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  1. Oh right I thought you meant a ww2 museum.
  2. Where is the museum in Filton ?
  3. Rex ward should have some depending what one you want.
  4. Front end completely stripped down, some loom and diesel parts still to chop out etc
  5. the body on this one has got red primer, removing the hip pad metal plates and all the seat mounts etc has shown the original red primer and areas of OG green.
  6. So I’ve started stripping the body down ready for media blasting, found an original bulkhead cut so I can repair this one once blasted.
  7. Just collecting parts really, odds and sods so I can rebuild the engine etc
  8. Projects start around £10000 depending on condition and a fully restored model is £30k upwards. I would stay away from the modified engine models, as the cost to find the correct parts is great. tracks can be replaced with new correct rubbers and bands the cost is around £5000 or you can get full rubber tracks. canvas and poles are hard to find and replacement ones require your old zips/hoops et. I managed to get a near complete model with original engine/box/tracks/data plates minus the canvas in the uk a few years ago
  9. It’s ok, this gmc has a custom made manifold which I’ve had skimmed and now I’m just adjusting the inlet to suit. Ive ordered some exhaust gasket paper and I will make new gaskets for it, so hopefully no more blow in those ports. We shall see...
  10. Got the old girl out of storage and started with putting a Battery charger setup on it. Nice little charger with a lead you attach to the battery and has a waterproof cover, so I can keep the battery topped up while not using it.
  11. So after the little vintage show the manifold gasket failed blowing on outlet 3, the manifold which is a homemade job (not by me) was sent away for skimming but port three still has a blow by. So it’s time for a new/original manifold to be fitted I think. I will try and remember to take a photo tomorrow.
  12. All of the running gear has been put in grey epoxy as I used that daily, but the body will be red when I get round to starting on it.
  13. So I pulled the axles and stripped them down, degreased them and media blasted everything before priming. Not sure as yet to what colour or shade the jeep will be so just grey primer has been used. the newly acquired mb engine is stripped down, checked over and sent away to a friend who knows these engines better then me.
  14. Here are some photos of the bulkhead mod and french engine install.
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