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    Hi to everybody out there. After my first visit to Normandy with the obligatory school trip back in the late 70'S it took 30 plus years to return as an interested adult. On my first trip back to the Normandy beaches I was fortunate enough to be ferried around in my friends WC 52. In subsequent years the yearning to have one of my own has been increasing until now where I am ready to make the leap. I've been looking around and the range of what's available is a broad one ! I'm of a practical disposition but have little mechanical experience , wood's more my area of expertise . To this end I'm on the search for either a 51 or 52 in good mechanical order but can have signs of a life its lead. Having said this if the right one in good /very good condition came along I would also be open to that. Please feel free to drop a line telling me what a idiot I am but it's that time of life when a man need's a folly. All the best, Steve.