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  1. What a shame all the ones pictured have 2 piece windscreens mine as a one piece does rhis make mine a earlier or later model ????? Maybe they have ended up at the big scrap yard in the sky
  2. It came as a chassis cab, so no idea really I'm guessing it was a rigid though as it as a tow hitch in rear x member to row a trailer Will have a look at the link attached russian military link thanks 👍 👍 👍 👍
  3. Bought from a guy who had 3 Wich came from a farm auction That's about all I know on its history It as a plague on dash Wich is stamped with 1977 But that's it!!! Will try that thread thanks
  4. Hi all help please, I am trying to register my zil came with out paperwork. Can't find a vin number in cab, there is a plaque on dash with a year stamp but can't see anything else????? Do the zil have a chassis number stamped externaly on chassis rails? If so does anyone no the location I've crawled all over mine and can't see anything Any help greatly appreciated Cheers anton
  5. Help please can anyone help me with Pictures measurements From chassis to the underside of cab floor Can't find cab mounts anywhere for my zil Need to fab up new ones Not having any luck buying any !! Any help or info greatly appreciated Cheers anton
  6. Hi wonder if anyone can help me, I have just purchased a 1977 zil 131 with cab removed consequently front cab mount bolts and bushes are missing and rear mount from chassis to cab Would greatly appreciate some pictures of front and rear mountsCould also do with measurementsFrom top side of chassis to underside of cab at rearAnd from top side of outrigger to underside of cab on front Would also buy mounts if anyone has any???????? Any help greatly appreciated Cheers anton
  7. Hi nick not sure of year but has single piece windscreen I am in UK but have lgv artic licence anyway, Kerbside weight is stated as 6700kg Just trying to estimate weight without body to collect it from where it was purchased I have access to a tilt and slide wrecker with a max payload of about 5600kg Hoping this do the job Measures up will fit on bed ok Cheers anton
  8. HI everyone new to site Had a unimog and a Swedish stalwart in the past Have now bought a diesel zil131 without a body Want to register it for the road but I'm really looking forward to doing a lot of off road in to Does anyone know the unladen weight roughly without any body?? Cheers
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