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  1. Taking my Triumph trophey tr6 1964 to a show tomorrow at McDrayton  Shropshire hope to see Dave Grindley there with his bantam. could be some enfields there.. hope theres a 700 aswell..

  2. More on the 700 it was not a 700 but a 697cc onley 5 or 6 hundred made pulled off line cos they were not selling. a man i know goes to the shows. Dave Grindley..a cousin to the Grindleys of Press..his uncle lived next to enfield at reditch when visiting went in facktorey . was not a military bike. it had a lucas regulator box onley a magneto whith bezel for a & retar no generator .reg G.D. my email to gcdavies45@hotmail.co.uk iook on my forum..
  3. Trying to find a type of motorcycle. pre 1943 Enfield 700 single girder forcks.4 gears. Bezel on mag for advance....retar.not seen one for 53 years. whitch we rode at nabours farm my email is gcdavies45@hotmail.co.uk Or tel 01939220624..reg. g.d.
  4. Hallo. My topic. Royal enfield  700 singie.pre- 1943 girder forcks . how maney peopie are reading this not mutch feedback some one must know about it. what about the group that worked in the quarrey.at Bradford aneyonehave their contact details..Regards. Graham.

    1. graham, c. Davies.

      graham, c. Davies.

      HI To let you know its the vintage show at Shrewsbury on 30&1 End of month [ will be taking my. Triumph trophy tr6ss 1964.come & have a natter.found a bit more about the 700. it wasn`t it was a 697cc.onley 5 or 6 hundred made pulled off line was not selling the man that told me this wil be at show with his bantam.

  5. Hi.Ron. your saying the same as a lot of others.wee all know about the 700cc twin conie-this was a single conie- was painted black. Not maney made so was not dockumented by enfield was their a 620cc bike as well.
  6. thanks Ron, the owner told me its a constellation was made for the yanks who wanted a bigger bike to go from base to base looks like ile have to dig it up. regards.G.D.
  7. would this wd/l be 570cc The one ime looking for is 700cc single girder forcks 4 speed had to turn mag to retar when starting had a deecompreser . Has aney one seen or heard of one could have made at Bradford on avon in war time.. Regards.Graham.
  8. Hallo. ime trying to find a motorcycle we rode at the farm next door in the early 1960s its a royal enfield 700cc single cylinder. Girder forks so it must be before 1943 when girder forks phased out.The owner told me its a constellation and they were made for the yanks who wanted a bigger bike to go from base to base.you had to turn the bezel on the mag to retar to start then back when started it had lights & regulator. Painted black. 4 gears Could it have been made at Bradford on avon at the quarrey where enfield moved to in the war.Aney information please,email me. Regards graham davies.
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