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  1. More 'fettling' with th cab... Still loads to do .....
  2. They look really good, is he making any more and any idea of the price ? Cheers Richard
  3. Hi It is the front panel for a Larkspur Power Supply, probably one for a C42 (they all have similar fronts) Cheers Richard
  4. Hi My intention is make a couple for myself and I will post a full set of engineering drawings so that they can be made by others. I also hope to produce the data plates, probably cast in brass. That is why any input from people who have the filters would be most welcome. Cheers Richard
  5. I have decide to make the filters for my MWC, but I am struggling to find the actual size of them From a dimensioned drawing of a Metafilter Type 2 , the top flange diameter is 8” and the main body of the filter is 6” diameter. But from a measurement a friend of mine made some time ago, the top flange appears to be 7” and using similar scaling, the main body of the filter is 5” diameter. As far as I am aware, the Meta and Stellar filters are identical in size, with some minor variation on how the filter powder is poured in (either by a right angled or straight angled entrance). Were there actually two sizes made ? Any dimensions that anyone has would be much appreciated Cheers Richard
  6. I’m still here… Making more bits etc... Parts for Hoopsticks, these are to allow the tilt to rotate and sit upwards Lift and Dot with long (No.10-24 UNC) threads to hold the front grille on Brass ferrules for side screens And painting Rear back board
  7. Hi Some time ago I acquired these two data plates for my Bedford MWC restoration.... Now I know a bit more, I don't think that they are from an MWC Any ideas what they are from ? Both plates engraved brass 1st one 8" x 10.5" , second smaller one 7" x 3.75" The smaller plate has F.V. 264738 engraved on it with W.N.H below it Cheers Richard
  8. Hi Phil Bashall (Dunsfold Landrovers) had/has one of those for sale he might have a manual for it Cheers Richard
  9. How sad..... Most owners of MV's are more than helpful and are willing for like minded people to crawl all over their vehicles. I would have never got anywhere with my ongoing MWC restoration if it wasn't for heplful owners, forum members etc.
  10. Hi I am puzzled how the Filler cap on Bedford MW's (and Morris Commercials) actually works... Attached are a couple of photos from manuals Cheers Richard
  11. Hi Came across this... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BPNCtlwcOc At about 6min 43 sec, this appears Cheers Richard
  12. I also think that there is an identical tank in front of the rear one. As Pete says, I don't think that the tanks are from British 15cwt bowsers as there is no supporting bracked for pumps and filters, also they are too long to be mounted transversely. The only similar bowser I have seen is this one and I don't know what this is either Very interesting
  13. Hi Ian They look good, what size are they ? 5/8"BSP to fit the pumps and filters ? Cheers Richard
  14. Hi It is actually a water bowser, and yes it does look a bit "home" made as it appears to have no pumps and filters Cheers Richard
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