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  1. Finally after weeks of shite weather, decorating and helping sons with there wants I said NO, i'm going to the garage. After some cutting an shutting, running out of gas mig welding, having to grind out hydrogen embrittled weld , birds nesting the welding wire. It felt like I'd fallen out with the Engineering Gods. But today, Willys A frame is in and painted. So please with it. Bolt left out to prove the alignment was spot on. Oh and made the pintle hook bracket and back plate from 5 mm plate, So my more satisfying than buying then. Next post will show the body going on.
  2. Mazzamagoo. The gearbox end is the ford circlip type, if your using a Willys Jeep Speedo, it s the 5/8 x 18 Basically work out the length bu using either the old ford cable or an old curtain wire. Then give these guys a ring. https://speedycables.com/speedometer-cables/ Do forget to get the speedo re-calibrated at the same time. Even with 14" wheel the speedo is way out.
  3. Hi Dan. Hope your still on here and following the people that you've inspired. Love to see any progress you've made. Finally followed your lead and cut the rear bumper out. Always stressed over how to reinstate the integrity of the chassis. My solution is shown in the pictures. Repro Willys rear cross member welded in to stop excessive flex. In process of fitting Ford GPW pintle hook V brace to complete the transformation. Will post pics when I finish.
  4. WELCOME COMMENTS FROM THE GENUINE MV PEOPLE ON US "willys wanabees." But love the scene whole MV thing.
  5. Well finally made some progress. Stone chipped underside and filler primed body..
  6. Well finally made some progress. Stone chipped underside and filler primed body..
  7. Hi Mazzamagoo, sorry for the delay been really busy both at work and on the jeep. Although to look at it you'd be pushed to find out where. (The dreaded filling and sanding phase). I've inverted the body tub, cleaned the underside, cut out the pintle hook recess , per the picture below, and i'm now contemplating modification to the chassis to fit a Willys Jeep rear cross member. I'll post some picture once I have something worth looking at.
  8. Hi and welcome. Left hand drive coversion is quite straight forward. Just remember that the jago chassis is not configured to mount the peddles and brake master on the left. So, some chassis mods will be necessary if you want t do it properly. Oh, and the clutch and Speedo cable will need to be lhd specific.
  9. Hi Dan did I see yours jeep for sale on Ebay? If so that sad after all the work you've put into it. I know Jagos are not old military vehicles but not everyone is in a position to buy a genuine Willys or ford GPW. In trying to recreate a Willys lookalike I'm paying homage to both Jeff Gago, who never wanted the Jago jeep to look anything other than a replica, and to the amazing men an women that designed and build such an iconic vehicle. Surely imitation is the highest form of flattery? Here are some pictures of my progress. I hope you change your mind and finish what looks like a stunning replica. I want my jeep to look at least close the the real thing, so I picked up a old Mk1 Cortina Bakelite steering wheel over the winter which modified to look like a Willys one. It involved chipping off the Bakelite from the spokes, cutting off the Cortina boss, bending the spokes in and welding them to the escort boss. (I can't claim it as my ideas as I got it from one of the DOG Company replica jeeps made by Ruben Dobbs.) To finish, I filled down the edges of the Bakelite around the rim primed and painted it I thnk it look good. FROM THIS........................................... TO THIS The picture below shows the repaired and strengthened cross member & the extension I bought to get the jeep steering as close to real thing as possible whilst still keeping the escort column. The Escort column is far too short without it. The whole chassis was stripped to bare metal, crush tubes added for the cross member bolts, and then given 4 coats of Corroless Chassis paint from Arc Rite paints. Internally its been waxoiled, so should last another 20 years The engine was rebuild before i decided to start the Jago to Willys transformation, so only a clean and repaint was required. The front grill And bonnet in the picture are the original Jago ones cut and shut with fibreglass to match the ford derived Wilys/GPW ones. could resist laying the windscreen frame on the bonnet :) As I'm both short of free time and money, everything that can be restored by cleaning, repainting or repairing has been. The only concession has been the brakes, brake lines and suspension which are all new. I actually feel like there's light at the end of the tunnel after months of stripping, cleaning repairing, welding and painting. Now the good weather and long evenings are here (he says sitting in the house watching the rain poor down) I can get back to the body. I managed to find time to built a dummy wooden wheel box out of scrap OSB board last week and i'm happy with the dimensions, so its off to the DIY store this weekend to buy the ply to make the actual boxes of the body. Will post again when I've made some progress on the body.
  10. Hope your still on the forum Dan. I love to see progress on your jeep. After months of sitting forlorn on the engine stand I finally got round to stripping the old paint off, cleaning, repaint and reinstall the engine. Now resplendent in GPW grey, with genuine Willys cooling fan, it looks the Dogs. Gearbox will have to wait to rejoin the engine in the chassis as the clutch friction plate thickness it was below the min 3mm. Why i didn't check this earlier.....? So now waiting for a new one to arrive before bolting on the gearbox. I'l post some picture when I've got it all connected up. Like Dan I want the rear of the jeep to look as good as the front, so I've opted to bin the escort fuel tank mounted behind the rear axle so the axle is visible. I'm now pondering what structural additions are needed if I remove the centre section of the rear cross member so as not to affect rear spring hanger integrity.
  11. Hi Johnc61. I didn't put more photos on because it felt like hijacking Dans post. Like you, I'd love to see his progress. So please dan find 10 mins to post. My body tub is unchanged from that shown, whiter is no the best time to be outside fibre-glassing. However, I have completely over hauled the chassis, suspension, brakes and steering since I posted the photos. As I said in my earlier post. TIME the enemy of all good men.....say la vie.
  12. Like you I started with the std JAGO and very soon decided I wanted this. (The problem is I don't have 15-20K !) so....... Out came the spanners..... and using your posts as a guide and inspiration. I now have new front floor in, modified from grill, exactly like genuine Willys complete with guide light mountings and headlight bracket cutouts, no more silly Sandero dash, (after make a mold and lots of fibreglass I now have a Willys style dash. a little more CJ2a than GPW, owing the the Escort steering angles but I'm pleased with the results), wheel arches cut off and re-glassed, hockey stick door surrounds removed, bonnet hump removed. removable tailgate JAGO logo removed and now fully glassed to body. As you can see I've got as far as mocking up wheel boxes. Hope you don't mind me posting here and look forward to seeing your progress soon
  13. Hi Dan I've been watching your build with great interest as I'm doing a Willy's look-alike too. Hope you get time to post the update soon I need the inspiration. TIME, THE ENEMY OF ALL GOOD MEN.....
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