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  1. Managed to find a flying flea, needing a bit of work but that’s the best ones to have. I currently have a mix of war and post war parts, almost enough to build a complete bike and some! Lots to do, first up media blasting.
  2. Went to another local show “little vintage” on the weekend, took the jimmy and my MG2 along. went for a spin around the arena as well, with my mate Hookie doing the commentary.
  3. Almost ready for the bank holiday show, just need to fit the extra set of wheels to the front. I hope it does not rain!
  4. Well after a very hot sunny bank holiday weekend, I have a leak! The Transfer box which was low on oil is now generously giving away its oil after I refilled it, via the main input shaft seal to the surrounding chassis and tarmac... So I have ordered a full seal kit from LWD and hopefully I have it all fixed up again soon.
  5. All fixed up and running great! The gearbox is now full of oil, as is all diff’s and the transfer box, axles and springs all greased up. Tyres to 55psi, engine has had a full service (I need to get a new dizzy plate) but everything is working fine. Good day for a 25 mile drive my daughter loves going in these.
  6. Then I removed the PTO as the output shaft oil seal is leaking and I need to strip the unit to check the size of the seal. luckily I did as the box had no oil in it and what was in there looked like Cadbury’s cream egg.... oh dear... anyway after removing the PTO, shaft and front knuckle I cleaned out what I could from the gearbox removing the inspection plate and pulled the studs on the PTO side. I have several spare gearboxes do I removed another inspection plate from on, made two gaskets and bolted everything back up. I have filled the gearbox with engine oil and engine cleaner/degreaser and went for a little drive.... Once back I drained the box, pulled both side plates and cleaned out the box again, now it’s lovely and clean inside. Tomorrow I will refill the box again with plain oil and repeat the process to ensure all the cleaning agent is out before fitting new gaskets and gearbox oil. The cause of the cream seems to be water getting in via the input seal, when I collected the truck the bell housing was full of rain water, a blocked drain hole in the lower inspection cover was to blame, this has now been removed and cleaned out with extra holes drilled as well Phew
  7. Made some Jerry can holders for the front. Metal is 1.2mm and I added a two side supports to each tray.
  8. Media blasted the old wooden body mud guards and into the booth for a coat of epoxy and then navy grey. at some point I will have to weld up all the extra holes...
  9. Slight issue found with the mud flap support bars, as the body on the truck was a wooden one I’ve found it has had different bars fitted at some point. Two of the support bars that should be stepped are just bent as the wooden body had a large bit of wood bolted to the support. Anyway luckily I have another set so I will make up two new support bars! A photo with my spare set test fitted, note the extra lights fitted on them.
  10. Time to get the rear mud flaps blasted, painted and refitted!
  11. Finally Rewired the back end and installed the correct rear lights.
  12. As the sun was shinning and the weather was great, we went for a drive yesterday with the roof off and screen down! Today its pouring with rain so everything is put back on.
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