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  1. No problem, Block done by Banda Engineering in Portsmouth (down by the Dockyard) see http://www.bandaengineering.net/ Nigel is the chap to speak to, if you do get some work done there, just let him know it was Richard (Bedford 28HP engine) that put you in touch. This is the first time I have used them, the work seems to be of a high standard and the workshop although small is well equiped. I plan to get my head skimmed and valves reseated in the next few weeks.
  2. Engine block, crank shaft and cam shaft back from machinists cost was £228 (inc VAT) which I though was quite reasonable Crank and Camshaft pollished up very nicely. The block bored to +.020 (for NOS W grade pistons) and skimmed. Finished the clean up of the crank case ready for painting with satin black (high temperature engine paint)
  3. Hi Firstly, thanks "Matchfuze" I have seen that thread, currently concentrating on getting a running vehicle (I has to be ready for Normandy 2019) Andy Brake pipe off eBay: Sealey Brake Pipe Seamless Tube Cupro-Nickel 22 Gauge 5/16" x 25ft BS EN 12449 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sealey-Brake-Pipe-Seamless-Tube-Cupro-Nickel-22-Gauge-5-16-x-25ft-BS-EN-12449/142137769570?epid=1169089782&hash=item2118123e62:g:2dwAAOSw42JZFPhV I used Cupro Nickel as it doesn't work harden as quickly as copper so it is easier to reform bends (for bends use a small pipe bending tool) The female brake pipe nuts; 8104 FEMALE BRAKE PIPE NUTS UNF 1/2" x 20TPI FOR 5/16" 8M (they are much better than the photo shows http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/8104-FEMALE-BRAKE-PIPE-NUTS-UNF-1-2-x-20TPI-FOR-5-16-8MM-FUEL-BRAKE-PIPE-x-10/360573887967?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 Pipe ends flared with Sykes-Pickavent Brake pipe flarer (trying to flare these with a cheap flaring tool is a non starter) Banjo's on rear were reused (but with new copper washers) New 1/2" unf bleed screws for rear cylinders from PastParts Just found out the routing at the front is not quite correct, so will re-do this Hope this helps
  4. Bedford MW bits

    Hi PM sent re towing loop ( they were missing from mine which is currently under restoration) Cheers Richard
  5. I managed to get a 4 way connector from Chris Morter, now fitted and all brakes now working I hope I have the piping at the front correct and that it won't interfere with anything For the bearing on the brake pedal, I used two small needle rollers instead of the 21 (1/8" diameter) roll pins as oly 20 were fitted in mine and most of these had seen better days. Handbrake next on list. I have also replaced the bearing on the end of the steering colum, and got some new ball bearings for the bearing at the top of the steering column. I should get this finished next week. I will have to 'bite the bullet' soon and get some tyres. I think I will end up using Petlas, however these are a bit difficult to fit on British rims and may require shaving.
  6. post war sales catalogues

    Hi Wally What is Park Serial Number shown on the sale catalogue ? and do any of the later sale catalogues give chassis numbers ? Cheers Richard
  7. Hi Thanks for the photo, and thoughts on brake lights.... There should be a 4 way, hydraulic union attached to the offside of a cross member. I don't have this, neither can I find one (have searched but all I come up with is 3/8 UNF not 1/2 UNF). Will try Chris Morter and Norman Aish in the morning I do have a spare three way connector that is the same as the rear one, I could use this but would prefer to use a 4 way and hydrauilc switch . If I cannot get a 4 way one I will have to go down the mechanical route (Richard F , what is the lucas part number for the switch you use ?) Had a look at the steering column today .... All apart as the action wasn't smooth, felt like failed bearings, the one in the top of the column needs replacing as well as the one at the bottom of the box. Someone in the past tried to change the bearing on this !!!! The race was also mangled, looks like someone put the bearing on with a club hammer. Hopefully I shoul be able to get replacement bearings, might have a bit of difficulty remoing the old one
  8. Hi Could someone plese post a few photos of the routing of the front brake pipes from the master cylinder. When I got mine, all these have been removed. I have done the rear ones (hopefully routed correctly, see my restoration blog http://hmvf.co.uk/topic/36001-bedford-mwc-restoration/?page=5 Thanks in advance Richard
  9. Started on the brakes, still unsure of the routing of the pipes on the front, a photo of this would be good
  10. I am considering re-manufacturing the pumps and filters, for this I would need to borrow a filter and a pump. The top cap of the filter is brass and would have to be cast; the casting is a bit tricky as there are internal waterways in the topcap. The pump (I believe) is also brass, the machining of this and the internal mechanism could prove a bit difficult. I may be luck and find the pumps and filters.
  11. Thanks Might be useful to have a how to do section
  12. Hi Just a quick update, rearranged things in the 'shed' to gain better access sorting out brakes, when I got the vehicle there were no brake pipes present, I think I know where the back ones go, but not sure where the front ones go. Would be useful to have a couple of photos of pipe connections to the master cylinder and where the two front barkae pipes joun and how they get to the master cylinder. Engine also fully stripped down, colleced a set of piston at Dallas Digout today, as well as finding a nice rear engine drain tap and other odds and sods
  13. Hi Just tried to post Text <Photo> Text Doesn't seem to want to play ball, how do you do this on the new forum ? Also some pages on my restoration bog have photos interspersed between text and other have all the photos at the end of the post with a "IMAGE text string" where the photo should be. Thanks Richard
  14. Morris CS8 water bowser

    Hi They do turn up in the UK, one was on eBay for £100 a couple of weeks ago, but didn't sell, this also didn't have any ancillaries. I am after pumps and filters for my MWC restoration The tank in the pictures was also used on early Bedford MWC's
  15. Just seen this on Milweb, not mine I hasten to add http://www.milweb.net/classifieds.php?type=14 Cheers Richard