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  1. It is indeed! Yes runs very well! I was very surprised, don’t think it’s run in over 30 years.
  2. Thought I’d post up a picture of my Nubian fire tender. I believe now the oldest in existence! With only 3 or 4 surviving now. im sure I’ll be trying to pick your brains regarding the restoration and getting her back on the road.
  3. Plunged head first into the charging system on my Nubian tonight! If anyone has any info and or wiring diagrams it would be really appreciated! Getting no charge at all from the dynamo, it appears that someone has been having a go at getting it working before and the wiring was all over the place so we decided to remove it all and bench test it. would you say these brushes have had it? I’m very new to all this military stuff so I’m not sure how it should all look.
  4. Managed to sort it guys! Thanks for all the help! Many more questions to follow I’m sure!
  5. Thanks for your response! Yeah it’s a rolls b80!
  6. It’s a voltage dropper and connection unit for a 1950s thornycroft. It drops 24v to 12v to run the coil, this part seems to not be working. Are replacements available? Or do I have to go for a modern unit? I’d like to stay as period as possible. Thanks kyle.
  7. Thanks! Really appreciate it! Yeah really well, due to take it for a drive next month some time. I know absolutely nothing about mk5s at all! I own a F108 Dennis fire/crash tender also but obviously that’s a different beast.
  8. Ahh that’s brilliant! Pictures I’m lookimg for are: -filler cap -rear lights -front mounted bell (close ups also if possible) - detailed pics of the interior, seats, and switch gear mainly! Thanks. kyle.
  9. I’m looking for a pair of these rear lights? Anyone know of anything similar or if they were used on another vehicle? i also have just one of these, it came in the truck, I suspect it was going to be used on the rear but it doesn’t look like the ones in the top two pictures? Any info on these also?
  10. So I should be able to remove the leads! That’s good to know! I’ll try harder haha! They’re well stuck! Thanks for the help 😀
  11. Ahh that’s a shame! It’s a thornycroft Nubian mk5 fire tender.
  12. Hello! does anyone have any tricks or tips when replacing/repairing military spec ignition leads? Im currently restoring a thornycroft fitted with the Rolls-Royce b80. This is what I have.
  13. Does anyone know what the fuel filler cap looks like on a 1952 thornycroft Nubian mk5? This is all I have. This screws into the tank. Cheers kyle. *edit* if anyone has any detailed pictures of a thornycroft Nubian mk5 it would help loads as I’m missing quite a few little bits and bobs.
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