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  1. at this point a workshop Manuel is more than i got andi have asked injection shops but im up in canada and these things are kinda foreign so i have found in the past that there is alot of good info and smart ppl on these forums i was hoping maybe a old British army mechanic that worked on them possibly but thanks for the ignorant response
  2. nobody? i cant find any info on this injection pump ...soon this 8.2L is gonna end up in the metal bin and a 8.3L cummins in its place
  3. anyone ever played with the injection pump on a 8.2L bedford motor? looking to turn the fuel up a little bit the big tires really suck the power somebody has to have played with these things a bit
  4. perfect that answers what i needed thank you anyone ever played with the 8.2 bedford injection pumps?
  5. hey guys thanks for the add i got a bedford tm 4x4 and was wondering if anyone had a picture of a dash with legible labels for all the controls and switches trying to get some stuff sorted out and that would help alot
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