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  1. That's the one! Thank you!
  2. still looking. We may have found some connectors, but we still need wedge bolts. I believe they are the same as a stuart wedge bolt.
  3. These are the correct m-18 air cleaners. I am having a hard time finding a replacement m-18 and am considering using a Sherman filter to at least keep it era correct till I come across the correct filter. The brackets would be easy to make a Sherman filter fit up. The filter was damaged from an over pressured breech. Radios look about the same.
  4. I am looking for an oil bath air cleaner for an m-18 or Sherman m4a1 (I think) it would be a square shape with a round bottom. Thanks!
  5. no luck yet. any other ideas?
  6. I sent an email. Fingers crossed!!
  7. may have a few road wheels to swap and some steel track sections.
  8. No luck with David either.
  9. already tried, he doesn't have any.
  10. I am looking for 20-30 track connectors and wedges for our rubber chaffee tracks to install on our m-18. Not having much luck in the US, hoping that one of you fine gentlemen could lend a hand. Thanks!!
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