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  1. Andy bike


    Hi all I am trying to find 2 front dust/grease caps for my triumph 3hw front 7" hub can sum one help with where I my find them. All so what number teeth on the front sprocket thanks Andy bike
  2. Thanks Ron I have order and pay for them but it good to no that there sum one out there will do so much for all on this web site and help so much as you do .Thanks
  3. Hi Ron on prob as they look like they are the only ones that do tapered bearings and know what they are talking about . The price for all wheel bearings and VAT and post comes to £255 pounds . A lot but as they are like looking for rocking horse s--t I did not mind .
  4. Hi all well on the way in rebuilding my 1941 triumph .but know looking for front and rear wheel bearings .i look up on this forum and see sumone looking fot the same in 2016 and he was told to try Russell Motors . Are they still going ? Thanks just found out they are still open but have sold all the triumph 3sw parts . But I like to let you know I got all new bearing from Vintage bearings they are very helpful hope this helps sum one that need bearings for your bike .
  5. Andy bike


    Hi I near the end of a full strip down and have got all the black powder coat of frame .so what I like to know is what colour brown did the RAF use in WW 2 or was it just a brown they fond ?.Thanks
  6. Thank for the info I think I have to work on what I need to do re reg.I do not mind if I can not get a reg for the bike .as long as there a way to get it insurance to show it later this year . All. So re the fuel tank I took it down to bear metal and it look like these holes have bin filled will body solider as it was very visible on top of the tank .But I just though the tank must of leak at sum time .
  7. Hi can I thank you all for you help so far .I am hope to start work on it after Easter .But. as it not got a V5 or reg number . I love to put it on the road but do not know if there a way to do that ? Is there sum one on the forum that has had to do this for there bike can help thanks
  8. Hi Ron I see what you say if you look above the numbers there look like sum think bin rub out I donot know when this was dune. Do you or sumone know what may bring those numbers out? . I will look for the other number that you said . Thank Andy Bike
  9. Hi Ron here are the pics you ask for of the frame and engine numbers hope you can work them out thanks Andy Bike
  10. Ok will do the bike at my mates work shop so send more pics in the week.I do have most of the bits to put it back together as it was strip down as a bit of a off roader but never got used then I got it .just a few months ago .thank for your help Andy bike
  11. Hi Ron have not a lot af pics will take more in the week when I work out how to send them
  12. Hi thank for your answers .The frame number is T L 30307 ? but it hard to read till I strip the frame engine number is 30 36451 .can I say I like all the help I can get as I like to put the bike back as it was ment to be as the frame has powder coated which I will be taking it of .I just like to say thank s for all the work the members of this forum do . As I said be for not to good at the iPad but when I work out how to send sum pic of the bike I will thanks once moor for your help Andy
  13. Hi I am new to these sort of thing but hope sum one can help so here go's I have just got my self a 1941 triumph 3hw . It frame number lead. Me to it one of 150 sent to the RAF from August to September 1941 I like to find out more if possible but I donot have a v5 or number plate with it . The number under the seat is for January 1941 if I am reading it right .I have strip the tank and found earth brown Air Force blue .
  14. Thanks for that as I said not to good at this sort of thing but will try the motorbike section once more thank for your help
  15. Hi I do not know if I am doing this right as I more hands on than being on the key board.But I am just about to start a rebuild of a 1941 triumph 3hw .As much as I fond out buy the frame numbers it was one of 150 sent to the RAF from augest to September 1941 .If I am all so right the stamp under the seat is for jan 1941 .I do not have a v5 or number plate? So if some one can help tell me how I can find out more re it time with the RAF. I have strip the tank and found Royal Air Force Blue and and on top of that earth brown.As I said I do not know if I do win this right but if you find this can you help ANDY BIKe
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