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  1. part three chassis repairs

    Hi Nicky Looking good Were your other fuel tank hangers OK? as I have a couple of spares Cheers Richard
  2. Just a quick update... Bulkhead coming along nicely All tyres fitted More welding this weekend (hopefully)
  3. Bedford MWD restoration

    Hi Jeremy Happy Birthday, all very neat and tidy, was expecting it to look a bit more like this My back room !!!!!
  4. Hi A few of there phamphlets are for sale on eBay at the moment see https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BRITISH-MILITARY-SERIALS-No-74-THE-YH-SERIES-JUNE-1992/192457141906?hash=item2ccf56ee92:g:wHQAAOSwKXdaYkru and look at the sellers other items Unfortunately the ones I am after have been sold these are RA-RH , YA-YZ parts 1&2; ZA-ZZ does anyone have a machine readable copy of these as I think that the society no longer exists These were originally produced by the Road Taransport Fleet Data society who obtained all the information from Beverley Cheers Richard
  5. R109 front gard

    Hope these help
  6. Hi Jeremy Thanks for the offer ... I am not sure what those are from (no doubt someone will tell you), my hinges look like this
  7. Andy Tyres are Petlas 9.00 x 16 - from ToTec Tyres They are a b***ger to fit, yes they do need to be shaved. I am preparing a document on how to do it, PM me you e-mail address and I will send you acopy of the document (when I have finished it).
  8. Hi Wally - you are always welcome to but in The side rails I have are The "U" section on mine is about 1.125" wide and deep and would accommodate a 0.75" board Also one has at support bracket on it. Wally - any use to you (Free of Charge of course) "goanna" will PM you some more photos, also happy to take more measurements if you need
  9. Started on tyre fitting .... one done, four to go. Need to get them done and fitted so I can move the truck into a position to do the welding on the rear. Dividing rim nuts will be painted red
  10. Mine is a later model with "flat sided" tank, so doesn't have these boards. I was given part of a side rail from an earlier model, I will measure this up let you know the dimensions
  11. Inner Tube advice

    Thanks Wally, I thought that was the case, just wanted to make sure Andy - Inner tubes from Duncan Smith (ToTec Tyres), they are heavy duty ones Cheers Richard
  12. Inner Tube advice

    Hi Just got some inner tubes for British 16" rims (tyres will be 900x16) The valve is a long reach type, at the base of this is a nut and a washer. How are they used, or are they discarded ? Cheers Richard
  13. Simon - thanks for the info Made up a useful tool today - rear hub nut wrench out of some old pipe (does the job perectly on both sizes) bit more woodwork (side panel frames) Just need to find the actual width of the rear of the cab and are the cabe sides parallel ?
  14. Highly tempting... It would be nice to know exactly what the colours were
  15. Bit of trial fitting of cab woodwork templates (will be making them in Ash in due course) Also link to film with some early MWC's in it (thanks to John Corden) , one with a very interesting camoflage https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/1060033073