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  1. Hi I am puzzled how the Filler cap on Bedford MW's (and Morris Commercials) actually works... Attached are a couple of photos from manuals Cheers Richard
  2. Hi Came across this... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BPNCtlwcOc At about 6min 43 sec, this appears Cheers Richard
  3. I also think that there is an identical tank in front of the rear one. As Pete says, I don't think that the tanks are from British 15cwt bowsers as there is no supporting bracked for pumps and filters, also they are too long to be mounted transversely. The only similar bowser I have seen is this one and I don't know what this is either Very interesting
  4. Hi Ian They look good, what size are they ? 5/8"BSP to fit the pumps and filters ? Cheers Richard
  5. Hi It is actually a water bowser, and yes it does look a bit "home" made as it appears to have no pumps and filters Cheers Richard
  6. Hi Wally Very nicely done. I have already started looking into making my own Cheers Richard
  7. Nice looking truck Good to see original pumps and filters. (I am looking for these for my MWC restoration) . Are they Stellar or Meta filters ? Cheers Richard
  8. Another one for you list ? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Scammell-Pioneer-Recovery-SV2S/223571036499?hash=item340ddf4953:g:7REAAOSwXXBdGHac Reg 36YZ14 Chassis 5460
  9. Spare wheel carrier nearly completed, the part that fits on the tank is done and is way for git blasting and etch priming (along with the mudguard supports). Just got to mill a 1/2" slot in the bar that attaches to the spare wheel. So I started on the jerry can holder and water pipe gallery support and pipework. A few holes to fill Hope to pick up a decent 1944 dated jerry can at War and Peace if the prices there aren't astronomical Won't have a chance to do much in the next couple of weeks as I need to get ready for W&P Cheers Richard
  10. More metal bashing.... Just waiting for some heavy gauge bar to arrive so I can finish the spare wheel carrier., then the jerry can support on the near side after that is all the pipe work (and supports) for the taps (Still looking for pumps and filters)
  11. A bit more progress Tank now on so that I can fit the mudguards First mudguard fitted, will need a bit of 'fettling to get it just right. I will do one first and set the other to match
  12. Hi Glad to see that you have purged the tank of any fuel.... The above is very very important, you need to get a good clean oil/rust free surface. I prefer to use a large soldering iron as a blow lamp tends to oxidise material at the point where you are applying the solder. If you do use a blow lamp apply the heat a little way from the 'hole' you are trying to fill and let the solder flow. I have also used a large steel soldering iron, this is the type you heat up with blow torch before use. I would also suggest that to try filling a few holes in some test pieces Let us know how you got on Cheers Richard
  13. Hi Managed to get a new one from http://www.midlandautomotive.co.uk/2.html very helpful and at a sensible price Now fitted, the radiator took some time to shoehorn back in
  14. Hi I am looking for a replacement water pump for a Bedford TM type engine 8.2L 500 series for a Saxon APC. The part number I believe is 91044882, the pulley has a separate part number of 91092552. These are taken off the pump. I cannot check that these are correct as I do not have a copy of AESP 2815-K-060-721 Any leads would be useful, or any recommendations as to where I can get it refurbished would be most helpful Cheers Richard
  15. Pete Glad you like the thread, little steps done. These are two wilco baking tins trimmed down and placed back to back at a slight angle gives good corners. I will be filling these and the other muduard attachments with expanable foam to add to ridigity. Next on list is spare wheel support brackets 6mm andgle iron bent in various directions. (hopefully will end up looking like these)...
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