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  1. Has anyone got a photo of the Hensoldt Wetzlar Dial Sight in situ on a British gun of the 1960's/1970's era?
  2. Thank you for those kind words! I hope that my interest in artillery optics/instruments etc. May be of some use to people and I'm more than happy to advise or help anyone who needs some assistance. I can't say I'll always be able to come up with the right answer though!
  3. Hi, My name is Steve & I have a great interest in British artillery from WWI Onwards. I'm retired & 69 years old. I served for 6.5 years in the Royal artillery as a Battery Surveyor and for 16 years in the RAF as an electronics engineer. I'm mainly interested in the sighting of guns and have a reasonable collection of sight brackets/carriers, dial sights and direct fire telescopes, field clinometers & sight clinometers, most of which have been restored by myself.
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