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  1. Hi I am looking for a pair of .... A as I can't make them myself Thanks Richard
  2. Realise I haven’t posted for a bit. So a quick update.... Trial fitting of cab Refurbing the radiator Making loads of bits Bonnet repair hinge Hoop sticks Trying to work out how to make sharp radius bends and tilt brackets (see photo below). I don’t suppose that anyone has any spare of these (I believe they are the same on morris’s) Repairing front panel more work on the engine Also making the drivers adjustable seat, the one on the left I borrowed from Pete Marshall as a pattern Still looking for the pumps and filters
  3. 64EK26

    Bedford MWD restoration

    (Not trying to hijack the thread) but.... This Book also has loads of photos of MW's and other ex British BEF vehicles in it
  4. 64EK26

    Bedford MWR 1943

    Hi Tomas Shame about your cylinder head, as David says you may be able to stitch weld it. I think that Pere Gaine (in the UK) has a good head for sale, but shipping to you would be a problem. Cheers Richard
  5. Hi Still looking for the pumps and filters for my MWC restoration, any leads would be helpful. Also if you haven't got one for sale, any chance of bringing one to War and Peace so I can take some detailed measurements, this is what they look like... Thanks Richard
  6. 64EK26

    Bedford MWR 1943

    Richard As far as I know the following post war registrations were allocated to Bedford MWR’s 44RC57 to 44RC99 70YS00 to 78YS36 20YT01 to 31YT16 Hence the vehicle in the photo is 20YT?? If you have any information on post war registration of Bedford MW’s I would be most grateful. The Chillwell census give details of the war time registration batches and the contract numbers (only for Army vehicles, I don’t know of an equivalent for RAF/RN vehicles) Are all the 'R' series registrations post war re-builds ?, war time rebuild have a Z numbers starting in 16 Cheers Richard
  7. 64EK26

    Bedford MWR 1943

    Richard F - Agree that the photo is post war, it will be 20YT?? . shame the tail board is not lifted up a bit to see the full reg. Tomas - any more photos from where this came from ? Cheers Richard
  8. 64EK26

    WS19-when introduced?

    Notes from Wireless for the Warrior Volume 2 Page WS19-5 Field trials 25th November 1940 First deliveries (WS19 Mk1) started in 1941 (no exact date) WS19 Mk2 developed in 1941, produced in quantity early 1942 WS19 Mk3 developed in 1942, believed to be issued early 1943 Canadian version first produced in Jan 1943 Wireless for the Warrior is a must have set of books for anyone interested in WW2 radio, still in print see http://www.wftw.nl/ordering.html Cheers Richard
  9. Hi As stated, I am after a drivers seat for my Bedford MWC restoration, could swop for I believe are QL seats Cheers
  10. Andy At the bottom of the doors, there is a metal strip that sits proud of the woodwork (not very clear in the photo). When the door skin is in place, the skin is trimmed to be about ½” proud of this metal strip. Clamp the strip to the door skin and gently tap round eventually forming a nice curve that is at right angle to the metal strip, now take it just past the right angle. The trick is to do it bend it a bit at a time, right the way round the door as you have shrink the metal around the curve. After you have done this turn the door over and gently tap it into place using the same technique as above. Finally with a suitable dolly knock it flat so the metal strip is squeezed inside the folded door skin. The inside now looks like this. Similar techniques are used to produce, the heat shield plate. In all cases I have used 1mm sheet steel, this can be formed fairly easily, 1.2mm steel is s lot lot harder (surprising what 0.2mm thickness makes. Also the smaller the radius the harder it is to fold nicely.
  11. 64EK26

    Bedfor mw cab gutter

    A couple of points... Danny’s MW , is a late MWC converted to a GS. Tomas’s is a late MWC (not that many chassis numbers away from Danny’s) The top board and “U” channel are secured differently. The rear side panels are the same and there are no bolts through these to secure the top board. Also no bolt through the “U” channel to the top board. On a GS there are two big “L” sections that are in line with the chassis rails. These are not present on an MWC. On a GS the top board is attached by coach bolts to this “L” section. It would make sense that on the back board that these are countersunk (As per Simon’s original boards). On the MWC, these “L” sections aren’t present (so how is the top board held securely in place ?) On another GS coach bolts are used (Can’t really tell if these are countersunk) The rearward facing lip of the “U” channel is screwed to the top edge of the top back board. Also the flanges on the end are screwed to the rear side panels In the storage bin there is another vertical support strip that attaches all the back boards together, not sure if this is an “L” section or not (this is also present on an MWC) I have no photos of this. Hope all this helps Cheers Richard
  12. 64EK26

    Bedfor mw cab gutter

    Hi Danny I have a couple of photos from Thomas Higgins (MWC restoation, same year as yours), these show holes in the rear of the "U" channel. also one for the bin support bracket On my MWC, I don't have the two lage "L" brackets on the back that bolt to the GS body, I do have a one rear upright that is to the rear of the bin, not sure what this attached to Hope these help
  13. Making slow progress... Doors now skinned Back to working in the engine tommorrow
  14. 64EK26

    Bedford MWR 1943

    Hi Tom Looking good, have you managed to find a 300W BSA charger to fit in the generator box ? Also a photo of the plate that was attached to the chassis under the chassis serial number would be good Also thanks for ongoing help with my MWC restoration See you in Normandy 2019 ? Cheers Richard
  15. I am after one of these Thanks in advance Richard