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  1. 2ndArmourMad

    Brockhouse generator trailer

    Hi It was found outside in a breakers yard filled with “stuff” and a ton of leafs inside. when we got it back and clean it out it is indeed very solid not rot at all! One little gem found inside was this camo net, which appears to be a ww2 British army one.
  2. Found buy a friend and I got the call to go buy it. very nice condition, no major rot or issues apart from a few dents. comes complete with fire extinguisher, tool box and tools, vice on the a frame, canvas cover front hoop etc and two Jerry cans one is MD stamped 1945 dated which is nice for my collection and a twin can carrier.
  3. 2ndArmourMad

    Cckw closed cab windscreen help

    Yes thanks for that. Currently working on the engine and running gear.
  4. 2ndArmourMad

    Cckw closed cab windscreen help

    That is great thank you! Yes if I could get the measurements please then I can fab up the missing bits. Just got a book of words as well so hopefully I can get the old girl all fixed up.
  5. 2ndArmourMad

    Weasel M29C

    Not done a lot really busy with “Life” at the moment, but I have managed to strip her down and pull the engine and transfer box, prop shaft etc so I can start the cleaning. i had an issue with moving the old girl as it’s not exactly easy to roll about so I’ve stuck it on the back of my GMC currently, well at least it looks at home on it.
  6. 2ndArmourMad


    Hello, I’m Will from Bristol always had a thing for ww2 vehicles mainly anything tracked or tanks. Sadly I not been able to own a tank yet but I’ve been lucky enough to sit in a few Sherman’s and a M6 tank recovery truck. I have a 42 GMC 353 closed cab with gun hole, 43 MB jeep and a 45 M29c weasel in the fleet currently.
  7. 2ndArmourMad

    Cckw closed cab windscreen help

    I have a 42 closed cab cckw but at some point in its life someone has screwed shut the front screen. now I am trying to refit the original brackets etc so my question is, one are the latches/catches/bars still available and two does anyone have any photos of these areas so i can try and make the bits I’m missing if they are not available. any help would be greatly appreciated. Will
  8. 2ndArmourMad

    Wanted hoops/bows/canvas

    As above for a 353 please, anyone got part or all of this ? I’m based in Bristol
  9. 2ndArmourMad

    Weasel M29C

    Hi Rog it was found on a farm in the USA earlier this year, engine was stuck due to not being used for years so I’ve no idea when it last ran, looks to have been dry stored until it got over here
  10. 2ndArmourMad

    Weasel M29C

    And here as a few photos of data plates gauges etc currently Little Nipper sits next to my wife’s 43 MB jeep (another project).
  11. 2ndArmourMad

    Weasel M29C

    So with most of the dirt removed I could start on the fun stuff, finding the ww2 markings. i tried a few methods but standard thinners and scotch pads worked the best on the new pea green paint. the vehicle has lots of markings dating from 45 onwards I’ve no idea what some are and it’s clear the old ones were rubbed down before new ones applied over the top in 53/54 then the pea green paint was put on over everything.
  12. 2ndArmourMad

    Weasel M29C

    Removed the engine gauge panel and pulled the engine/transfer box out
  13. 2ndArmourMad

    Weasel M29C

    The hull seeing daylight in who knows how many years?
  14. 2ndArmourMad

    Weasel M29C

    So first up was to start cleaning and removing the soil,poo,sticks and mud from the hull. bucket after bucket the hull slowly started to show its self and even tho I knew it needed welding and a light restoration the inner area of the hull (completely buried in dirt) is in amazing condition, result! With the rear area cleaned up I started to struggle with the area under the engine, I just could not fit my hand in and remove any debris due, so although I had said to myself that I would get the engine running first before removing anything it became clear that the engine and transfer box had to come out! Luckly I have to tools and equipment to do this quickly, so after removing the gauge panel and shift rods, radiator, fan, two front engine mount bolts and two transfer bolts (plus exhaust) the complete unit came out. now I could get on with removing the dirt.
  15. 2ndArmourMad

    Weasel M29C

    So I have a thing for tracked vehicles, on wish list is a Sherman or halftrack but money won’t allow so when this little beauty came up for sale I had to have it. 1945 M29c built in January 45 and used by the US army possibly in the Pacific by the markings. The day came to collect “little nipper” so with my wife coming along to see “what I had bought now” we set off up north with trailer in tow. And she was supremely impressed as much as she could be with another WW2 project coming home with us. Here is little nipper!