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  1. I would be interested but I'm located on the west coast of Ireland and shipping would be expensive. I'll have a look into prices and get back to you. Did i come across this on e-bay, biggest concern for me is if there are any cracks in the blocks or heads. Thanks
  2. Thanks #cosrec I have someone coming to sandblast the chassis this week so I'll give those areas a check when the wheels are off.
  3. Getting there slowly, I have to register it and I cannot find the number stamped on the chassis. Would anyone have an idea where Thornycroft would put the chassis number?
  4. http://hmvf.co.uk/profile/2794-cosrec/ Good info, If I do decide to change I'll give you a shout. Thanks
  5. http://hmvf.co.uk/profile/5933-guy66/ Got a reply about the thornycroft engine in Denmark, they have one and its fully overhauled but the price is too high for my budget. Its great value at €4000+vat as it's fully complete Maybe someone would be interested, Thanks for the info Hopefully what I have is repairable http://hmvf.co.uk/profile/9190-matchfuzee/
  6. Great to get the radiator back in, just the T to fit but looking better.
  7. I'll check out the price but might be better with what I have, the cracks aren't internal and will be repairable, if I decide to change it out I'll give you a shout but I will probably stick with my own engine. Thanks
  8. The engine is running perfect and starts first turn every time, I haven't checked the compression as I dont have a gauge but I might borrow one and see. very interesting fitting EFI to an engine like this and I would be keen to see how it works out for you, it would be worth fitting to this as the 2 carburetor system is very crude and can't be very accurate to set up. looking forward to hearing how it goes..
  9. That's true. worth asking the price anyway and don't have to commit.
  10. It is very tempting but I don't want to spend too much and I have a feeling an engine that is still in a pallet would be too expensive. Good to know in case I find major problems with my engine. They have a good website. Thanks
  11. I'll have a look online, have you a name for the dealer. I would be interested but might be outside my budget. Thanks
  12. Finally got the radiator unblocked after a lot of hours pushing thin wire up and down the core tubes.
  13. No leaks into pistons or sump which is great news, the rad housing was cracked and 90% blocked so had to remove it. I’ll give it a try when I get the rad back on. Good to know this works as some of the stuff on the market isn’t great.
  14. The link wont work for me just getting this message "The link you followed may have expired, or the Page may only be visible to an audience that you aren't in"
  15. It’s really amazing how close you got to the original. Thanks Richard for sharing it. Aidan
  16. Good to know there are firms specializing in these repairs, I think it would be a job best left to the professionals. For now I will do a temporary repair and maybe in the future I can lift the cab off and remove the block. Thanks
  17. Thats amazing Richard its exactly like the picture from the drivers handbook ,very well done. Would you sell this I would be very interested. Thanks
  18. I will have to measure the truck, I think it may be a tractor version with the fifth wheel, going by the drawing I have. new doc 2018-04-29 19.06.28-20180429190717.pdf
  19. Just had a look at the winch and found a plate with Turner manufacturing limited, Made in England. battery died and I couldn't get a picture but will get some later in the week. Good to know the cab comes off in one piece, If I decided to strip the engine this would be the only way to get it out. Thanks
  20. Interesting, had a look at a few videos and it doesnt look too bad, I don't think I could make it any worse. My biggest concern is the head, when I stopped drilled the crack it seemed very thin in places, about an eight of an inch. I might remove one of the brass plugs and see what thickness it actually is. It could be worth a try and would be a nice permanent repair. Thanks
  21. I had looked it up online and it looks quite specialized, the areas where its cracked are thin and I don't think its something I would attempt so I would have to strip the engine and send for repair. I may consider at a later stage but hopefully get a season or two out of a temporary repair with a resin, I was considering Belzona 1111 but mixed reviews on it.
  22. Since mid January, 3-4 months. I work full time so only get a chance in the evenings and weekend. Its the first I have ever tackled a restoration and I didn't think there would be so much involved but it has been great. I can't believe how its in such good shape, these Thornycrofts were built of quality material and to a high standard, a credit to the workmanship in that era.
  23. Have remade a few of the body panels and fitted them I'm not sure of the blue, early days maybe I should stick with yellow.
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