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  1. Thanks for the response, i was / am hoping to find an off the shelf silencer, mainly in the hope it would be cheaper than a custom made. I have contacted a couple of places that make truck systems either for a customer unit or for a universal unit that fits the size requirements. Not sure if the exhaust exiting away from pedestrians is law or something that possibly came in, in later years but this old girl definitely exits to the drivers side as standard. As did many old british trucks.
  2. Hi all, hoping one you can help / confirm something for me. I am looking for an exhaust silencer for my ERF but struggling to find a part number and wondered if it was the same size as the front mounted exhaust on the Foden EKA. It’s a front mount, behind bumper style. Currently exits to the drivers side but doesn’t matter which side really. Measurements are 42 1/2” x 10 1/2” diameter with in and outs of 4” diameter. Is this the same size as a Foden exhaust and does anyone know of a part number or supplier? Any help gratefully received, photos attached Daniel
  3. Addition to the above post, i found this guide to the HGV MOT. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/hgv-inspection-manual Going off the guide it doesn’t seem too much additional work for a normal classic truck to meet the requirements. There are still exemptions to some rules and requirements depending on a vehicles age. I shall read and digest.
  4. I have just read this with some intrigue. I have recently purchased a (non-MV) 1975 ERF. Whilst strictly speaking it requires an MOT the response from the Historic Commercial Vehicle Society was “we don’t know”, as many members have been able to tax non-mot’d post 1960 trucks with no issue. I always thought either at the post office or online if you could’t prove it had an MOT it wouldn’t allow you to tax it. Possibly a glitch in their checks when a truck is listed at private light goods / personal use / historic exempt??? The idea that it should also meet current legislation is extremely daunting, not to mention expensive. As mentioned by many, we just average people, not millionaires with a money tree. I am lucky in the fact i do have access to a commercial vehicle workshop, pit and brake tester to ensure it is safe to use and meets the acceptable standards to be road worthy, brakes, tyres, lights, etc.... I hadn’t actually confirmed the MOT aspect prior to purchase as I already know a few people with 70s trucks running as MOT exempt, school boy error on my behalf. A lot more research required on my behalf now to find out exactly which aspects of the MOT i need to comply with. It is a chassis cab so i have a blank canvas so to speak but like many of you i don’t want to lose its originality.
  5. Thanks again for the input, we now have a vehicle. I’d love to tell you the exact spec but i’m still not 100% sure of it myself. Definitely not military though. Hoping you all don’t mind me using this forum though, best so far for information and advice on old commercials. The vehicle is a 1975 ERF LV 8W, currently a chassis cab. Powerplant is a cummins 250, which i believe is the 14ltr. Fuller 10speed range change crash box. Unsure of the back axles, presumed rockwell but yet to be verified. Again, thanks for the advice and info regarding the old motors.
  6. Thanks for the info. Really helpful stuff from you both. I made a few calls to some classic commercials spares places today and got the same sort of answer about spares availability, some of the shelf no issues, others a waiting and watching game. They also said generally most major components can be refurbished. I do have basic experience with the Eagle motors from a driving point of view having driven EKA wreckers in the past. Always found them generally good motors, as said let it warm up a bit and run down before you shut it off. I’m waiting on more photos of it and a bit more info. I get a bit of an impression from the seller he isn’t 100% sure of it’s exact condition and what could possibly be missing on it. As with any old vehicle / project it can look great and complete until you start stripping it down and find out there are no brake internals or some major components missing, thats a risk we all take at times though. Advice and info much appreciated Daniel
  7. Hi, thanks for the response. Sort of the answer i was looking for, the parts are out there. Could be a waiting game on some though waiting for them to appear. The vehicle “starts and runs fine” so could be a case of some general maintenance parts and away it goes. I’m going to have a ring round a few classic truck spares places for parts and prices. I’m an expert in parts hoarding for my Suzuki. Boxes and boxes of bits. As rough as it’s current condition it, as long as i can start it and drive should be a good base for restoration. I believe the Watford firm in question was Unipower. I’d hope as long as it is a complete vehicle and I have all the bits, parts that might be hard to find could be refurbished or made?
  8. Hi all, i am currently on the look for a classic ERF and have found one with a rolls royce eagle motor and david brown gear box, i don’t know which exact engine just an eagle variant. My question to those with old Scammells and Fodens some of which also use eagle variants and anyone who just knows about spares is, how hard are spares to get and how badly are they priced? I know it needs a clutch slave cylinder and wondered about general service parts like belts and filters? Are they getting as rare as unicorn poop, harder to find than your glasses on your own head and suitably priced to match? Or given that until recently the Army still used (possibly still uses?) these engines are parts still quite freely available? Will i pay a premium for Rolls over a gardner or cummins or are they all generally the same sort of prices and availability? The last thing i want to do is end up with a project with rare, phenomenally priced spares Thanks in advance for any help. As much as i have played with engines, cars and driven trucks over the years i know zero about spares availability for a 40yr old truck. Jordi
  9. Hi, recently joined to (hopefully) get advice on potential projects. Current project, my 1988 Suzuki off roader is about where i want it to be, just wants using more. So i’m looking for another project to waste more time and money on, ensuring i have plenty of toys and die penniless I’m not particularly into military vehicles, more classic british trucks, that share some parts. Currently looking / waiting for the right ERF to appear for sale I’ll post the questions i hope you can answer in the relevant sections Cheers Daniel
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