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  1. Ron, That is great! Thanks for your fast response and the serial #. I felt I could see green paint under the blue it is painted now, but sometimes my eyesight is not as good as my imagination. I hope to make this machine a winter project, so now I have an idea of the direction I need to go. Thanks again, I look forward to touching base here as things move forward. Thanks again. Chris
  2. Howdy, I have a RE Flea Frame with the number of 6896 I believe. The front seat frame seems high, and the light switch has 4 positions. Would this be one of the WD fleas? It needs a lot of things, like a motor ( I have 1 1/2 civilian version in the box). But, I think a lot of the info here indicates it would be a WD, but do not want to bother with questions later on if it does not qualify as a military Vehicle. Thanks Chris USA
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