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  1. There we go! Thanks all, I’ll just try and work out a number!
  2. Thank you all so much it’s lovely to get the history of it when it came to me it had a white roof driver training? I know it’s not particularly rare but I love it and feel it’s a piece of history that I’m just a custodian of and it’s One of the family , even got the manual! Thank you all again Tim
  3. Thanks for the replies there’s another card for it and it says it was disposed in the Uk? So does this mean no one had it there and it came home? (Asterisks 52yy98)
  4. That’s great thank you for the swift response i can’t tell you how great-full I am! so looking at the card it should have number 16 on it? The bottom one with asterisk (52 yy98)
  5. Many thanks Richard, from the key cards it was originally supplied to the baor in 45 so I’m guessing it would have had a different sign there
  6. Hello there new to all this and was after a bit of advice! I am currently restoring a 1945 Leyland hippo and trying to work out the unit marking under the bridge plate on the front, it looks to be blue and yellow with a number on it but it’s not clear, could any one tell me what it means?? Many thanks Tim
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