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  1. Thanks Richard, Great tip thanks, my windscreen is my latest problem and project as the bottom channels have rotted out and are now in need of replacement, off to the fabricators to see if i can get something made up to replace them. i was told to put a bead of clear silicon around my windows to prevent the next pair of bottom channels going the same way. its the simple things that really make a difference.
  2. Hey John, HaHa!!! Don’t they just! They give her so much character but it is very frustrating to watch, once every 5 minutes they might be in time for one or two wipes.
  3. Hi Everyone, I should introduce myself to the collective as I’ve added a few posts online and haven’t really introduced myself to the group here so thought it was time to sort that out. I'm Alan, hailing from the south east cast of the UK , I've always had a love of second world war history, and I've finally taken the plunge and done something about it. As many of us will probably admit as a child I always wanted a tank, but as I’ve grown and understood the value of money I knew this was a unrealistic target, i then started looking at jeeps, their practical (well as practical as 80 year old vehicles are ) can fit in a normal garage and parts are readily available, but for me they just didn’t have that spark. In the last 2 years I’ve been part of a royal navy beach commando re-enactment group and that’s where I first got to really play with a ww2 vehicle, a 1938 Bedford aeroscreen, and well to be honest I fell in love with her. I needed my own! With a lot of conversations and help from my very good friends, in November I took ownership of a 1942 Bedford MWD. Now it’s in the process of a major overhaul, I’m not calling it a restoration as she’s in very good condition, but she does need some TLC, and that’s what’s happening. I have spend many an hour fettling away rewiring her and sorting out surprising leaks and seized fittings. She is now running and I’m in the process of learning to drive again, having never had to double to declutch in my life! Now if only i can get the windscreen wipers to wipe at the same speed. Its doing my OCD in! I want to already thank the other Bedford MW owners on here for the blogs of their own restorations they have helped me so much, and everyone else for all the fascinating posts and restorations going on in the world . thanks Alan
  4. Thanks Pete and Chris, i tried using multiple o-rings and rubber tubing thinking modern materials would be better, but after many attempts and leaks i admitted defeat. In the end i got some replacements from chris morter as i needed some other bits from him anyway, and the cork works perfectly. ah well you live and learn thanks again Alan
  5. Thanks Richard. I'll get onto the RLC museum and get the information from them. These are some photos of my truck over the years. mostly found on the internet as ive only just aquired her, seems she has been on the show circuit for some time. thanks Alan
  6. Sadly Larry shes going green to match our groups other bedford mwd. I have found images of her in all different colours though the years, and the Mickey mouse she has now is looking verry tired
  7. larry, My paint has arrived today so the weekend im sure will be rubbing the truck down and giving her a first dusting of paint. Where the paint is flaking all i can find is 1950's gloss green.
  8. Baz and Richard, Thanks for the information, however im a little confused, how do you know that it came from contract V3964? as the Z number ive got does not fall within those data ranges.
  9. This was the only one I could find again, There are a full set of images covering the 4 sides.
  10. HI Baz, So your saying that it was built in 1942 as per the chassis number? brilliant.!! Thanks Does that tie in with the Z number as you are saying that indicates that it was rebuilt. Also what is the chilwell list
  11. Thanks Nick, Yes it is probable that it will be a hoge podge of different parts, from multiple bedfords from many different locations. The chassis number is the heart of the vehicle however, and the history is always useful.
  12. Thanks Pete. My bedford is not in need of a nut and bolt restoration at this time, nor do i have the facilities yet to carry one out, however she is going through a heavy overhaul. I'll be rubbing down the paint so I'll see what appears through the layers of paint in the comming weeks. so Z number confirmed by previous owner Z1613059 chassis number 31248 1953 rebuild plate gives a post war registration of 22RA28
  13. I have seen pictures from the war department guide for how to paint a Bedford MWD in the approved pattern, i will try and find them tonight.
  14. Hello Everyone, I wish to trace the history of my Bedford MWD, I have a chassis number and Z number, and 1953 rebuild, but would love to know where it may have been during its wartime service. From the previous owner i know it was used by the Merionethshire Army Cadet Force after release from the army and they sold it in the early 60's Where is the best place to look for this information? Many thanks, Alan
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