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  1. I would appreciate a higher resolution scan of that image for the article. I have all of two photos of the car on the East Tennessee & Western North Carolina and two on the East Broad Top. One of each is attached. 138a.tif
  2. Yes it was that discussion from years ago that brought me here. Google can sometimes be a friend. I would appreciate permission to use that illustration in my story? Does anyone here have experience in how these old vehicles worked? Has anyone ever driven one?
  3. Hello, Let me quickly introduce myself and explain why I am writing. I am a railroad historian, and I specialize in the East Tennessee & Western North Carolina Railroad, known for part of its history as the Tweetsie. I have written seven books (Along the ET&WNC vols. 1-6 and the Railroads of Johnson City). I currently produce a twice a year magazine for the ET&WNC RR Historical Society, called Every Time With No Complaint. I am currently trying to finish up a story on their bus/trucking subsidiary. Before buying the bus company, they built and temporarily operated a gasoline motor car built with a Peerless truck motor and chassis, with a trolley car body.I am looking for any information on how a Peerless truck ran, its pros and cons, the size of engine and number of cylinders... actually some opinions about Peerless trucks that one cannot find with Google. I am over 50 and do serious research, but for a rabbit chase search like this does work best with the computer. Can some of you WWI experts give me some perspective on how a Peerless truck worked? Johnny Graybeal
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