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  1. Hi f.f Appreciate what youre saying,reason i went thorough there is cause just through the wall is my bty,solar,electris set up is. Its a learning curve everything i do but it is well sealed though. Did you get a good price for your trailer,they are not fo everyone.
  2. Fitted a charge controller just needed a proper 100 watt solar panel wich arrived today. Going to mount the solar on the roof permanently fixed,just waiting for the braketry to come,was going to make spme but they are so cheap no brainer. J have fitted a trailer plug to take the wiring from outside to inside.
  3. Hi Ian The company.Farm marketplace ltd 01543 687209. Regards pat
  4. New tyres going on tommorow old ones too badly cracked on the side walls,so peace of mind whilst towing.
  5. Hi just got 4 tyres for my ncrs trailer from farm marketplace £264.00 delivered if your still looking.
  6. Just replaced the master cyl totally shot,the wheel cylinders i replaced the seals 1 to each cylinder size 1.1/8". All 4 flexi hoses replaced + new bleed nipples. Adjusted handbrake so it works. Regreased the wheel bearings,suprised they wasn't timken,but if u look at the pic the numbers on there for ref. All now is good.
  7. different angle,this was leaking ordered repair kit.
  8. Wheel cylinder from the comms trailer.
  9. This is the wheel bearings ypu need for these trailers
  10. Morning ferretfixer I have no history of minethe guy who brought it before me picked it up in scotland, we where doing military shows using a 9x9 mill tent too many cold nights and mornings. So this is perfect,plus it was totally empty inside and i weighed it at work it was 1 ton 100 kilos so not overly heavy.
  11. Hi i was at moscow barracks & in and out of the gch pretty often, Maybe i was mistaken.
  12. I think if the tacho is broke you cant get like for like these days you will have to fit a digi tacho.
  13. We had 2 saracen ambulances they signs on them daktari 1 * dactari 2. I cant see the film just guessing from our ones.
  14. Hi ferretfixer Windows were allready in it when i brought it just had to tidy them up & get em tinted, Must be very dark in them with the door shut.
  15. Thank you very much I'll have a look. Did u get a tyre eventually.
  16. Mam was born in carlow lived in tullow.
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