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  1. I’m looking for a pair of these rear lights? Anyone know of anything similar or if they were used on another vehicle? i also have just one of these, it came in the truck, I suspect it was going to be used on the rear but it doesn’t look like the ones in the top two pictures? Any info on these also?
  2. So I should be able to remove the leads! That’s good to know! I’ll try harder haha! They’re well stuck! Thanks for the help 😀
  3. Ahh that’s a shame! It’s a thornycroft Nubian mk5 fire tender.
  4. Hello! does anyone have any tricks or tips when replacing/repairing military spec ignition leads? Im currently restoring a thornycroft fitted with the Rolls-Royce b80. This is what I have.
  5. Does anyone know what the fuel filler cap looks like on a 1952 thornycroft Nubian mk5? This is all I have. This screws into the tank. Cheers kyle. *edit* if anyone has any detailed pictures of a thornycroft Nubian mk5 it would help loads as I’m missing quite a few little bits and bobs.
  6. Kyle_b

    RR B80 oil capacity?

    Ahh brilliant, I’ll try and find out if they’re the same. Thanks for the help!
  7. Kyle_b

    RR B80 oil capacity?

    Amazing thank you! I’m missing the dipstick from my b80!
  8. Hello guys and girls, could anyone tell me how much oil a military spec Rolls-Royce b80 engine takes? Thanks kyle.