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  1. I am after one of these Thanks in advance Richard
  2. 64EK26

    Wanted - Bedford MW Door handles

    Peter - thanks for your help I have managed to find another one, which I have repaired as the spindle had been cut short Cheers Richard
  3. More work o the cab... and door furniture made now have two door handles, thank to Peter (peter75) , one needed a bit of work to extend the shaft as this was cut short at some time (could really do with another decent one at the handle is rather scruffy
  4. Finally got round to welding on the rear chassis extension pieces that had been chooped off in the past. Just need to chop them to the correct length and work out where the holes need to be drilled Also, soes anyone have a pair of rear rope eyes that bolt onto the underside of these extension pieces ?
  5. 64EK26

    WS 19 Battery size

    Hi As noted above, a rotary transformer has a very large start up current , typically 20A, most commercial bench power supplies won't be able to handle this, (in my oppinion) the best way is to run it off batteries. If you go for a Mains PSU, ensure that it is a linear PSU (not switched mode) and use anti surge fuses. When the rotary transformer has started up, the current draw drops dramtically, doen to typically 2 Amps. Cheers Richard
  6. 64EK26

    Capel Military vehicle Show 7/8th July


    Hi Great Show.... Already booked in The above was a really good display last year and the weather was great Cheers Richard
  7. 64EK26

    Overlord Show 2018

    Hi Clive As you said very good show, good WW1 demonstration Did you work out which way North West was 😉 Cheers Richard
  8. Thought I had better post what I have been doing... Filter bracket band made Doors partially re-skinned Started on window frames trial fitted window rubbers found, these fit nicely into the frame to take 6.4mm laminated glass. The strip fits in the groove at the bottom of the frame.
  9. 64EK26

    Wanted - Bedford MW Door handles

    Thanks Guys Hopefully Peter can find them.... Started skinning the doors today so would be good to fit them Cheers Richard
  10. Hi Looking for a pair of door handles for my Bedford MWC, like the ones in the photos Cheers Richard
  11. 64EK26

    Bedford MWR 1943

    Been looking at the data I have. For your MWR , chassis number 61420 Contract S3053, best estimate of original Z number is Z5253868 ContractS3053 was for 2000 vehicles, Z number range Z5252268 to Z5254267, which makes yours the 1600th vehicle in this contract. Which make your delivery date early July 1944. By the way the original cost was £320 16shillings and 2 pence, the conversion from a GS to an MWR cost £56 Did this have a re-build plate ?, If so what was it's post war reg ? Cheers Richard
  12. 64EK26

    Wanted Bedford MW wheel

    Hi I have a spare one (canadian pattern) + slightly worn petlas 900x16 + flap protector, are you going to the Overlord show ? Cheers Richard
  13. 64EK26

    Bedford MWD restoration

    Hi Jeremy Interested to know the type of tube bender you borrowed as most of the modern ones are metric, and are designed to do smaller radii. I assume the tube is 1" 10swg, the normal linternal bend raduis used for this would be 4" (like that used on the cab canvas). I still have to make up the hops for mine, fortunately I have access to some real heavy duty pipe benders. Cheers Richard
  14. John/Wally Thanks for the advice, I will be going for laminated glass. I think the thickness I can easily get is 6.4mm. Just got to make the frames for the glass, will start these this weekend Cheers Richard
  15. Hi I have started looking at replacement window glass for my Bedford MWC. What sort of glass shoud I use ? Toughened or laminated ? Is there any legal requirement for replacent glass windscreens ? eg. thickness (I am intending to use 6mm glass) Thanks Richard