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  1. Yes definitely need stabilisers, Do you have a photo? Please Simm, yes , now to think about rigging it to a PC........
  2. Will do.....Find the right person to ask officially, to get in the Shed.
  3. Can anyone identify these bumpers? I've used two here but the desert colour indicates they are off something modern. I bought a lot of bits and pieces, all new and desert, some def supacat( it says supacat on the wrapping)(big clue) Is this a supacat tailgate? (I got two more)I used on a previous project.
  4. Hi, new project Drivers Training rig I'm turning into a towable trailer, so I can bring it to Shows. Mostly complete already, any suggestion's ?
  5. Want some pictures? Lots of local changes, .5 was local, new bins. etc one got new track different to CVR and a steyr marine Diesel Engine. I see them running around now and then, not often
  6. The colour was Defence forces and used on everything... But i don't have a code. sorry
  7. A special Display And Alan, who drove it during the Show, talking to the Crowd.
  8. So, I started with this...... And finished with this.. Thanks to everyone who came to see it at War and Peace Sean PS.... The Engine needs a tune up, but it drove up to our show Salute.. Check out Salute.ie
  9. I put hinges on the bonnet, safer and easier to use. Floor Switch for the head lights Ring in place
  10. Ok, getting close to War and Peace So , working late into the night... And weekends
  11. I used a Supacat tail gate which fitted exactly between the cab and rear platform I cut the platform to allow greater access to the Engine bay and used ring bolts as tie down points ,they also secure the plates. ( I got 4 of these tailgates )
  12. A while ago I went to an auction of RAF equipment and bought some Vehicle spares.... yes.. Did not buy a Lynx.. Want one though. So I'm using these parts on this project. This is a bump stop from an unknown current Vehicle As you can see I cut the required section out and welded it in place.
  13. So now making all the fixtures and fittings Cutting the roof plate and preparing the plate for the gun ring.
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