https://www.awm.gov.au/collection/F05257/ (time stamp 1:33:49:00 onwards), the internal strainer is also used on its own. The film also shows how all the pumps and filters are used. I am trying to work out exactly what goes in the "Horrocks Box" Cheers Richard
  5. And one of a slightly different design All the posts in this thread are very useful and Ian is doing a great job on his restoration. Cheers Richard
  6. Hi IanL/Alan Couple of more photos that may help with your restoration Cheers Richard
  7. Hi Ian/Matchfuzee Thanks for the update and info I haven't come across that website before, will have a closer look late this week Cheers Richard
  8. Hi Ian I thought that the suction strainers were larger... About 7-8" in diameter and fitted into the holder next to the filter I have seen different types of WW2 strainer, some spherical ones and some that have hinges on them so that they can be cleaned out. Also I haven't seen any mention of "wicker baskets" that go around the strainer (like fire engines use) on water bowsers ot tankers. - hope this helps Richard
  9. More 'fettling' with th cab... Still loads to do .....
  10. They look really good, is he making any more and any idea of the price ? Cheers Richard
  11. Hi It is the front panel for a Larkspur Power Supply, probably one for a C42 (they all have similar fronts) Cheers Richard
  12. Hi My intention is make a couple for myself and I will post a full set of engineering drawings so that they can be made by others. I also hope to produce the data plates, probably cast in brass. That is why any input from people who have the filters would be most welcome. Cheers Richard
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