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  1. Hi everyone, I still need a complete Gpmg mount for Scorpion if anyone comes across one anywhere in the world. Thank you
  2. There must be a store full of these... doesnt anyone know where they all are.?
  3. Hi, I still need one of these. Please let me know if you see or hear of one gathering dust anywhere. Thank you
  4. Hi everyone, Does anyone have or know someone who has a complete Scorpion Gpmg mounting for sale.? Thank you Glenn
  5. Thank you for the information, The length of the cable is another challenge to try and find out/work out.
  6. I'm confused. Is it a 12 pin or 7 pin lead from the RJB .... going to the Clansman system. ?? My Scorpion had the bowman set up, so i have no reference pieces.
  7. Hi all, Im looking for the cables for fitting clansman into a Cvr (t) Scorpion. Believe same in Scimitar and Sabre too. Need lead from Rjb and others. Has anyone got anything.? Thank you. Glenn
  8. It may be months rather than weeks.. but if we can make copies i will be on here letting you know, with prices and seeing how many people want them.
  9. My mate and i are currently trying to get one off a 3rd person to copy it. I'll keep you informed if we succeed in making the copies.
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