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  1. Hi all,

    Don't know if this has been said before?(probably)  but as a youngster, in my mind it's USA all the way Jeep and GMC tucks Sherman's but I'm influenced by films as a kid. What's your choice and why? Any make or country... British USA German French Italian anything goes...

  2. Hi, thanks John 1950, and cheers Pete Ashby for heads up on the book, will put that on Christmas list. I'm hoping to visit overlord this year. and have a close look at some 6x6s if there are some. Never been there before...

  3. Haha, just thought, it takes a minute or two.... If you put a rear axle on the front steering might be a problem, lol.

    But still could there be a different axle for double wheels on the front, or is that daft as well?

  4. Well going back to the sticky out bit on the front wheel hubs, most don't a few do. I've got a idea! Maybe the Sicky out axles on the front where in fact rear axles.. which seem to have a longer center, so maybe they run out of front axles or wanted the option of double wheels on the front?  Like the rear. What do you think?

  5. Well this is interesting, as a new guy here, and not yet a owner of anything military.... One of the reasons I find these vehicles attractive is that surely anything goes... I like the fact that because of age and the use these vehicles were designed for, a few dents brush marks and wear n tear just suits them, a nice and very practical change from the show room brand new perfection that is nearly always desired on everyday transport, these vehicles don't need perfect flat panels and paintwork to make them special. They already are! : )


  6. Sorry to ask again guys, but had a look on line here and there about numbers and letters on these trucks and couldn't find a reference to air portable, I'm sure there would be...... cckwap? That's not me with a lisp swearing!

  7. Thanks Degsy and radiomike? This is all good stuff ! I imagine there would be some references to a vehicle being air portable in the chassis number?.... But I wonder if there is a visible way to tell, even if you have to crawl underneath?

  8. Well thanks John 1950 and Richard Farrant, from the link it looks very similar to modern forged I beam, that you see Even today, things don't really change that much! Would you know did the air potable GMC s come with 6x6 and or 6x4 as I imagine weight would be a issue, and have read that these vehicles split in half behind the cab???

  9. Hi John 1950, thanks for the pics great to see so clearly what you've described. Sorry to ask so many questions! Have you or anyone seen a front axle from a 6x4 as I'm wondering if it comes as a axle, ie as a cast item with a connected rod from one front wheel to the other, or two totally independent items only connected by steering linkage? Thanks for everyone's input : )

  10. Well you know your stuff, thanks for your help, I've also noticed and it might just be an optical illusion, but in some pics the front wheels seem to be in line with the inner rear wheels, and in others in line with the outer rear wheels? Could this be do you think? And I'm sure I read somewhere they did a non driven front axle...

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