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  1. David thanks for the kick. Job done. Nothing to write home to granny about, but it works. Polythene along the bottom of the plug to keep the epoxy from bonding. A cut off pen top that fits in the connector. Soldered up + and - to two pins. Fitted the pins to the plug, heat-shrunk. Used Araldite "metal" (rapid set) as the epoxy - metal does not mean conducting, just it can be shaped, drilled later. A cocktail stick pushed the epoxy into the gaps. Waited 10 mins and gingerly tried to withdraw the pen top. Results are "OK". Keeps me moving. Sure, the use of the pen-top means I have no keyways to prevent errors, but it allows me to get on an examine the rsr232 comms signals. See photos for the job and the results
  2. Thanks for that idea. I have my PSU connected via one pin and the crock clip on a bolt for ground, so I have pins that are OK. Silicon grease is a good idea. I had been thinking vaseline and polymorph - but was not happy getting gunge stuck in the 08-02. Polymorph is warm and might have liquified the vaseline. I will try your idea on an old wire 10-02 and report back where I get to.
  3. All the external connectors + the alarm switches fit in that wee "screening" box. I was hopeful I could "expand" the hole for the 8 to a 10, but that just aint going to happen ;-( The unit works OK if I fit a pin to the +ve terminal on the 08-2 and use the chassis as the ground - the resistance meters seemed to suggest that was the right way around - a dangerous testing ploy, I know. Now, I just need to find some VX/HD/HV/GB/L/GD/Chlorine and phosgene gases to test the detectors ;-) Let me not go there.
  4. The 8mm JUST fits in the space between the comms connector and the base of the unit. The nut has to be aligned to the lip at the base. (The unit is a GID-3 Chemical detector). I just dont have any more mm. I may just solder up straight to the pins and then epoxy the result, sure crap but £50 for a connector is just a joke. I could leave the conector and parallel a 10mm somewhere else I guess. I have 100s of connectors - just nothing at the 08-02 size ;-( However I have read the RS site and now know abd 62GB and all the numbers and what they mean. I will keep hunting the e-pay sites in the hope something appears that is sensible in price.
  5. Andym - well done and thanks, I had been trawling amphenol datasheets but only got as far as 62GB-56A08 and that did not exist. So I gave up! I will go read again, but £48 each - that is a joke for me. MactchFuzee I had been around french and uk web-sites for a while but the sheer volume of connectors (and pictures of supposed 8-2s that had 50pins and were like 25-50 just confused me). At £48 a connector I may just stay confused. Perhaps I need to open the kit up and put in a 2 pin din ;-) ta
  6. Been there! Tried 62GB-57A08-02PN(595). The only things I can find on the web look much more like it would plug into a hedgehog, not a 2 pin connector! I cant help feeling I have the wrong part number. Is there a good connectors site I dont know about?
  7. Thanks I bought them already - thinking the same! They are male, I needed female - doh ;-( Also the pins on them are also "too far apart" so even if I got the female equivalent I would be stuck. The unit I am going into is a GID-3 Chemical detector - 1980s-1990s I would guess.
  8. I have various bits of (old) kit that use these connectors to get low volt DC (18-32) into equipment. Gas detectors and luggable computers. Any clues what they are called/part-numbers/how to find them. My search skills on the web just never find me the right thing Thanks
  9. Aye that is great thanks. I hooked up a current limited PSU attached as suggested and the unit works fine. However it does show that my PSU voltage overreads a little - or that I have voltage drop in the cables! Thanks again.
  10. I canny find oot which of these pins is +ve and which is negative on this connector The connectors are for a dosimeter BUT the part numbers 6665-99-225-2221 and 6665-99-225-2220 seem to get me to a clansman connector. The device has the letters PLA and 24V on it. Where might I find out which is +ve and which negative. The land-rover 2-pin connector does not seem KEYED! that is strange in my eyes, or does it not matter which pin in which for a dosimeter? The connectors have A and B on them and a chevron below the B connector. I think I say something somewhere that suggests the B is positive. All help appreciated.
  11. Aye, that is the connector. Thanks for the various links m- they will be helpful. BTW my computer is a LXI-3 - so ultra modern (about 2002 from some of the internal stickers).
  12. After a bit of struggle I finally have antiX (linux) and w95 running on my LXI. What did I learn? Lots. The standard disk is a bog standard 40pin IDE. But the connectors are way far from stanard. So I stripped the machine down. fitted a standard IDE cable in place of the standard cable. I took the +5 and ground from the battery charger connector and wired the beast up to a SD to 3.5” 40 pin hard-drive adapter. Bingo, installs from CD onto the adapter. Also installs to an externally fitted 3.5 IDE disk - but that is less pretty. I had trouble doing instals of windoze to the SCSI drive (without an IDE) somway into the installs it got confused about C: and D: and e: Since it is windoze I just gave up and walked away. Unix/Linix installs OK to scsi. If I can can give anyone a hand with their kit, drop me a line. ---- Questions: Sound - does anyone know the corrects for the sound conector on military kit? Network - where can I get a connector for the fibre? I run fibre in lots of places - but with SFP, not with that muckle big connector on the LXI. Can anyone tell me what software ran on this kit? I would like to mock up some screens, but I have no idea what the function of this unit was. Thanks
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