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  1. Hi all, I’ve read this thread with great interest. I wonder if any of you can help me please. I have this photo of my Dad (in white overalls second from left) and wondered if anyone can tell me anything about 115 Command which is where the picture was taken. I believe it was a petrol depot and think it was taken around 1951 as my sister was born in Libya that year. I’m currently sending for my Dad’s army service record to see if I can find out more as we (my sister and I) know nothing about his regiment or rank, etc but I believe he was RASC. He was also a lorry driver for the NAAFI in the 60’s early 70’s in Derbyshire, England. As there was so many photos on here from around the time in Libya, the thread drew me in and any help would be gratefully received 😊 Thank you.
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