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  1. Hi Not too much time this week at the "shed", managed to get some painting done and re-fitted thepassenger seat, battery box and base of drivers seat along with making the access panels for the floor pan Next job is making the brackets for the gun mounts
  2. Well... He has plenty of money to spend on his toys The estimated Net Worth of Daniel J Starks is at least $657 Million dollars as of 27 February 2018.
  3. Hi I think we all knew that it would be cancelled, it was a case of when; but the organisers probably cancelled at the last minute so that they can claim any cancellation insurance they had. I wonder what they will do about refunds ? Cheers Richard
  4. Hi Just had an e-mail from W&P it is officially Cancelled Text is " The Hop Farm Show Ground has made the decision not to allow the War & Peace Show to take place 2020 It’s with deep sadness we have to inform all the visitors and traders WAP can’t take place . In True Dunkirk Spirit! We have been working tirelessly over the weeks putting things in place altering formats, revamping the show layout altering visitor attractions endless meetings with our H&S department to enable WAP to meet the ever changing government Guidelines One thing is for sure we did our very best for you the Traders to put WAP on and keep your business alive. The Visitor. We are sorry we can’t deliver your fantastic holiday experience! As for the Media hype “Super Saturday” forgive me if I don’t share this occasion, Business open! YET we can’t trade? Annie and I would like to thank the support and encouragement from all traders and the wonderful phones calls from all you visitor. A quote from the Big Man during WW2 (This is our finest Hour!) I’m sorry report this is not our Finest Hour 2020. A very Sad day John & Annie – The War & Peace Show Cheers Richard
  5. Thanks... I hadn't thought of that, will go looking Cheers Richard
  6. Hi I am after a 2" "pipe" support, it is intended to support a 2" bar and not to house a bearing. The closest thing I have found is a split bearing housing which I could machine out to 2" If anyone has any other thoughts on what I could use instead, these would be welcome. Have already thought of using a scrap crank shaft bearing holders Cheers Richard
  7. Hi I am still here... Finally got up to the "shed" , first time since lockdown begun... Truck still there, but a few spiders had decided to take up residence.. Today the floor pan I made a little while ago , got fitted Another installment next week ....
  8. Hi I am looking for a "T" port valve for my MWC. I believe that all the connections are 7/8" BSP, one with these size fittings would be ideal, but a similar valve with 3/4" BSP would be just as good. (I do have the flange which is shown in the second photo) [Also still looking for pumps and filters] Thanks in advance Cheers Richard
  9. Hi I'm not sure if this has been posted before, but due to Covid-19... The National Archive (Kew) are offering free downloads loads, which may be of use to some (I will be having a browse later tonight) see https://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/ Enjoy Richard
  10. Hi Tomato Ketchup..... Tried many things before settling on this technique, the acid in the ketchup is not aggressive and will slowly remove tarnish etc, [Google it]. Old paint removed with paint stripper first. Also used a cocktail sticks to get into the corners and finished off with liquid brasso and toothbrush. The process does take some time (something that a lot of have at the moment... I wonder why). Attached are a couple of photos of before and after Ironically the damage (slight crack) on the second plate is probably caused by frost. On my Beford MWC, these are mounted next to the (yet to be found) pumps. On a separate note, I wonder why most of the pipe fittings are 7/8" BSP, which is no longer a common size and virtually impossible to find. Even during war time I don't think that this size was often used, except on water bowsers. Cheers Richard
  11. Hi Richard Thanks, most interesting. The passage through looks like it is either side of the "slot" for the pumping lever. I doubt if the casting imperfections would cause any issues and these surfaces are not sealing surfaces. Looking again, the leather seals always run in the barrel section and never enter the lever section (between the arrows in the diagram) Cheers Richard
  12. I'm still looking for these for my MWC.... Nice to see one that has been taken apart, is there any chance you could post a few photos of the internals as I could never work out (from the sectional view) how it actually works as there appears to be no path between the inlet and outlet. Cheers Richard
  13. I believe that this actually happened in Afghanistan !!!!
  14. Hi Martin The pump is an AC1524244 (Engine numbers 2001-70498) after that it is AC1524405. The arm is AC1524071 (Engine numbers 2001-70498) after that it is AC1524424 Sorry - don't know what the difference is .... If it is just the "rubber" valve that has failed, I am pretty sure that a Landrover Series Fuel pump "rubber" valve fits and will do the job. Cheers Richard
  15. This looks like string to attach it and is very similar to and these are from the portable filtering apparatus, described in
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