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  1. It’s ok, this gmc has a custom made manifold which I’ve had skimmed and now I’m just adjusting the inlet to suit. Ive ordered some exhaust gasket paper and I will make new gaskets for it, so hopefully no more blow in those ports. We shall see...
  2. Got the old girl out of storage and started with putting a Battery charger setup on it. Nice little charger with a lead you attach to the battery and has a waterproof cover, so I can keep the battery topped up while not using it.
  3. So after the little vintage show the manifold gasket failed blowing on outlet 3, the manifold which is a homemade job (not by me) was sent away for skimming but port three still has a blow by. So it’s time for a new/original manifold to be fitted I think. I will try and remember to take a photo tomorrow.
  4. All of the running gear has been put in grey epoxy as I used that daily, but the body will be red when I get round to starting on it.
  5. So I pulled the axles and stripped them down, degreased them and media blasted everything before priming. Not sure as yet to what colour or shade the jeep will be so just grey primer has been used. the newly acquired mb engine is stripped down, checked over and sent away to a friend who knows these engines better then me.
  6. Here are some photos of the bulkhead mod and french engine install.
  7. So we started to remove the axles to clean everything up, lots of good old grease and dirt
  8. Wow now that’s a nice setup, not sure that our 43 had the same setup.
  9. The old girl has a few issues, the engine conversion means the bulkhead has been cut and extended into the cab area, the generator install has lead to the rear panel being cut out in the centre, the jeep did come with its French airforce doors and hard roof. So not that I have done a lot to the jeep in the past few years but I have pulled the old engine, found an original engine and had it fully rebuilt ready to install
  10. Several years ago I decided to buy a jeep for my wife, as a birthday present. luckily for me my wife is very understanding and has put up with my vehicle madness for many years and shares my passion for ww2 vehicles. Anyway this came for sale via Robert Uren in Devon, a quick trip down and after a drive around a field the deal was done. One 43 MB (May built) jeep. Nice story behind it as well, after it left the USA ownership it served as a generator jeep for the French airforce, this meant that a hole was cut in the floor just behind the gear stick for the chain drive, lots of oil was used to keep the chain turning and as a result the chassis is covered in oil so almost no rust underneath. At some point in its life it has had a new engine installed, sadly this was a Peugeot diesel lump but at least the gearbox stayed in.
  11. Oh what’s the website address for that ? I did google your user name and searched on here but sadly only more dribble came up, and I guess I’ll have to believe you about your love of strokes (less said the better maybe).
  12. Who are you, Steve didn’t say you were knowledgeable unlike Ron so until he does you might have to keep your Norton Commando on gumtree.
  13. Can I get back to posting about the restoration now or are you two going to get more upset ?
  14. But what you really have to ask yourself is, Do I care ? and the answer is no I don’t. It will be used and it has been saved from rotting away which is the important thing, if the flea police wanna get geeky then fine but I’ve better things to do.
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