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  1. Well, you done got stuck in the mud, No wheel vehicles for you. You need a track vehicle. Just a kidding, Looks like fun to me.
  2. I have posted these pictures before, but hope all will get to see them, I bought this jag in 1975 for 300 dollars without engine and tran. They were 179 shipped to the USA in 1957 and we have one. I thank the UK for a great car.
  3. Well. like to hear about the fast car days. I like fast cars and fast gals and beer. Then, them old ww2 military vehicles. We got a 1957 xk140 jag with a 10 cylinder dodge viper engine and other cars.
  4. Welcome, Yes they are a great looking machine. I did live in garland and was in CH47 hook unit at grand prairie. Thank for your service and the pictures. W Watson retired Army and guard, Hueys and blackhawks
  5. The link is ( ww11 forums ) huskychallanger, lives in Normandy The man with the tank lives in Canada ( forum name, George Patton ) Let me if you find the ww11 forums
  6. Supertrack, Have you ever been on the ww11 forums. There is a guy who lives there in Normandy, He has post some nice pictures , Also a guy in Canada with a nice tank. If you find the time, take a look.
  7. I will look around for one for you.. I got a ww2 5 ton Ihc tractor with a 450 red diamond, its got the updraft carb. What does your 450 go in.
  8. I sure enjoy looking at your pictures . They getting better all the time. The engines looks great . Thanks w Watson
  9. Well I be, I did live in Gary Indiana, Worked in the steel mills for a while, also did a lot of fighting in the bars and owned 3 new Plymouth roadrunners. The good old days but them days are over. I am vj on g503 and 68t on steelsoldier forum.
  10. I hope to start on the m4A1 high speed tractor soon as the weather warns up. I been collection nos part for a while now. I think there might been enough good parts to build one tractor
  11. I seen a cat. NOS muffler on g503 , it looks like the one on your gen. What state do you live .
  12. Welcome, to the forum. Nice looking gen-set. Have you been on g503 usa, They have a gen. section. I got a ww2 smaller power unit, pu-32/c, but have no time for a resto. Do you have any ww2 vehicle parts or items. Good luck W. Watson
  13. Well its never to late to say what a great job, I thank you for all the work and great picture.
  14. Thanks david, well we try to stay busy,
  15. Will try to post picture, I always wanted to got to England and drink a beer in a pub. Hope to start a new resto on my m4a1 high speed tractor.
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